Fan Video: What Really Happened to Haedrig

Fmulder points us to an amusing fan-made cartoon (with original, totally realistic voices!) that recounts the tragic events that led to the sad, brain-eating end of Haedrig’s first marriage. It’s amusing, if not exactly unexpected, and is slightly NSFW for some dialogue at the end. Enjoy.

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15 thoughts on “Fan Video: What Really Happened to Haedrig

  1. lol! he might as well go off and live his single life… not much of a crafter he is anyway…

  2. Seems a bit far fetched to me…it was obvious she wasn’t infected. Clearly wizards are the dumb class.

  3. I like this because it’s doing a combination rip on two absolutely retarded aspects of the game. The horrible story and the useless blacksmith. Well done!

    • Yeah, who would have thought we’d be making fun of the thing we waited forever for.. kind of depressing really.

  4. Haha thats the thing in the game story he isnt upset after the murder of his wife he doesnt seem to care…bad dialogue i noticed when first playing

  5. I don’t know if anybody noticed but the creator of the video is a totally retard, watch his other video’s, he is filming himself driving over 200km/h and also passing red light. this suicidal retard shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

      • Yeah, but why bother seeing it? They’ll just remake it in a few years with updated special effects. And worse actors.

  6. A badly made unfunny yt video gets this kind of attention from this site? Must be really summer hole time.

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