Farming Treasure Goblins… Infinite Goblins from Greed?

The Vault awaits...

The Vault awaits…

There’s a lot of renewed interest in farming Treasure Goblins since Patch 2.1 hit, both because they were doubled during last week’s community buff, and since they may open the portal to Greed’s Domain.

Keep in mind that playing on a higher DiabloWikidifficulty level does *not* increase the chances of a Goblin spawning. It does greatly increase the amount of gold they drop, and especially the amount of gold you find inside of DiabloWikiThe Vault if you get lucky and find that coveted yellow portal, so it’s best to farm goblins on the highest difficulty level you can reasonably handle.

Where to find Goblins?

When DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 launched the best place to farm goblins was in the Act One Halls of Agony level 2, since there was always a Treasure Goblin somewhere on that not-very-large level. HOTFIXED!

Treasure Goblins no longer have a 100% chance to spawn in Halls of Agony level 2 (8/28)

So now it’s more random, and the Halls of Agony 2 is no longer recommended since it’s not a great layout to farm. The most popular areas now are mostly in Act Three, and they are the various Tower of the Damned/Cursed levels, since they’re fairly small and are circular or spiral in layout, so they can be completely “explored” fairly quickly. The Core of Arreat (last area in Act Three) is also good as it’s a straight shot and is narrow, making for fast searching.

Act One has some good levels as well, since the outdoor areas there (Leoric’s Hunting Grounds and the Northern Highlands) seem to have a high Goblin spawn chance. I’ve seen other players recommend the Cave of the Moon Clan dungeon below the Southern Highlands, and oddly, the Highlands Passage, which is that small outdoor area between Halls of Agony 2 and the Jail, where you find the Warden.

Leah's little surprise?

Leah’s little surprise?

While playing in general, it’s a good idea to poke your head into all those little dungeons. The single room cellars you see early in Act One, the little houses under early parts of Act Two, etc. Those take just seconds to check, and it’s not uncommon to find a Goblin in them.

The funniest goblin hunting suggestion I’ve seen anywhere was a guy on Reddit claiming to have found a pair of them in Leah’s bedroom, inside the Inn in Act One town. His claim excited a lot of debate, but it was not reproduced and eventually ‘shop experts took a magnifying glass and could tell from some of the pixels that it was a fake.

Which is a pity, since I can think of any number of inappropriate jokes regarding Treasure Goblins in Leah’s bedroom.

Click through for more on goblin strategy, and a clever trick/exploit that allows a patient player to fight an infinite number of goblins, one at a time… but is probably not worth the trouble.

Infinite Goblins from Greed’s Domain

Once you’re inside The Vault there are usually a couple of goblins to be killed, along with all the breakables that are just stuffed with gold. But that’s not the end, since during the boss battle with Greed, more Goblins appear. If you look closely there are actually Goblins visible on Greed’s back, as if she spawns or carries them around like a mother scorpion.

One of them will sometimes fall off during battle, and this almost always happens if Greed charges, misses, and crashes into the outer wall. So, here’s the strategy. Prolong the battle with Greed, standing far enough away that she’ll charge you, and be sure you dodge her charge. Then slaughter the goblin that falls off, claim the goodies, and repeat.

Greed's mega chest.

Greed’s mega chest.

Reports are that Greed will drop about 10 Goblins, before the well runs dry. At that point you can kill her to get the huge chest, or if you’re not playing Hardcore, you can let her kill you, respawn in town, run back to the portal to The Vault, and repeat. The upper portion of the Vault will not respawn/restock, but the boss battle starts over from the beginning, and you can thus charge/dodge Greed another 10 times, getting ten more free goblins. And on, and on, and on.

While this is possible to do forever, I’ve not seen a report from anyone who actually kept it up for very long. Each goblin has a very low chance of dropping a legendary, which is what we’re all really seeking, and you know there’s going to be at least 1 legendary in Greed’s giant Chest, so players get impatient. But it’s something different to try, if you’re already bored of the same routine after just a week of LIVE Patch 2.1.

Goblins for Fun and Profit

In my experience, Goblins aren’t very good sources of legendary items, but they do seem to be very good ways to find Legendary Crafting Recipes, and early in a new season those can be quite useful. Perhaps someone really determined to do some crafting could try the “Infinite Goblins from Greed” trick just for the orange/green plans?

Has anyone else good suggestions on where to find Goblins, and what to do with them?

I’ve long wondered if they could be useful sources of gold. After all, the longer they live/run the more gold they drop, and while most of it is just 1 “stack” it seems like about every 8-10th stack is equivalent to what monsters are dropping. (They also rarely drop items during the chase sequence, and I’ve seen legendaries fall then, once or twice.)

