Fan Video – Release Date Cinemetic

We always love it when fans send in their creations and LawlessProd mailed in to say he has created a special cinematic video to celebrate the release date announcement. The video is backed by the moving Battlestar Galactica theme with edited official cinematic footage. See what you think.

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  1. saw diablo, but heard BattleStar Galactica

  2. nicccce
    as those mobs we gonna siege local stores at 15/05/2012 =)

  3. that made me want to watch BSG again more than play D3 for some reason…

    Oh yeah, thats because BSG is awesome 

  4. NICE TRAILER!….for MTV fans 🙄

  5. y u no use barb and witch doctor

    • Blizz never did those videos for the barb and witch doctor since they were both showcased in the 2008 WWI and they dont plan on doing videos for them either….

  6. I wonder how much time and money Blizz wasted on cinemas that won’t even be in the game (release trailer, monk/wizard/demon hunter trailers).

    • As opposed to not having them?
      They’d have zero marketing material. Just because it isn’t in the game doesn’t mean its not going to make them money 😉 

    • Doesn’t matter because cinematics have all been done for ages, it’s the development team taking ages, not cinematic team. You should’ve known this already.

      And they need cinematics for marketing as Nick said, Guild Wars 2 for example won’t have any cinematics and they have no idea what a huge mistake that is. Huge marketing fail incoming. No hype, no nothing, it won’t even matter how good the game is….

      Good luck with commercials without cinematics lol. Cinematics are more than often better than the game itself so they create huge hype (check Mass Effect 3, or even better, Dead Island. That game wouldn’t get half of its sales if it wasn’t for that reveal trailer.)

      • Right, that’s why you show the actual cinematics — which they got around to, eventually. No need to waste time making cinemas 3-4 years before the game is out that willl just be thrown in the trash later.

        • ‘Cause it’s not spoilery at all to show the in-game cinematics before release. Are you even listening to yourself? The in-game cinematics aren’t made to show content, they’re made to basically fill in the gaps, between acts for example. These kind of advertisement cinematics are made to show off specific points in the game such as classes.

  7. Don’t like it. And Im not trollin

  8. Wow thats some nice editing, looks great!  🙂

  9. Batttle star meets diablo 3 xD
    I like it.

  10. quite average editing and sequencing if you ask me. mine would’ve featured the in-game cinematic Diablo and Imperius from those deleted scenes in the original Retrospective vid.

    and wtf is up with that music?

  11. To be honest, even though it’s not bad, it doesn’t  really impress me:) +1 for the effort, though:)

    This one wast much better, imo:

  12. Very well done. I like it.

  13. Why is this on the front page?

  14. wasn’t very good, don’t understand how people think it is.

  15. Thanks for posting! I made the video since I always loved the BSG opening and thought the music fit Diablo. If you like it, awesome. If not, it’s cool. To each their own.

  16. Längtar till Diablo 3 kommer, ska bli så himlans skoj!! 🙂 

  17. I thought it was a decent trailer for a fan release.  Sadly, I prefer this one to the one Blizzard released…no lame sketches, and some of the heroes get camera time.

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