Via their @Diablo twitter feed this morning, Blizzard asked what fans thought the still-secret female DiabloWikiMonk might look like. Several fans leapt to the challenge with quick pencil sketches, which @Diablo retweeted for all to see.

    • Art challenge! We’re a bit closer to revealing the female monk, but what do you think she’ll look like? Draw/paint it and we’ll RT the best —Diablo
      • at least give us a deadline, heh —Luchko
        • Well don’t work too hard on it, there’s no prize. But how about, “Due by the 1st”?—Diablo

    The quick pencil efforts so far (seen below) are all very Eastern/Asian looking, which would be a good guess if we didn’t know that the male monk looked like a bald Rasputin. Yes, he’s wearing saffron robes, but Blizzard intentionally mixed cultures on this character. The female Wizard = Asian girl. Female monk = ? But wouldn’t it be odd to have the male monk European while the female looks like Mulan?


    Happily there are some more thought-out (thought not necessarily more correct) female monk images already available in our fan art gallery. Check out the illustrations by Knight Wolf (one, two, three,), Tepes, and HorseRotovator.

    Clearly, this is a rare opportunity for fan artists. Anyone can try to predict a release date, but how often do you get the chance to try to predict what the next Diablo 3 character will look like, thus potentially earning yourself years of bragging rights?

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