Our dear DiabloWikiBashiok managed to drag himself away from the Diablo 3 Facebook page and Twitter feed for a few minutes yesterday in order to visit the malnourished Diablo 3 Battle.net forums.

    Primarily, he’s responding to some complaints from fans. A bit weird he spends time on that, considering the complaints are pretty silly to begin with…

    In (yet another) a thread about the Diablo 3 release date, Bashiok steps in:

    They claim these other games aren’t affecting the D3 schedule, but I find that hard to believe, especially with Activision in the picture.

    How so?

    It seems like Activision Blizzard has perversed the once grand and caring Blizzard into some sort of money grabbing company like Activision was (as I have read).

    We’re scared.

    I don’t mean to sound rude or dismissive, but just about everything you’ve said is based on what you heard or what you’ve read. I’ll go ahead and just say you’re wrong on every count. There is actual information out there. I ask that you research, find facts or as close to a truth as possible, and come to your own conclusions.

    – Bloody Roar 4 (Urgh, my brother’s g/f has this game. It’s terrible.)

    That’s not even an Activision game.

    Ok, cool.

    Bashoik also jumped in to point out obvious flaws in arguments saying expansion characters will suck:

    Oh yeah, well it’s like a rule that we can’t make expansion classes fun.

    And now I shall read a passage:

    Laxamentum Prestolatio
    Book 4; Passage 8; Line 13

    And yae the onlookers felt the warmth of an expansion, and they cried out in cheerfulness. The masses moved hurriedly through the valley to greet it. Their voices unsilenced for their knowing was not of the creed.

    May not any expansion classes meet the expectations of the whole
    May not any onlooker feel great joy in their playing

    PS: Why do I have to keep trying these CAPTCHA’s when you admit they do nothing to stop bots?

    Who admitted what? It absolutely stops bots. Or rather, it stops them to the extent that it’s more work than it’s worth to develop something to circumvent it.

    He is referring to a previous argument on the PTR forums about including captchas in game.

    Oh, ok. Yeah, circumventing an in-game captcha actually has a pay off so it’s worth the time for a lot of people to try to break it. And they likely would.

    So… Nothing major, but still nice to see we’re not forgotten!

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