Fake Info Leaks from Blizzard Irvine

In an inevitable development, a new twitter account, @D3Anonymous, has popped up, run by someone who claims to have been at the media event at Blizzard Irvine today. He’s tweeting up a storm, with more than 60 posts in the last 4 hours, and while most of them are on previously-known info, there are a few with new revelations/predictions.

It’s DiabloWikiD3Here on Twitter! Not the same guy, but the same principle. This time the deception won’t live nearly as long, since we’ll find out everything from the attendees when their NDA expires on August 1st. If not sooner.

As most of you guys know, I am not typing this from Irvine, since Blizzard PR, in their infinite wisdom, elected not to extend an invitation to a representative of the largest, oldest, and most trafficked Diablo fansite on the internet. As a result, I’m not bound by any NDA, and when people who actually were at the event today send me info, there’s nothing legally stopping me from posting it. For instance [tease snipped by request].

Based on what I’ve heard tonight from actual event attendees, this D3Anonymous guy is entirely, 100% fake. (And looking back, D3Here was definitely fake as well.) Both of them were peddling old info with a few new predictions, and none of their deceptions even scratch the surface of the big, major, huge, shocking changes that have been made to D3 since we last saw the game at Blizzcon 2010.

In short, nothing in these new tweets even approaches the level of big news revelations we’ll soon be able to share with you guys. (And I am not at all sure that the changes will be popular. We’re talking major reworking of numerous game systems.)

That disclaimer given, here are a few of the more interesting tidbits Mr. D3Anonymous shares. As far as I know, none of them are true, except perhaps by accident. Take them purely for entertainment purposes.

One of the Monk tier 7 abilities, called Avatar of Azurewrath, 2 minute cooldown, Monk turns into a weapon of light and looks like a yellow-white light shadow figure that grants a MASSIVE attack speed and movement speed increase. Most awesome thing I’ve seen.

monk can now use shields, has a new smite ability that stuns + knockbacks enemies in front of him to make shield more viable for monk

You can click on players portraits in the battle.net interface and view what they have for sale, as well as full search funct. AH for mats.

And the news everyone has been waiting for….. Beta on the 15th of August.

players are placed in channels based on their level, and all have portraits, and an instant search bar at the bottom

DH has some awesome new skills, strafe: DH kind-of jumps and does a spin with arrows spewing out from every direction very rapidly #diablo3

Update: The writer of @D3Anonymous admitted that he was a fake after a day of being debunked. He then went on to claim to have been DiabloWikiD3Here, and began soliciting info leaks from people who were actually at the Blizzard event. Even if he’d gotten some, no one would have believed them after he’d already ruined his own credibility.

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97 thoughts on “Fake Info Leaks from Blizzard Irvine

  1. I’ve never had any doubts that D3Anonymous was fake – I didn’t bother reading any of his claims after checking out his intro. I’m glad to hear that there’s finally confirmation he’s a fake as it’ll put that controversy to rest.

    As for these new, earth-shattering revelations – Can’t. Wait. =)

  2. Thanks for clearing it up Flux, you’re the man. I was waiting for you to comment on this matter. I heard through the grapevine that there have been major tweaks and changes in the game so I was kind of confused why the Twitter-guy did not really drop any bombs at all. Anyhow, will you be sharing more info with us, considering you are not bound by the NDA or are you trying to get on Blizzard’s good side again ? Ill definitely will try and get most of the 1st of Aug. Info from this site.

    • It has nothing to do with gettting on Blizzard’s good side. It has to do with not screwing over the people who are helping him.
      It should wait until the first, imo.

  3. Not bound by the NDA? For instance? Man, some of us digest information harder than others! Stop throwing bombs! 🙂

  4. Wait…did i read something wrong. Did you say blizzard revoked your invitation?
    That really sucks…and pisses me off, damn blizzard. Sorry to hear it 🙁
    …Well i guess we’ll all know everything in a few days anyways

      • Oh, i guess i was just under the impression you had received an invitation because this site is by far the best i’ve seen for Diablo 3 info.
        That makes no sense…far less popular people were invited…frustrating.

