Since we know Matt Uelmen most likely might not be returning for Diablo III, being so busy with Torchlight, perhaps a certain Guezoum Youssef could help out!

    My DiabloWiki accomplice (and Diablo-3.eu webmaster) Bob_ROss tipped me about this Diablo-inspired music by Youssef. The piece is named “Church of Diablo” and is using DiabloWikiTristram concept art to accompany the tunes.

    Bob_ROss speculated it could be actual work for Blizzard, but while I’m impressed, I don’t think it is. If nothing else, then because Blizzard now has a habit of hiring orchestras, and this piece of music is done by one man and his digital synthesiser. Regardless, it’s really epic and well worth a few minutes to listen through.

    If you’re interested in Guezoum Youssef, he’s a Maroccan musician, with a website, and a YouTube profile you can check out.

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