Farming Profits: Greater Rift 1?

Items, gems, and materials earned.

Items, gems, and materials earned.

A fan on Reddit ran a bunch of Greater Rifts on level 1, finishing as quickly as possible and tracking his rewards from an hour of runs. During that time he completed 22 DiabloWikiGreater Rifts, all on level 1, averaging less than 3 minutes per clear.

Farming Profits: Greater Rift 1:

  • 15 legendaries (including 1 set item).
  • ~900 Blood Shards.
  • ~80 marquise gems
  • ~760 Veiled Crystals
  • That’s a pretty good tally of Shards and Rare Mats for an hour, and a good number of Legendaries as well, and it doesn’t include what he scored by gambling those Shards. (Though there’s no telling how the RNGesus will reward that portion of the festivities.) There are a lot of other details to fret over, though.

    For one thing, it requires extremely fast movement, since GR1 is a lot like the old days of split farming Normal Act 1 bounties; it’s all about movement speed. The OP played a Demon Hunter with both hand xbows from Danetta’s Set equipped, which let him Vault almost non-stop, and he picked up nothing but legendary items and whatever the Guardians dropped. Other classes won’t be able to fly through so quickly, cutting the rewards / time considerably.

    Also, he didn’t include the time to turn the 22 Rift Keystones into GR1 keys. At best that’s ~35s each, just opening the Realm of Trials, TPing out, and waiting 20s for the wave clear to fail and Orek to end the trial.

    And of course you’ve got to gather up 22 Rift Keystones in the first place, which would require dozens of Nephalem Rift clears on T1 or higher. (The clang of disappointment rate seems to be about 50% on T3, and 100% on T6.) But most busy players have 100+ of those Rift Keys by now, so that’s time that’s already been spent.

    And a player earns negligible experience doing this, since GR1 is equivalent to Normal (except that Torment-only Legendaries can drop).

    All that said, it’s an interesting/different way to play, with much lower gear requirements than are necessary to steamroll a T6 rift. Fun for a break from the routine, sometime?

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    1. Interesting. About speed: the WD can become quite fast with 25% from gear, 30% from the passive "Fierce loyalty", 30% from a rank 25 Boon of the Hoarder and finally 25% from a rank 25 Wreath of Lightning. Thing of the Deep will give you the necessary pickup radius.

      Slightly OT: Is there any hard data regarding differences in drop rate and drop quality between different Grift levels?

      • Boon of the Hoarder speed boost in a Greater Rift?

      • also interested in the OT: do you get more legendary drops (on average) at higher GR numbers?

        OP's maths is poor on this. He works out that 15 legendaries in 22 runs is 1.46 legendaries per run, which is backwards. 1.46 runs per legendary is correct and sounds a lot less impressive, however fast you are going.

        • On low GR levels I tend to get 0 or 1 leg. This persists into the low 20s for me. When I'm trying to set a personal record (30-35) I can get up to 4 legs at times.

        • Anecdotal evidence; I've noticed no diff in leg drops from GR1 up to GR20. I've done all those levels many times with a variety of chars. I often think I'm getting MOAR as I move a character up, but repeatedly I've noticed zero legs dropping when a char has scored a personal high GR clear. And then starting a new series on GR1 speed run I'll get 2 set items.

          Also anecdotal, but players often say that drops really improve over GR30. Often 2-5 legs per Guardian at 30+.

          If anyone has really charted the results in some empirical fashion, I'm not aware of the data.

    2. I’m liking the drop rate in Greater Rifts over regular ones so far. Just need to find my Monk’s monkey set. I feel like the drop are somewhat better if you aim for your best level of rifts as you can. Shame we find duplicate gems though, would rather they spin into another legendary or set piece I actually need.

    3. Interesting. When I get home tonight I’m going to have to try the same experiment on my Crusader. Ought to be able to get over 70% CDR on Steed Charge with Fervor and Lord Commander. Add in a Swiftmount flail and you’ll have 6 seconds of horsey time with less than 5 seconds cooldown. Can just run around hunting elite packs until the guardian pops.

      • I’d rather try with the Nightmare rune. Can still get almost perma charge with Swiftmount and you’re melting everything along the way, no need to stop.

    4. On characters that can easily smash 30 and under grifts I think it's a bit more profitable to take them in order, starting at 1, and completely them as fast as possible. It's pretty mindless but that doesn't bother me.

      For new characters though, starting at Grift 1 and slowly advancing whil doing bounties has been really effective. I'm 1 piece shy of M6 bonus on my DH after two days of play (non-season) with that method, and I hadn't touched her since 2.1 came out.

      • I was thinking about the time today, playing my HC DH some on EU. I lack Danny's Vault set and my DH on EU doesn't have M6 either, so GR20 is about her current safe max. But I started out on GR1, cleared it in about 4:30, and got a leg. The key upgraded to GR9, which I also cleared in about 5m, and got 2 more legs. I then bumped up to GR16 and got another leg there, and cashed out to upgrade a Boon of the Hoarder. Total time was under 20m, +3 LGem levels, 4 legs, and for just 1 Rift Key.

        Not record breaking or anything, but for a semi-geared char who is far from T6 running, it was a nice profit in a short time. Better than I'd have done from just doing GR1 3-4 times, plus far more exp and the LGem upgrade as well.

    5. I tried this for a bit on a (HC) wizard build built for speed. I was able to clear a GR1 in 2:30s once, but a bunch of times it took over 3 min because of layout.

      I did a GR7 in just over 3 min. So I think that as long as things die instantaneously–my build had everything on the screen dying as soon as I walked by–it might be better to do greater than GR1?

    6. If you can clear T6 Rifts (not Greater) fast you'll get just as many Leg. and you can use Boon to get gold. Additionally you get MOAR xp and Blood Shards.

    7. I'm finding this a pretty effective way to gear up an undergeared alt – cruising through normal-equivalent difficulty and getting torment items. It definitely takes the pain out of gearing up an alt.

      I have some more (limited) data of my own:

      11 (lvl 1) Grifts
      legs: 12
      Veiled Crystal (VC): 450

      11 (lvl 10-13) Grifts
      legs: 9
      VC: 450

      11 (lvl 14-17) Grifts
      legs 14
      VC: 450

      11 (lvl 17-19) Grifts
      legs: 9
      VC: 500

      *this is isn't including legs from gambling

      So it looks like the amount of VC you get (at least to lvl 17) is fairly constant.

    8. “Other classes won’t be able to fly through so quickly, cutting the rewards / time considerably.”

      Well, I don’t know how about the other classes, but Demon Hunter’s Vault is no match for Wizard’s infinite Teleport.

      Aether Walker FTW 😉

    9. Yeah, Danetta’s set is nice.

      Nevertheless, I’d say that Wizard would win an \infinite Vault vs infinite Teleport\ race. I’m talking about fast blinking 50 yards away, that lets you go even through most walls and Waller.

    10. I always do this on new lvl 70 chars . I also do the Grifts 1 lvl at a time which really slows things down , but sometimes I can get 5-6-7 and a couple of times 8 Grifts in a row with 0 drops .

      Now after running T6 constantly for weeks with absolute crap drops , mainly 0-1 legendary , I opt to run a few Grifts 25 and up just for a drop or 2 . Lvl 30 I cap out on and lvl up my alts gems , not too bad a fail rate at lvl 30 , although once I did get a 90% fail/fail/fail which pee'd me off no end 😛

    11. Hi!

      Tried this with TR Monk(DS:Qs made it quite fast…), measured 3 runs, avarage ~4:30 inc. trial open till GR close(i din’t try as hard as I can, just fun play style…). So its also fast with a monk as well!

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