Fallen Shaman D3CE WoW Pet?

ScorchHellfire points us to the data-mined features for the next WoW patch, and notes that one of the new companions reads like this:

Fetish Shaman: Right Click to summon and dismiss your Fetish Shaman. Instant

There’s no visual yet, but this is interesting since there are no Fetish monsters in WoW or any other Warcraft game, thus this might be a preview of the WoW virtual pet that will be one of the features in the still-unrevealed DiabloWikiDiablo III Collector’s Edition. It’s certainly not the Blizzcon virtual pet, since we’ve seen the Murkablo already.

And yes, of course there will be a WoW virtual pet in the D3:CE. Stop pouting, you know Blizzard always cross promotes their games like this. There were a bunch of Diablo Easter Eggs in Starcraft 2, there was a SC2 WoW virtual pet, and there are a number of WoW references in Diablo III.


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  1. There is plenty of “fetish” items in WoW.
    For example this mini-pet: Sen’jin Fetish
    Also the item that teaches you how to summon Fetish Shaman is called Fetish Shaman’s Spear, and is “Binds to account”.

  2. Bashiok ™ WoW Pet inc.! ^^

  3. There are mobs in Lost City of the Tol’vir (a WoW dungeon) who look a lot like that. This pet would fit right in! 🙂

  4. I hope they have some of the sound assets from D2.  Can’t say I won’t be tempted to kill the S%$* out of it every time i summon it.

  5. Flux, what do you mean there are no fetishes in WoW? There is already an existing non-combat pet in WoW called a Sen’jin Fetish.

    • mask =/= pygmy things with knives and pointy teeth… actually, the pygmies in wow are fairly similar to the fetishes in Diablo… they even have the casters standing on the shoulders of two other pygmies sometimes… they main difference is they are more humorous than vicious…

      Actually it’s kind of odd that the ones from Diablo are called fetishes since that usually refers to some kind of object thought to embody or be inhabited by a spirit or having some magical property… like the necromancer and witch doctor off-hands…

      But yeah, there may be the occasional mask monster things or items called fetishes in wow, but there is no race of flesh and blood or otherwise monsters in Warcraft called fetishes like the fetishes of the jungles near Kurast in Diablo 2 and returning as summons of the witch doctor in Diablo 3… I suppose it could possible that it’s something else, but I’m thinking it’s the fetish shaman of Diablo games… I guess we will find out when the model is found…

  6. The Fetish Shaman is a witch doctor pet, which would be quite awesome to have in WoW.

  7. Bah. This feels like a kind of lame thing to put in the D3 CE box. I’ve personally played WoW for five years but stoped playing this spring and have no intention going back, so very little use for a WoW pet..

    • Just because you have no use for it, doesn’t mean others don’t… And you seem to forget that blizzard likes to cross-promote their games to get fans of one franchise hooked to others (like other companies do all the time), so expect rewards in all three games (and possibley titan as well when that’s released) for every CE from now on… The diablo 3 CE will have a wow pet (whether this one or another) and probably a couple starcraft 2 portraits and decals and whatever vanity thing they give for Diablo 3 itself… my guess is it will be special banner icons or possibly special dyes…

      • Yes, you are correct in that it is in Blizzards interest to cross-promote the games and what I stated was my opinion, not the general masses. Personally I would rather like to see more Diablo related items such as art books, music CD etc. and other in-game items that you can use in Diablo 3.

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