Since we’ve actually got a wiki page defining a DiabloWikiDiablo drought, it’s only right that we highlight this post, thanking Bashiok and the rest of the team for all the recent updates.

    You have really been spoiling us with blue posts lately. And with the character models and other tidbits every other week or so its like back when D3 was fist announced. Thanks for all the attention as of late, it is appreciated

    Bashiok: You’ll take it back as soon as we hit another six month dry spell…

    Fair-weather friends! The lot of ya!

    I’ll second the poster’s appreciation. That said, and this is serious, not just me being a smart ass; why release female monk and new screens and female barbarian and blizzcast and male monk and dozens of blue posts all in a few weeks, after nothing for months, with months of little-to-nothing likely looming in the long wait before this years’ Blizzcon?

    Spread out the goodies; put up a new screenshot each week, rather than 6 at once, every other month. Post a new character animation once a month, instead of 3 in 3 weeks after none for a year. Etc. As every successful blogger knows, people will line up for spam on a daily basis and complain endlessly over steak once a week. Metaphorically speaking…

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