Faster Diablo 3 Patch Progress, Please

A fan who was not around for Diablo 2 asked for faster patching of Diablo 3, and got the expected reply.

Nakatoir: While we totally understand that you would like to see patches more frequently, a high quality and well-polished update is better for the life of a game than the quantity provided. If we tried to rush the patches that we’re working on, it would result in us releasing content that doesn’t meet our desired level of quality.

I am trying to think of good reasons but so far i was not able to come up with any.
Patches take time, creating improvements and making changes to such a wide variety of systems requires a lot of work.

Making the changes like those listed in the 1.0.8 patch notes are not as easy as simply tweaking a few numbers. The changes we make to the game are a lot more complicated than what you may initially assume them to be and a great deal of time is required in order to develop, implement, test and prepare every change for a live environment.

I don’t think Diablo3 patches are top priority.
Actually, every game at Blizzard has its own dedicated team of developers, so the amount of resources allocated to Diablo III isn’t affected by other projects we may have in the works. You can rest assured that the Diablo III team holds it as their highest priority.

By any measure Diablo 3 has seen much more frequent patching and updates than Diablo 2 did. Of course gamers expect much more frequent patches in games these days, and to be fair, Diablo 2 turned out an expansion 12 months after release, while we’ll be lucky to even get the D3X announcement within 18 months of release. On the other hand, we can probably expect less than a 2 year wait for content patches after the expansion, the way we did with D2X when everyone else went on to other projects and Peter Hu worked on v1.10 basically by himself for 12 months.

Can has impatience?

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31 thoughts on “Faster Diablo 3 Patch Progress, Please

  1. If the game was in a fairly reasonable state then we wouldn’t be seeing as much demand for patches. The problem is that there are still lingering critical issues from launch that haven’t been resolved with the core game and it was more or less expected that these would have been addressed by now otherwise they wouldn’t have rushed the release.

  2. Honestly , I love Diablo too much but they take forever and the most important patch(Legendaries redone + items quality and drop rate) is pushed for other crappy patches.

    I know the game needs a patch like 1.08 but it could have been done after the items patch , the thing that kills this game the most is not finding anything worth using or selling , last time I found something worth selling was 3 months ago and it was the only good item I found.

    Everything I bought was by playing the AH and it is not fun , I want to know that I am gonna be rewarded for my time like in D2 , all my characters in D2 were self found and they were very good , now my character is stuck at a spot that any upgrade is worth atleast 2 Billion and I know that the chances of me finding such an item are less than my chances of winning the lottery.

    • It’s not being pushed. They have said as much that they have no idea how far away it is because they haven’t made much of any decisions yet about it. They are simply indecisive and can’t agree on things. No one there still knows what they are doing and capable of taking charge and getting shit done. It’s all discuss in the office, discuss in the office, discuss in the office.

    • Quote: “Honestly , I love Diablo too much but they take forever and the most important patch(Legendaries redone + items quality and drop rate) is pushed for other crappy patches.

      I know the game needs a patch like 1.08 but it could have been done after the items patch , the thing that kills this game the most is not finding anything worth using or selling , last time I found something worth selling was 3 months ago and it was the only good item I found.”

      Same thing killed D2. In the final year I played, I don’t think I found any upgrades – already had the runewords and expected gear in each slot.

      I would have thought monster density would be easier to implement sooner, but the paragon levels and MP patches kept me going. I plan to use my p-level 90 wizard to farm gear for my next character – probably a monk.

  3. Funny. Blizzard really expects people to simply believe anything they say as the truth. No thinking required. Any look at other companies out there most of the claims in the blue post are shown to simply be false and exaggerated.
    The truth is that they take their sweet time. Just fess up to it and stop spouting bullshit about how everything is so much more complicated than we realize to get a few meager changes in.

    • No more revenue, no great rush to patch. Can be sure this miracle itemization patch will coincide with the release of the console version to generate some buzz for the game again. I’d guess about 6 weeks before the console version hits shelves.

  4. “While we totally understand that you would like to see patches more frequently, a high quality and well-polished update is better for the life of a game than the quantity provided.”

    I think we’d settle for a high quality and well-polished game be released than a glorified beta test.

