Blizzard has announced that Faster Paragon Leveling is coming soon. It’s going to be *much* faster to level up once the new figures are implemented, due to much more experience per monster kill. The info came in two forms, a blue forum post from Nevalistis and a follow up by Wyatt Cheng.

    We agree that Paragon leveling right now is a bit too slow. We’re currently in the process of iterating on Paragon level experience and how much is needed to gain additional levels. The plan is to reduce the amount necessary to level, and in addition, increasing the amount of experience gained per monster kill.

    In addition, I want to clarify that I misread how this tuning was being approached, though the overall goal is the same (i.e. quicker Paragon leveling). The amount of experience needed to gain Paragon levels was actually doubled – however, experience gained per monster kill was drastically increased and outweighs this by a significant margin. To give you a rough estimate, overall you should find that Paragon leveling will be approximately six times faster. I also want to stress that this is an overarching change, and you’ll find that this change impacts the speed of gaining higher Paragon levels more than it does lower ones.

    Will this then mean that paragon EXP currently acquired will result in a lower plvl with the next PTR update due to the requirement doubling?
    Nevalistis: Paragon level is calculated by raw total experience across all of your characters (with separate pools for Normal and Hardcore), so I don’t believe you’ll see a drop.

    Is this something we will see in the next build or will it be a hotfix?
    Nevalistis: This will require a patch.

    So when you say Paragon leveling is six times faster…six times faster than what? Six times faster than Live?
    Nevalistis: Six times faster than the current PTR/Beta build. Sorry for not clarifying sooner! It’s a little hard to compare this system to the live environment because in the new system, you can surpass Paragon 100. As I mentioned before, it’s much easier to notice the increase in leveling speed the higher Paragon level you attain.

    Wyatt Cheng added more details in a later explanation. Click through for that.

    Hey guys I want to provide some clarity as some of the comments here are misinterpreting the change.

  • You have a Paragon leveling rate that you see now on live. Let’s call that the “Live rate”
  • You have the Paragon leveling rate seen on the PTR, let’s call that the “PTR” rate.
  • You have the new rate that Nevalistis is referring to, we’ll call that “Anticipated 2.0” rate
  • A few important notes.

    1. The shape of the leveling curve changes with respect to current Paragon level. PTR rate and Anticipated 2.0 rate are actually very similar at Paragon level 1-50. But if you look at the rate going from paragon 250=>251, Anticipated rate is faster.
    2. For those of you datamining, datamining won’t tell the whole story on any of this because the XP from monsters changed.
    3. XP from monsters has gone up in Anticipated 2.0 because between NV going away and the monster density being lower than the 1.0.8 numbers we want to make sure players who track their XP/hour don’t suddenly see a huge drop.
    4. When we transition accounts from live to 2.0 when the patch hits, we don’t just add up all your paragon levels. We take the total amount of XP you’ve earned over all the characters on your account, and use that sum to map you onto a paragon level on the new curve.
    5. When Nevalistis said Paragon leveling is approximately six times faster this refers purely to PTR and Anticipated 2.0. This is because PTR rates were disproportionately slow. It was taking 60+ hours to earn some of those higher paragon levels, and “six times faster” means it that might be 10 now. Note that this has nothing to do with live.
    6. It’s hard to compare rates directly between Live, PTR, and Anticipated 2.0 because at the end of the day, Live stops at 100 and PTR/Anticipated 2.0 go forever. I think at the end of the day if you’re trying to “be efficient with your time”, the important thing to remember is #4 – we don’t look at raw levels – we look at your total experience earned, and map that appropriately.

    So can you compare XP per monster killed on 1. Live w/ 5 NV stacks vs. 2. Anticipated 2.0?
    Wyatt Cheng: It varies with level and I don’t remember the exact numbers off the top of my head but our design intent is to offset the loss of XP from 5 stacks and density.

    There are many variables at play as well. Adventure Mode has its own rewards. It’s hard to compare Bounty rewards vs. the benefit of a highly optimized/efficient run. There are more events in the game now. The change from 60 to 70. “Difficulty 2.0”. All of these factors means it doesn’t make sense to do a direct comparison of the XP of any one particular monster – but rather when all factors are put together we don’t want XP rates cut in half compared to live. The XP per monster happens to be one of the tuning variables in our toolbox.

    pool-of-reflection1Good news there, as one of our main complaints about the Paragon 2.0 system as seen in the Reaper of Souls beta is how slow the leveling feels. We debated (lamented) that on the podcast last weekend and things have already improved thanks to the DiabloWikiPool of Reflection which was added in the latest patch. It provides a 25% EXP buff and that plus 9% from a new Hellfire Ring on my follower made a noticeable difference for recent solo play.

    I played a good amount last night, comparing Bounties to Nephalem Rifts since they were buffed in major ways in the new patch (Rifts are now very comparable to Bounties, and better in many ways), and I really noticed the increased experience gain. I gained nearly 4 bars during my play session, including a Paragon level (the display is fixed), and while I had the HR on my follower and I was getting another +50% EXP gain from 3 pieces of Cain’s set, I did not have a Ruby in my hat or a HR equipped, since I’m not really trying for EXP in the beta since it’s just going to be wiped anyway.

    Once bigger exp per monster comes in, and players are using rubies in their hats in the real game post-release, the leveling rate is not going to feel bad at all.

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