During the long days leading up to Diablo II, we regularly posted user-submitted fake screenshots. The initial batch came from a contest we held in 1999, and when that proved a hit we launched a regular Fake Screenshot of the Week (FSotW) feature, which ran for several years and more than 130 submitted shots.

    Those works of art have been offline for years, but we’re putting the gallery back online, and the first 10 Fake D2 Screenshots have been added to our Image Gallery.  In all we posted upwards of 130 such shots, and I’ll be reposting the 75 or so best ones, 10 at a time, on slow news days.

    Check them out and let them whet your appetite; we’re going to be running regular features with fake/funny/weird/user-submitted D3 screenshots in the months to come, so you can use these for inspiration, and to see how far Photoshop techniques (and Blizzard’s website design) have come in the past decade.

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