      • Gotta be a miss. Even if they have a reason, this site generate a buzz around the game so it’s their loss not to let you get press pass. Just bad strategy or some interns misstake.
        Do you know this early if you wont get a press pass for the next event?

        • We do not. They could change their position at any time, and we’ve never been given any sort of “do X and Y,” orders or options or ultimatiums. It’s ironic, but Blizzard PR is quite notable for their inability to openly communicate with media and fans.

          We’re not opposed to being in the Fan Site program, but wouldn’t agree to it if we had to censor our news coverage, or bite our tongues instead of offering our honest opinions and occasional criticisms of Blizzard. Which means it probably won’t happen. Which is why you see so much news about controversy and intrigue here that you don’t see on other Diablo 3 fansites. (Who seem to value kissing up to Blizzard more than informing their readers?)

      • Blizzard PR needs help.  The way they are treating you guys is seriously a head scratcher.  They are acting like upset little kids.

        • Indeed. I’d vote you up if the arrows worked for me (anyone have any ideas on how to fix that? the smilies also don’t work). A sad byproduct of Blizzard’s success is that the awesome people actually making the products who would themselves probably love to be open about what they are doing have become the b****es of the PR department and have control shoved down their throats by the corporate overlords…

  5. eat this Blizzard pr!

    so Flux here is the 1M$ question
    did any of your sources mentioned a beta date?

  6. No traits anymore?

    Of course Blizzard would dumb down Diablo 3 even more. I bet those passive skills are automatically distributed since those stupid casual players are incapable of pressing highlighted buttons telling you to press them if they sound good to you.

    Boycott D3.

    • Flux doesn’t know that just yet, unless someone really did break their NDA and tell him. It was most likely, as it is now, a sarcastic prod.

    • You feel smart by pressing all the levels on energy while playing Sorceress?
      Boycott nubz.

  7. Did I really see they changed the 7 skills system and removed the traits? Now it’s only written ” [tease snipped by request]” and I’m not sure if it was a joke or something… 

    • It wasn’t a joke. Since Flux isn’t bound by an NDA he’s free to say whatever he finds out like if they made it so players are no longer bound to 7 skills and that the trait system was removed for passive skills at set levels or things like that. He also said that the beta is starting in August.

      • Well.. 😀  The beta starting in August isn’t really news, it’s confirming our guesses 😉  I’m happy to hear it!  I wish he could say if there’s arenas in it

      • I didn’t make any statement about the beta stat in this post, though I’m fairly certain (not based on press event info) that the beta will start soon. I expect they’ll give us a start window during the conference call on Aug 3.)

        I did give a tease about a minor (comparatively speaking) bit of the news we’ll be posting on Aug 1st, but was asked by one of my informants to remove it. So I did.

      • I guess it’s pointless to comment without having the big picture, but they actually removed the traits? Since it was one of my favorite systems I’m looking forward to a grand explanation on Aug 1st.

        • I completely agree! The trait system sounded fantastic to me. It allowed players to create their builds to their own liking by having to make hard decisions to decide what the most important qualities of your build are. I sure hope they didn’t completely remove it.

          • Moving traits to skills does not remove the system but allow more customization… provided they keep the same number of skill points by level (i.e. 1.5 points per level up)

  8. If changes are not gonna be popular by majority of players, it probably are gonna be a good, justified changes, that makes game better. But people are gonna whine about it just for whining.

  9. From where are you getting these changes about traits and skills? I know there was a press tour.. but do you have any source who leaked all this info?

  10. I’ll wait until the information is “official” before I even contemplate it. Even then, I’m still going to wait until beta as well. You know, when we can actually look at the numbers and feel how well everything works?
    Even so, I’m ever so looking forward to the reactions. It’s always amusing to see the communities reaction to major changes made to the game.

    • I guess because the informer since telling flux asked for them to be removed until the NDA been listed.

  11. I don’t know if you guys noted, Flux removed something from his original post.
    You want to put all new true info in a separate thread, of Blizzard just made you a call?

