Diablo 3 Fastest Attack Rate Possible?

Moonie made an interesting forum post to show off a Monk he’s decked out in every sort of Attack Speed gear, thus boosting him to an amazing 4.65 attacks per second. This might be the fastest attack rate possible in Diablo 3, but even if not it certainly shows the power of huge IAS. Moonie’s character has almost no bonus damage from skills, generally junky equipment (it’s all selected for the DiabloWikiAS), only 1700 Dex, 10.5% DiabloWikiCC, 85% DiabloWikiCD… and he’s still dealing over 124k DPS!

4.65 A per S!
4.65 A per S!
His character profile can be seen here, and he included a screenshot of his character in-game with the interface visible. IAS boosts from Moonie’s Monk’s gear and skills:

  • Helm: Andariel’s Visage, +9% IAS
  • Shoulders: None.
  • Amulet: Rare, +9% IAS
  • Ring: 2 Rare, +9% IAS
  • Ring: 2 Rare, +9% IAS
  • Chest: Tal Rasha’s, +9% IAS
  • Bracers: Lacuni Prowlers: +9% IAS
  • Gloves: Tasker and Theo: +9% IAS
  • Belt: The Witching Hour: +9% IAS
  • Pants: Inna’s Temperance: +9% IAS
  • Boots: Asheara’s Tracks: +7% IAS
  • Weapon: Flying Dragon: +11% IAS, chance to double speed while attacking.

Skills help too: DiabloWikiWay of the Hundred Fists: DiabloWikiBlazing Fists (db):

  • Critical Hits increase your attack speed and movement speed by 5% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
  • DiabloWikiMantra of Retribution: DiabloWikiTransgression:

  • Increases attack speed for you and your allies by 8%.
  • I’ve got AS on the list to do a full item strategy guide, and clearly I’ll have look closely when I assemble the lists, there are a *lot* of odd items with IAS.

    In his forum post Moonie challenges someone to do better… anyone up to the challenge? Are there any more obscure items or skills that boost AS? The real competition might be for the best of the other classes, since that Flying Dragon diabo skews the field to the Monk.

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    12 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Fastest Attack Rate Possible?

    1. I’m confused.

      That daibo has 11% IAS, which gives it a listed speed of 1.22 APS.

      Wouldn’t a faster weapon, like a dagger which also spawn with 11% IAS, be faster?

      • When the double attack speed things procs it’s probably faster then 2 knives (note: dual wielding speed bonus as well)

    2. How often do Flying Dragon proc and for how long?

      Isn’t it a little bit too generous to call his dps 124 when it’s actually 65 for the most part?

      Still pretty good of course considering the kind of gear he uses in some of the slots.

    3. Oh I made the front news :O)

      This monk is mostly for fun. I dind’t really knew what to do with it, since im mostly playing on my wizard.

      I wanted to try to make the higheste possible aps char, and looking over skills and items, I believed it to be the monk, with this legendary item.

      The proc kicks in very offen for the monks flying dragon daibo, since he attacks a lot faster with all the increased attack speed from skills and items. This gives the high aps and dmg, but only for a short time. I’ll put up a video later on.

      At this point, my monk can farm mp1 inferno, but not near fast enough, when compared to a ww barb or archon wizard.

    4. Good for you Moonie to try something different, this is what D2 was about and we want to see more in D3…I have one of those Daibo’s lying around, maybe I’ll try it sometime!

      Best of luck.

    5. Barbarian

      1.66 aps dagger + 0.25 echo + 0.03 enchantress = 1.94 base

      15% dual wield
      25% wotb
      75% frenzy
      88% mempo, tal rasha, witching hour, innas pants, lacuni, legacy zuni boots, rings, amu, gloves

      1.94 x 3.03 = 5.87 aps

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