We saw some of the media first impressions of the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta yesterday. What do the fans think? Our Diablo 3 beta forum has been blessed by a substantial number of Friends & Family beta testers sharing their thoughts on the game, but now that more invites are shipping, other players are getting into the action as well. Here’s what DigitalForce thought, and he promises a larger report coming soon on DigitalHippos.com.

    • Best. Sound. Effects. Ever.
    • The Barbarian’s attack are BRUTAL
    • I explored EVERY inch of my first beta play through and it took me over 2 hours. If you rush through it 20 mins, you are missing 90% of the game IMHO.
    • Backgrounds/environments are FANTASTIC
    • This game will rule all
    • I want anti aliasing on my NVIDIA gad blast it!
    • I have liked every class so far… all have great pros and some cons.
    • Streaming and videos can’t do this game justice compared to seeing and hearing it on your own system
    • Random events are fantastic!

    Vega also got his hands on some beta time, courtesy of another forum user, and here’s what he had to say:

    The graphics, atmosphere, gameflow, sounds, music, pace… it all SCREAMS Diablo, in a way in which no other ARPG has ever made me feel. This is a Diablo game through and through, and from the first zombie slayed, the player gets that amazing “back home” feeling!

    The DH is indeed rather unimpressive, as most testers comment, and the wizard is without a doublt a powerhouse in these early stages of the game. Despite that, the char that surprised and amazed me the most has to be the barbarian! a perfect tank who manages to both endure extreme crows surrounding him AND deal great DPS, while at the same time having the most impressive movement skill in the beta, what’s not to like? Hugely impressed to the point of considering actually starting with a barb upon release!

    On my laptop, at 1600×900 with no shadows and medium on all the other details, the game runs rather smoothly. I have no idea regarding FPS but I would guess at least around 30 FPS is stable in single player games. when it’s a party of 4 and spells and bodies start flying around, the FPS count drops significantly at tight areas such as right before Leoric’s room.

    From a single player fanatic PoV, I am also glad to report that despite around 200-300 normal ping (up to 1000 sometimes today, lots of people online!), the latency seems great, with no waiting before getting a reaction from the game. you have to remember this is the US server, while we are connected from here in the EU. we have encountered 3-4 times where the game disconnected from the server and we dropped out, but i think that is reasonable in the very first active day of the closed beta.

    Other members of the Diablo community are welcome to add their first (or second, or eighteenth) impressions as well; we’ll be quoting them in main page news items (just like this one!) over the weeks to come.

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