  12. [quote] the big, major, huge, shocking changes that have been made to D3 since we last saw the game at Blizzcon 2010.
    In short, nothing in these new tweets even approaches the level of big news revelations we’ll soon be able to share with you guys. (And I am not at all sure that the changes will be popular. We’re talking major reworking of numerous game systems.)[/quote]
    so D3 the mmo ? 🙂

  13. Only 4 people per game and even more changes to the systems which may include dumbing the game down? No more PKing in a PVE game?
    I am getting worried about if Diablo 3 is going to be good or not based on some of the changes I just mentioned.  Based on some previous system changes I am not liking the sound of even more mechanics being changed.
    I could be wrong but most games these days are dumbed down and are not as fun as the old versions.
    Please Diablo 3! Don’t suck! I am really getting worried now…

    • Change is bad! Never change anything, ever!
      I got older and games all suck now! They’re so dumbed down, they don’t challenge my intelligence like they did when I was a kid.

      • Well look at fighting games.  Many of the new fighting games are dumbed down and aren’t as good as the classics.
        When a game is based on dumbed down mechanics then it will not live on as long as a classic that does not include most of those dumbed down mechanics.
        I am not saying make it all hard.  I am saying don’t make it so care bear friendly where it just sucks.  Sure it is ok to get new players into the game.  There also has to be elements for more experienced or more hardcore gamers.
        Change can be good but the new mechanics better be fundamentally sound and have a high amount of fun factor to them.  That is if you want a game that lasts which I am sure we all do.

        • Yeah because as the game industry matures and learns more and technology gets better they decide to make simpler games rather than back in the old days where everything was complex.

          Better executed and more convenient =/= dumbing down.

          • You’re being extremely thick, the game industry has developed from a labor of love into yet another big corporate industry where marketing budgets are on par with development itself. While this wouldn’t necessarily imply that games are worse, the fact that publishers insist on milking franchises and love going for the easy, quick, bucks speaks loud enough when it has become standard.

        • Any examples, mr. History? I don’t see anything “dumbed down” in new Mortal Kombat or GG or Tekken.
          The problem is you still playing campaigns or duels against bots. Like in WoW: “Omg I got level 85, this game is for my mom it’s so easy”. If your mom can finish tutorial that doesn’t mean game’s easy or dumb. Go for any of first 10 places of Arena bracket and then talk about dumbness.
          P.S. I bet my mom could finish D2 on Hell w/o any problems 10 years ago. She just had to work all the day back then.

          • Good point, and I’ve never understood that arguement.  My mom always has loved video games and typically hasn’t been physically coordinated for many of them (ie typically sticking to RPGs) – some of the newer actiony games she actually can play and I’ve never understood why people act like that’s a bad thing.  We don’t all play games to be challenged.
            A more diverse playerbase hurts no one.

  14. Please delete that fake news. It’s so poorly made and unoriginal, just a crappy and random 14y old thoughts. It’s shouldn’t even be on the best Diablo 3 fan site.

    • Well there’s a 150 post thread about it in our forum, and it’s being talked about. Obviously I had to post news about it in order to say that it’s not legit. And it gave me a chance to slip in some actual new info. Or at least teases that it would soon exist.

  15. This site was so much better when Elly was frequent. I come back to see Flux still throwing bitter hits at Blizzard for not being invited (akin to the temper tantrum of a kindergartner when told he/she can’t have ice cream). I then see Flux posting a bit of fake news of his own (in an attempt to be witty, to attract site traffic, and to snark at Blizzard and the other fansites… again) only to remove it after realizing how retarded it was and the confusion it caused. The resources on your site are phenomenal, but the reporting could use a little growing-up, you know?

    Thanks for reading.

    • The goal of this site is to report all Diablo news, if a post is fake then people need to know it’s fake. I don’t think anyone is having a snipe at Blizzard, what would be the benefit in doing that? None. The editorial remit is first and foremost to the readers and fans of Diablo. This site has been around for 14 years and the way things are reported have not changed one bit in that time, even when Blizzard knew it was actually beneficial to support the site.

