Items, gems, and materials earned.

    Items, gems, and materials earned.

    A fan on Reddit ran a bunch of Greater Rifts on level 1, finishing as quickly as possible and tracking his rewards from an hour of runs. During that time he completed 22 DiabloWikiGreater Rifts, all on level 1, averaging less than 3 minutes per clear.

    Farming Profits: Greater Rift 1:

  • 15 legendaries (including 1 set item).
  • ~900 Blood Shards.
  • ~80 marquise gems
  • ~760 Veiled Crystals
  • That’s a pretty good tally of Shards and Rare Mats for an hour, and a good number of Legendaries as well, and it doesn’t include what he scored by gambling those Shards. (Though there’s no telling how the RNGesus will reward that portion of the festivities.) There are a lot of other details to fret over, though.

    For one thing, it requires extremely fast movement, since GR1 is a lot like the old days of split farming Normal Act 1 bounties; it’s all about movement speed. The OP played a Demon Hunter with both hand xbows from Danetta’s Set equipped, which let him Vault almost non-stop, and he picked up nothing but legendary items and whatever the Guardians dropped. Other classes won’t be able to fly through so quickly, cutting the rewards / time considerably.

    Also, he didn’t include the time to turn the 22 Rift Keystones into GR1 keys. At best that’s ~35s each, just opening the Realm of Trials, TPing out, and waiting 20s for the wave clear to fail and Orek to end the trial.

    And of course you’ve got to gather up 22 Rift Keystones in the first place, which would require dozens of Nephalem Rift clears on T1 or higher. (The clang of disappointment rate seems to be about 50% on T3, and 100% on T6.) But most busy players have 100+ of those Rift Keys by now, so that’s time that’s already been spent.

    And a player earns negligible experience doing this, since GR1 is equivalent to Normal (except that Torment-only Legendaries can drop).

    All that said, it’s an interesting/different way to play, with much lower gear requirements than are necessary to steamroll a T6 rift. Fun for a break from the routine, sometime?

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