A fan named Holy Hermit put together a nice video presentation of the Top Ten Things to do in Season Two, and set it to narration with a bit of dry wit.

    A lot of the activities are basically finding a silver lining, but they’re fair enough. Sick of not having storage space? Start afresh in Seasons with empty tabs! Miss racking up Achievements? Earn them all over again!

    I’ve been playing a lot of Season One this week and while a lot of these top ten resonate, for me it’s mostly about building a character. It’s fun to feel your new hero growing stronger, item upgrade by item upgrade, and when you’re doing it in a new season, that’s all you can do. Making a new character in Era wouldn’t have the same fun, since I could just twink, or play one of my powerful options. Having to do it from scratch in S2 recreates the challenge, and there’s fun in feeling the progression.

    Though TBH, I’d feel more fun if I could overcome statistically-improbable inability to find the boots or helm of the Marauder’s Set. I’ve got multiple spares of shoulders/chest/pants/gloves, and have gambled enough of the other set/leg boots and helms to outfit an army of hydra-headed millipedes!

    But that’s the “fun” of doing it all over again in Seasons, isn’t it? Though maybe not quite one of the top ten…

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