Diabloii.net has been around for more than ten years, since before Diablo II was even announced. (We had a different domain name back then.) Over the years we’ve built up a tremendous treasure trove of content and features, most of which are no longer online, thanks to various script changes and site makeovers. We’re now taking steps to put some of those goodies back online, and today brings the return of the fan art.

    We’ve selected the best images from the more than 200 submissions we posted over the years, and they are all up in the fan art section of our image gallery. There are funny pictures, loving tributes, crazy tattoos, and some really impressive artwork too. New submissions are also welcome; if you’ve got a forum account and you’re an artist, feel free to upload your work; we suspect there will be quite a burst of artistic creativity after this weekend, with new visuals for all the Diablo fans to feast their eyes on.

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