Fan Art Watch #3

It’s been forever since we last posted a proper fan art watch, and since a fair number of new pieces have been added to the gallery in recent weeks, away we go.

Softshack’s interpretation of the Unburied monster is powerful, artsy, and almost poignant, in an “another mouth to feed” sort of way. Click here, or on the thumbnail to the right.

GavinUnit created two great widescreen wallpapers out of an original version of Tyrael he whipped up with Maya and Photoshop. One and Two.

Obsessed sketched up an interesting version of the Assassin, putting her into almost contemporary clothing. But thankfully, she’s still got the claws…

FGART created some hauntingly-realistic CG art of the female Wizard. Very human looking, and of tantalizingly unclear ethnicity. Enter your AllLookSame guesses in comments. I’m going with Korean…ish.

Another creation by GavinUnit, here are one, two, three, four views of an original 3D modeling of the Rogue Encampment. These must be viewed full size to properly appreciate the details.

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