Female and Male Barbarian’s Leap Differences

There are no differences between male and female right? Wrong. One has been clearly demonstrated by Genome852 in a video that shows when it comes to leaping the female Barbarian is somewhat better at it than her stockier male equivalent. In his demonstration he has the Legendary Lut Socks equip which is what is enabling them to jump three times in quick succession. Even though she appears to complete a DiabloWikiLeap quicker than the male it doesn’t appear to have any impact on gameplay and is more a curiosity.

You can see the boots in action in a regular gameplay video of a male barb here. I only play female characters so I’m not familiar with the males to be able to notice a difference in skill animations between the sexes that may impact gameplay and I haven’t heard reports of any until this video appeared on reddit.

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  1. Because chicks are more experienced at jumping up and down :p

  2. Hmm, maybe he did spend paragon point on the female barb, giving her some attack speed might increase the jump speed? Because I doubt that blizzard would have made a flaw like this one. I mean all they did was change the character model, I doubt the recreated every single spell for a female version of a class, to match the male ones xD

  3. Nerf incoming in 3…..2….

  4. The new format w/ the little pictures, it’s funny, I thought this was an article about dancing.

  5. it looks like the male barb jumps higher, and therefore lands harder… dmg should be increased over female haha

  6. He’s simply not as nimble as the female.

  7. I think the more stupid somebody is, the longer gravity needs to kick in. It’s like in Bugs Bunny when a character doesn’t fall down immediately when running over a cliff.

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