A player with a lot of Gold Find could keep poking a Goblin and making it run, boosting their gold take considerably… but still probably less than they’d get just from snuffing out the Goblin quickly and continuing on, killing monsters who also drop gold, and are worth exp and items as well.


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  1. So if you're HC couldn't you log out in the battle for the same effect? It doesn't seem very dangerous if you move away and with an object between you and the boss. Not that I'd bother but…

  2. Too bad Greed's goblins can't also summon portals, leading you to an Inception-esque dive into further vaults.

  3. Greed's goblins disappear slightly faster than normal goblins, too.

    I farmed many goblins by dying at Gheed and it's not worth it. It's about as productive as farming resplendent chests. (Meaning, it isn't.) The only reason to farm goblins outside of Greed's Vault is to get in there in the first place.

    I estimate the odds at about 1/50 treasure goblins.

  4. Having only attempted to farm goblins in the Northern Highlands, I will say the spawn rate is about 40%.

  5. I hate RNG. Killed about 50 Goblins so far during Keywarden farming, got decent Hellfire Amulet (with socket, 98% crit damage and passive I actually want), but still no Greed for me. Shucks

  6. I hate RNG. Got Greed domain after 6 goblins, got 60m gold at T3 and spent all at this @$#&% mystic. That is more than 40 attempts to get an affix among 12 (chance of such bad luck is one to 1000 and of course, the chance is nit getting any higher)…
    Was eager for RoS to kill Adria, now I hope to shoot Myriam in D3Y.

  7. Take it easy bro. I spent over 30 mill to craft gems, and 65 attempts(maybe it’s a world record) before I managed to socket my SoJ. But I still continue to play and enjoy my only 2 visits in The Vault. Before this patch I’ve had only 4,5 million gold. Now with these 2 portals despite my bad luck with my ring, I have 120 mill. I like it.

    • At least, the price is not increasing forever when enchanting jewelry. I spent more than 100m only on enchanting and I still do not have the affix I want.

  8. I found greed 4 times : 2 times before the ladder.
    I found the vault after killing a goblin in rare areas like plague tunnels, tower of the cursed/damned ans vault of the assassin.

  9. I finally get one today in seasons after getting the achievement for killing 100 goblins , plus around another 20-30 , so took a long time to spawn . I was only on T1 at the time but gave me around a 16 million boost , couple of nice drops and the all important imperial emeralds I needed .

  10. found the vault 3 times so far on my seasonal monk that legendary gem and stuff are awesome. Jumped up to 60million. I don't think the goblins the baroness spawns are infinite we waited and waited after killing like 8 and never saw another so I dunno either RNG or they stop spawning.

  11. After looking for goblins 5h+ monday and a couple hours yesterday until the portal shows up, my conclusion was running (at the highest difficult you can melt stuff) Core of Arreat. For me, that is T1. Forget about the gold reward on the greed domain because it will be useless, looking at the big picture, after you get boon of the hoarder (the granted Torment legendary from chest won't, so if you can already melt stuff on T1 seasons, why not?).

    I did my runs solely on core of arreat "because speed". The layout is fixed and you will memorize the spawn locations after one hour or so and that speeds up the grind. I killed well over 100 goblins (maybe a hundred pair).

    If you want to make thinks less boring, there's a route I found on reddit: core > royal crypts (fixed layout, but I'm not sure if all the spawns are easy to spot like core) > cave of the moon clan 1 & 2. I would skip all the open world areas since they would add to the run time by a significant margin. Towers are a maybe if the spawn rate is ok, specially damned (where you can circle anti-clockwise to spot the stairs and go back to the wp).

    I found 2 rainbow portals (lame), some legendaries (maybe 1/hour excluding plans, from goblins, but I'm not sure, since I kinda started nuking the whole goblin are)?

    The idea is getting boon of the hoarder to combo it with goldwrap and facetank lower torments (forget about positioning, just run) and get mad paragon levels with crustarian armguards, among other evil business – like getting some gold. 🙂

    This was the build I used:!RgWV!abYaZY

    Cast dogs to make the mov speed passive work, move past any non-goblins, use piranhado to move packs, cast fetishes + frogs on goblins. I used the seasonal belt for some extra mov. speed.

    Due to pain enhancer gem (I think – and/or TF proc and some and some misclicked frogs) I got massacre calls for running the area without even stopping, so if you are overgeared for the dif. you are playing, you can actually make the core of arreat bounty if it shows up – 40 mobs and purple bosss (in my case, that meant 5 extra secs. on the run or so).

    So that's the story of how greed was found.

  12. It took me about 2 hours to get a portal. I was initially checking multiple areas, but then I found it easier to just run Core of Arreat repeatedly.

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