    • I wouldn’t even go as far as calling it a “glorified beta test” since the testing is all done in house by their “dedicated” development team which I can only imagine compares to their Diablo 2 dedicated patch team. Rather it’s a pathetic Alpha test manned by a skeleton crew. This is Activision’s modus operandi for a money making franchise product like Diablo 3. Flux poignantly pointed out “… Peter Hu worked on v1.10 basically by himself for 12 months” and I would be surprised if the current Diablo 3 staff wasn’t equally populated (as directed by their questionable management).

      • The thought of having 1 guy working on a patch scares the hell out of me.

        I remember waiting for patch 1.10 back in D2 days and I remember it taking forever , I would rather not have that for the items patch or the pvp patch which is most likely gonna be for another year or so.

        I swear they should hire some of the guys that worked on D2 Mods , these guys knew how to make the game fun , they know how to make items , unlike blizzard dev team which never even finished Inferno before the game was released (Probably haven’t finished it after either).

        • You hit the nail on the head. Those that dictate development pace at Blizzard ( or more likely Activision) could learn much from the results and popularity of the D2 mod community.

    • They’re in beta! D3 is a released game (for better or worse). Weekly patches to a beta is to be expected (just like they are doing a PTR update a week after they opened the PTR). Weekly patches to a released game is BAD.

      I applaud GGG, and I hope their game is very successful, but the problem is that some people here seem to think that Blizzard should be patching every week like GGG is now. But that would be AWFUL. I guarantee you that when PoE releases they won’t patch it every week. If they did, I wouldn’t want to play it.

      • What does that say for D3? That a game thats not even done yet by a low budget studio is outclassing a multi-million dollar companys fully released game?

  5. Flux you cannot believe that the patches being released are worth the time they take to be created and tested do you?

    I mean look at 1.0.8, what has really happened?

    Minor buffs/nerfs to classes, ie changing a single number per skill or maybe 2 numbers of resource expenditure is involved.

    Experience math change, again, single change to this shouldn’t take more than about 5 minutes to change it and check it.

    MF/GF change for multiplayer, this may take longer, but already being done with monster health/damage increases per player so shouldn’t be difficult to add in additional MF/GF for players per player in game.

    Monster Density, this might take some more time, but if they didn’t have a knob to turn for a density change then it just goes to show had poorly they coded the game. Which would explain a lot as to why their patches take forever, are put on a PTR for a month with no changes during the PTR (one wonders why they even have a PTR) and then released with massive bugs which take 1-2 fixes to get solved.

    This is not a team of professional coders, it is a joke. They need to hire more monkeys if it takes them 2 months to make 1.0.8.

  6. good god the ptr has been out for a very short period of time and people are already calling it out for a month?! you people have no sense of time. Maybe the coding is rough, but damn this amount of patches took years in diablo 2. you guys are unrealistic.

    • Incorrect, 1.07 was the release of LoD, 1.08 the same day as release LoD.

      That means in a year D2 classic had 7 patches (some major, some minor).

      1.09 was about 2 months after LoD. And really, that was it.

      2 years later (oct 2003) 1.10 was released which had Synergies, the god runewords (Enigma) and Diablo Clone and Ladder.

      2 years later (august 2005) was patch 1.11 which introduced Uber Tristram and the Hellfire torch.

      3 years later (June 2008) patch 1.12 (minor patch, no-cd for free)

      1 year later (Nov 2009) the 1.13 patch was released (minor changes).

      So up to LoD, there were 7 patches, 1.09 was a major overhaul making itemization changes mostly and some balance.

      1.10 was the other major update which many players weren’t happy with in the later years of Diablo (namely Enigma, the rest was fine).

      So, in that timeframe why did D3 not have Uber monsters, better itemization, better skills, ladder, etc. at launch? I mean D2 only had been worked on for nearly 5 years for major changes to be done to the game and is still played today.

      • Ok so you got me a little bit on the early patches. Damn I’m eating my own words, but really if you look at it D3 is on the verge of this patch and with expansion likely in early/mid 2014 the track record isn’t quite as bad. You do have to admit that the PTR hasn’t been out a month it hasn’t even been out a full week till tomorrow. and hey look they’re updated the PTR patch notes with a buncha adjustments some coming for wizards and demon hunters. Real recently.

