Some industrious fan has created his own DiabloWikiDiablo III merchandise, in the form of new statues of the male Barbarian and the female Witch Doctor, and is trying to sell them via ebay. Each figure goes for $200, which seems quite pricey, but it’s not like there’s any other way to get a statue of the D3 figures, unless you carve it yourself or go for the huge Overthrown Barbarian.

    If you like these you’re advised to order at once, since they won’t long survive being discovered by Blizzard’s lawyers.

    • Male Barbarian figure.
    • Female Witch Doctor figure.

    Thanks to the perspicacious Fmulder for finding these. A selection of images of them can be seen below; click for much larger views, or view the full photo galleries on their ebay entries, while they last.



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