flappy-treasure-goblinA long time fan of the site sent us word about a new ap he created. It’s a Fanmade Game: Flappy Treasure Goblin! We’re newsing it since it looks funny , and it’s actually inspired by a stupid joke I made on a recent podcast. The game is a functional thing, based on the gameplay of Flappy Bird, and you can download it via Itunes and play it on an Ipad or Iphone. I have neither, so I haven’t tried it out. It looks fun though, or at least funny?

    Here’s the quote from the creator’s email to me.

    In your last podcast #143 you jokingly mention that Blizzard should just make Angry Flappy Bird, which I thought was a pretty fun idea 🙂 This led me to the idea of a Flappy Bird clone where you control a Treasure Goblin that drops loot and gold for as long as you can keep him going.

    I also thought the game should have a (very basic) “auction house”, as this was such a big part of vanilla D3. Since basically all the loot you would find in vanilla D3 would end up in the auction house anyway. Therefore, at the end of Flappy Treasure Goblin you can sell all the loot you find (with a handy “Sell All” button to increase your gold score 🙂 This is all connected to a leaderboard of course.

    -Bjørn Jenssen

    The game can be downloaded here, via iTunes.

    Legalese: Diablo.IncGamers.com, AKA the Unofficial Diablo 3 site, has not tested or contributed to this ap and has no connection or affiliation with the developer, other than providing indirect inspiration. Play at your own risk, etc.

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