Fan Art Watch #5

Being promoted as the new Fan Creations Forum Moderator, and honoured by Flux in the previous Fan Art Watch, I’ll now try to help him with the irregular watch which I consider to be a great honour. I remember starting small here posting simple wallpapers until Flux and other staff members took notice of my work and the creative community. Now its my turn to help even more.

It?s been a busy this week in the FCF with new additions to the gallery between three artists:

Johntorrio is back with sketches of a riding DiabloWikiFallen and you can follow his updates in his project thread. John’s last artwork was the Barbarian stabbing Diablo’s eye out posted after the Diablo 3 announcement.

Another returning member is Boqu, with an art commission from Brother Laz to create a DiabloWikiSorceress and DiabloWikiNecromancer for his Diablo 2 mod Median XL.

Lastly this week we have the brand new artist GAMi, with his renditions of the DiabloWikiAssassin and the DiabloWikiWizard.

One image of each fan artist is shown below and you can find all of them in the Fan Art Gallery.

If you enjoy Fan Art and want to contribute to this growing community, please stop on by the Fan Creations Forum. Many artists come there frequently posting works in progress looking for feedback and conversation. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send me a PM.

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1 thought on “Fan Art Watch #5

  1. When I think of how I want D3 multiplayer to be like, I can’t help but think of 5-man instances in WoW. You and four friends, fighting and exploring a mysterious dungeon together and eventually defeating a big boss who drops neat items.

    While it’s essentially a glorified boss run which pleases those interested in that, it also tends to please those who are interested in the lore, story and such too. Add a dungeon randomization system and it’ll keep players interested for a long time.

    There are many advantages with such a system. Smaller group sizes mean more player interaction and easier organization/logistics, while allowing players to feel like they’re contributing more to the group. Assuming D3 will use the same mechanisms as D2, being undermanned would not be a big deal because of difficulty scaling according to the amount of players present.

    There are several disadvantages too, but some of them – such as players stealing loot or being able to mess up an entire run by playing poorly – would not carry over to D3, as the game works differently in regards to those.

    In the end, what keeps players interested in games of this nature is the pursuit of the best items and biggest weapons, which IMO should be the focus of the game regardless of how players want to get there, be it solo or with other people. This freedom of choice is probably why people still play D2, so many years after release.

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