Everyone’s got an opinion on the newly-revealed Female DiabloWikiMonk, but not everyone used Photoshop and modified their original artwork to make their point. I don’t much agree with it,but it’s worth debating. Here’s the quote from Sentioch.

    If you want a battle hardened warrior feel, you usually go with the male class.

    If you want a sexy looking body, you go with the female class.

    But the female monk is really not sexy in any way…it really defeats the purpose of having a female version at all. Most guys who want to play women (which compromise the majority of the people that would play her) really just want to look at a hot avatar.

    Most girls who want to play her…will also want their avatar to be hot. Nobody wants to play a butch girl.

    Bashiok tried to dismiss this with sarcasm, saying only, “Nice story bro.” but I think there’s more to say than that. Personally, I’m not sold on Blizzard’s view; this coed blonde beauty is a battle-hardened warrior? But Sentioch’s changes make her look like one of those pretty, pouting, fashion model characters from Guild Wars. Furthermore, his description of why people pick their characters seems absurdly simplistic. Does everyone pick their game avatar for hotness? That might have some validity in a game with a trailing-camera-FPS style view, but Diablo 3 is isometric, and the characters are always in heavy armor and helmets anyway!

    Other arguments, pro or con, are welcomed in the comments.

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