ScorchHellfire points us to the data-mined features for the next WoW patch, and notes that one of the new companions reads like this:

    Fetish Shaman: Right Click to summon and dismiss your Fetish Shaman. Instant

    There’s no visual yet, but this is interesting since there are no Fetish monsters in WoW or any other Warcraft game, thus this might be a preview of the WoW virtual pet that will be one of the features in the still-unrevealed DiabloWikiDiablo III Collector’s Edition. It’s certainly not the Blizzcon virtual pet, since we’ve seen the Murkablo already.

    And yes, of course there will be a WoW virtual pet in the D3:CE. Stop pouting, you know Blizzard always cross promotes their games like this. There were a bunch of Diablo Easter Eggs in Starcraft 2, there was a SC2 WoW virtual pet, and there are a number of WoW references in Diablo III.

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