Farewell to Grimiku

grimiku01We got a new Diablo 3 CM a couple of weeks ago, and this week we lost one of the long-time CMs. And not to a transfer to another Blizzard game, this time. Here are the relevant recent quotes from Grimiku’s twitter.

I’ve written another blog! Check out the cosplay round-up for #BlizzCon 2015. 😀 http://blizz.ly/1WSsuX3
–November 10th

I won’t get into the details, but I am now unemployed. It won’t stop my Fallout 4 stream tonight, though. Let’s get drunk.
–November 11th

Thanks everyone. I’m getting ready to fire up my Fallout 4 stream. Come by, drink with me, and let’s hang out. http:

–November 11th

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. I’m already getting things done, and will be streaming more since it’s naturally therapeutic. <3! [source]https://twitter.com/3Stonekegs/status/664644435586580480[/source] --November 12th

According to a commenter, Grimiku mentioned earlier this week on his stream that he was heading in for a performance review. I guess it didn’t go so well? At any rate, condolences to the former Diablo 3 CM, and good luck to him in his future endeavors. At least now he no longer has to pretend to care when people bitch that class/build X is buffed/nerfed unfairly!

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  1. how do you fail a performance review as a CM ?   curse out a player ?    don't post enough ?    don't toe the company line closely enough ?

  2. Maybe he got fired because he actually started responding to console D3 threads. He was very active in that forum before the end. It was probably frowned upon, and I say that mostly because Blizzard appears to be completely ignoring all the game-destroying issues they've created for themselves in the console version. Now that forum will go completely dark again. 🙁

  3. So glad I live in a country where firing people like this is literally illegal, and any company that tried would likely be fined $5-10k (depending on circumstances) and get paid out, usually 6 months of salary.

    • Well, I've quit jobs after "performance" reviews in my lifetime. He probably wasn't fired. Just told Blizzard to f*** off.

      • Yep, when you work hard only to have manager (often new guy) try to exert dominance via performance review the general response it to tell them where to put it.

    • I would rather live in a country where you can fire people.  I don't want ineffective coworkers.

      • I didn’t say you can’t fire people, I said firing people “like this” was illegal. You have to go through a performance management process. Now, it’s possible that happened in this case, but given American labour laws don’t require you to do anything like that, I doubt it.

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