        • True, but the expansion likely isn’t 2014 or maybe late 2014 because the initial release was a year behind anyways. As for class changes…meh minor things at best again Knob tuning. How hard is it to increase numbers? These shouldn’t even be major patches, these should be weekly changes to tweek the game…since it isn’t competitive nobody would care FOR MORE THAN A WEEK, if something wasn’t good.

  7. “I am trying to think of good reasons but so far i was not able to come up with any.”

    I wish idiots like these would spend a week at a corporation to see at what pace releases progress. Maybe then there would be less pointless posts like these.

    • and yet, as another poster pointed out above, Path of Exile gets updates every week

      and really, how long does it take to implement “increase monster density”?

      • PoE IS A BETA! Beta’s should be patched often. D3 is a released game. Released games should not be patched often. The core of the problem is people keep looking at PoE and saying “D3 should patch like that”. But the reality is that they SHOULDN’T patch like that.

        When a D3 patch is on PTR it SHOULD patch at that rate. And wow, what do you know, a week after 1.0.8 PTR opened they are patching it. So they can develop at the same speed when it’s a beta-test-like environment. They just don’t do it to their live game because accidentally breaking something in a beta/PTR is ok, but accidentally breaking something on a live game is BAD.

        • I agree D3 shouldn’t have a patch every week that would be horrible, but making very small patches months at a time is very slow development pace. I think people are more comparing the amount of effort being put into the game development between Blizzard and GGG. Blizzards development speed is absolutely woeful!

  8. These guys are always worth a good laugh. I’m actually more satisfied by the laughs I got here, youtube, and other forums than by the actual gameplay. SO I guess I got my money worth in the end after all.

    tl/dr: Bring Jay Wilson back!

  9. I still think my $60 was well spent. What’s the end game here for everyone? Because we’ll never have a perfect game. I want my DH buffed, someone else will want their barb buffed because the DH class is too power and so on a so forth. Yes, I’d like better ‘smarter’ items i.e why have int on DH gear etc.

    I play pretty much every day and although I’d like to somehow see an easy way to have my own great gear rather than going the AH route to upgrade I’m sill happy with how things are progressing.

  10. I find myself feeling a little frustration waiting on these patches, but I have played the Diablo series from the beginning. I am definitely well aware of how long D2 took to get to 1.10, which is when I feel the game matured into the classic it is remembered for. This time around, there are many more things to take into account when patching the game, which to me is the AH’s and the console port most notably.
    I love it when people bring up PoS, and how often it’s updated. Do You really look at the patch notes? Most of what I read in the last one were purchasable effects to skills and gear. Could you imagine if Blizzard done something like that? The next patch will increase the damage of Rapid Fire, but for 5 bucks you add a flaming effect to the projectiles and the monsters body burns while on the ground. I will give GGG credit where credit is due, cause the game is not bad. I am sticking right here, for better or worse. Diablo is my game, always has been.

    • Normally I’m the first one to call a company out for their greed. Can’t really do that with a company that released a quality title that is free to play though. I think GGG does a great job updating a game they might not be making much money off of. I say this as a person who isn’t even able to install the damn thing because their installer is shit. So I’ll fault them on the bad installer but not for trying to make money.

  11. When nintendo released Ocarina of Time, it came out as a finished product. basically everything worked right out of the box (and im sure some would nitpick this or that but its basically true). And OoT had all kinds of new, innovative, and complex systems.

    Now some people seem to not only accept the idea that games are released unfinished, requiring patches and expansions over the course of years to actually work properly, but we seem to seriously believe this is a good thing and in fact complain when they dont come fast enough.

    Now, therecarevlots of companies that put out unfinished buggy games and never try to fix them. Blizz does make an attempt and it takes them years. that is much better but lets not lower our standards either. The standard for excellence is what nintendo does by releasing several titles with complec systems that all work straight out of the box like zelda, mario, etc

    • There is some really great truth to what you’re saying. Patching a released game should be frowned on, although tolerated (and more understandable with an e-sport style game where balance is necessary). But it appears that the culture has changed to one that likes patches, even demands them.

  12. It took nintendo 2 years to make mario64 from start to finish. If blizz was in charge of making mario64, it would take them 5 years and upon release only the first couple of paintings would work perfectly. Then they promise patches to fix other issues. Theyd introduce flying a year after release. Two years later most of the boards would work with some bugs still around. 7 years after release everything would be just about perfect after 10 patches or so.

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