A fan who was not around for Diablo 2 asked for faster patching of Diablo 3, and got the expected reply.

    Nakatoir: While we totally understand that you would like to see patches more frequently, a high quality and well-polished update is better for the life of a game than the quantity provided. If we tried to rush the patches that we’re working on, it would result in us releasing content that doesn’t meet our desired level of quality.

    I am trying to think of good reasons but so far i was not able to come up with any.
    Patches take time, creating improvements and making changes to such a wide variety of systems requires a lot of work.

    Making the changes like those listed in the 1.0.8 patch notes are not as easy as simply tweaking a few numbers. The changes we make to the game are a lot more complicated than what you may initially assume them to be and a great deal of time is required in order to develop, implement, test and prepare every change for a live environment.

    I don’t think Diablo3 patches are top priority.
    Actually, every game at Blizzard has its own dedicated team of developers, so the amount of resources allocated to Diablo III isn’t affected by other projects we may have in the works. You can rest assured that the Diablo III team holds it as their highest priority.

    By any measure Diablo 3 has seen much more frequent patching and updates than Diablo 2 did. Of course gamers expect much more frequent patches in games these days, and to be fair, Diablo 2 turned out an expansion 12 months after release, while we’ll be lucky to even get the D3X announcement within 18 months of release. On the other hand, we can probably expect less than a 2 year wait for content patches after the expansion, the way we did with D2X when everyone else went on to other projects and Peter Hu worked on v1.10 basically by himself for 12 months.

    Can has impatience?

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