      Nobody has been throwing a tantrum for not being invited, I know Flux and Elly are not that bothered about it, they have both played an integral part in keeping the community alive over the years, they helped Blizzard a lot during the testing of Diablo 2, spent three days there play testing before beta and providing amazing feedback for the development team then. They both know they have done more for the franchise than any other fan when it comes to supporting Blizzard and that’s all that matters. However, companies move on and the people at Blizzard now are not the same people that were there for the previous games so many are unaware of how Elly and Flux have helped keep interest in the Diablo franchise alive over the years.

      Ultimately the remit of the site is to provide the best, and it is the best, Diablo information for all three Diablo titles so people that play the games learn, gets the help they are looking for and are part of this great community.

    • Hah, very nicely written.
      I get your point but if you go one step further you’ll come to the conclusion that you’ll get payed for posting stuff and the more you’ll post the shinier your own horn gets.
      If you state that “I am handsome” 12% will read that as a fact, and that’s a fact 🙂

  16. Flux – an important question – how do you feel about these changes? Do you think that they are for the better or for the worse?

    • who cares what Flux or anyone else feels about those changes, YOU will be playing the game, they won’t be playing it for you. you shouldn’t let anyone else’s feelings or views decide if you’re gonna like a feature or not. sure, some of it may sound terrible, but you might feel differently once you try it out yourself. example, I don’t particularly like the Monk’s overall package. but I’m sure I’ll have more fun trying him out than not.

      that’s the problem with the gaming community and the stupid critics, they often make games sound 100 times crappier than they actually are. if I cared about what every single one of them thought, I wouldn’t have a single game installed on my pc.

      • Yeah, I know, but I kinda trust Flux. I know that neither him or Nizaris cannot share any information about the game at the moment so asking about how the people who know feel about this changes is the only thing we can really get.
        I will, of course, buy the game anyway, and play it and see if it suits me, not Flux or anyone:)

        • Hmm I “may” have spoken a tad too soon. I hadn’t read that other guy’s snipes at Flux yet. So this site has been around for years and years hmm? And they helped out in the D2 beta? Lol how old are you guys??? I didn’t even know what betas were back when I first played D1 and I had barely started highschool.
          Flux and the gang may be considered veterans in this sort of thing, but I still wouldn’t take their word about gameplay quality (and related stuff like revised/scrap systems). Or anyone else’s. I see fail reviews on Metacritic from critics and players alike and they’re such drama queens. Indeed, if people took their word for it, noone would have any games to play with.

          Same reason why I won’t be checking out any beta vids/reviews from any player (if I don’t get in myself). Just because one person doesn’t like something, another takes it and makes it viral “ZOMG BLIZZARD FAIL”. Isn’t that kinda how the stupid art controversy started anyway? It was the same 5-10 people bitching about it across multiple sites and then it became viral, especially that stupid comparison pic with the edited lighting. I really wonder how many people it suckered.

          • This site has been online since 1997, with various URLs. we were Diabloii.net until about 2008, when we became Diii.net / Diablo.IncGamers.com.

            We always enjoyed a very good relationship with blizzard and especially bliz north. For instance, Elly, me, and our other writer at the time Gaile were invited to Bliz North in 2000, pre-beta, for 3 days of all access. The first fansite to ever visit there.


            It’s only over the past year or so that we’ve not been getting invites, and the fact that no one at Bliz Irvine PR has ever told us specifically why is the frustrating part.

    • I need to talk to the attendees a bit more to form opinions. I have only received quick bullet lists of big changes, and don’t have the context or the explanations yet.

      I do like very much one projected change, which is still being debated by the team. It’s something I’ve advocated for quite a bit, mostly in forum debates. (And it’s not a weapon switch hotkey.)

      • Flux: “I do like very much one projected change, which is still being debated by the team. It’s something I’ve advocated for quite a bit, mostly in forum debates. (And it’s not a weapon switch hotkey.)”

        Carnac the Magnificent holds the envelope up to his forehead … “Will deaths by Hardcore characters in the PvP arena be permanent?” …

        • I would guess it’s actually a sparing mode for HC characters that does not involve death.  That’s always been one of Flux’s biggest wishes.

  17. So Flux, when you say “We’re talking major reworking of numerous game systems”, what do you mean by that ?

    Do you mean changes on stuff they already announced or changes of stuff yet to be revealed strictly compared to Diablo 2 ?

  18. Judging by the mood of defiance in the post and comments, I’m sure this one is gonna be unpopular but I’ll say it anyway.

    Flux, I know you’re bursting with the new info, and have posted a brilliant tease up there. But please think of what you’re doing. You are putting the goodwill of Blizzard with other fansites in danger. Think of what will go on in Irvine if they see this post of yours up here. They don’t know who talked to you, they will obviously try to find out, most probably they won’t succeed. What will they do then? They might just stop this press event, and/or regard ALL Diablo fansites with extreme suspicion in the future. Which is destablising the huge, dedicated, brilliant D3 community we have here.

    The unconcerned attitude was fine. This renegade one is not the right thing to be now. Think about it, there will probably be a Diablo 4 someday. 

    • Sources come from many quarters over the years humungous.

      Everybody knew the community was in for lots of new information, changes, new details. Nothing’s really changed, well apart from us knowing that info now;0. There’s nothing wrong with teasing that new info is incoming. We’ve never shafted a source and don’t plan on doing so. That’s not a nice thing to do.

        • Also note that there were a lot of media there, and only a few were fansite people. General gaming sites like (for instance, not saying these specifically were there) Kotaku, gamespot, gamespy, mtv, etc, attend bliz media events. I have not been given any inside info by anyone who runs a D3 fansite.

  19. It would be nice, Flux, if you can tell from what you learned if the changes make the game go in a bad or good direction.
    Your teaser is frustrating and worrisome !

  20. I think “dumbed down” is going to depend upon one’s own point of view.
    Honestly though, I would suggest that one doesn’t believe -anything- until we get the official info.  Yes, “unpopular changes” scare the crap out of me too, and while I originally bought a brand spanking new computer in 2010 partially due to anticipation of the release of Diablo 3… I won’t buy the game unless it’s awesome.  It pains me to think about that, especially how I’ve been anticipating this game well before it was announced in 2008 (as has every other Diablo fan out there) but I honestly haven’t heard a lot of negative backlash against Blizzard for more recent sequels to their other IPs that the masses seem to lap up.  That’s not to say it’s a guarantee D3 isn’t going to be “flashy” and “dumbed-down”, but one would think Blizzard has a bit more sense than to bomb one of its most anticipated sequels. 

    Just wait until August 1st everyone.  That’s only about 4 more days we have left to wear our depends until we get the official news.  Even so, they can always change stuff after the beta, right?  Right?  RIIGGHHHTTT????!!?!?  (rumors are rather entertaining though….)

    Now, why Blizzard wouldn’t invite Flux is beyond me.  How many members does this site have?  I’d say it’s certainly a cornerstone of the Diablo community (one I have disadvantageously neglected to take part in for years until recently) and it’s a shame the site got looked over due to honest opinion (if that’s the case).  Oh well, I guess it’s no different and impersonal than being rejected from beta testing.

  21. Well.. it looks like it doesn’t take long to complete the beta.  Less than 1 day? They weren’t kidding about it being very short.

    • This is the Skeleton King chamber. So beta will end there? Is this the final boss of the first act?

      • Honestly?  the BETA  has not even started yet nor do anyone APART from blizzard know exactly what content is included in the BETA.
        After all this time, I’m sure we can wait till August 1st for this big news blizzard has installed for us Diablo 3 fans ;).

    • There is a signature “that 3 times with different classes” – I guess it means he finished beta client content 3 times already? How much time did they have to play? 8hours or so? Indeed short. That area brings to my mind of of the frist demos – with Leoric at the end of it as a boss.

  22. I see 10 health potions keyed at 2. Now that’s not good. Also, slightly strange that he has only one skill, that too level 1/4?

    • It seems he has actualy 3 skills – LMB, RMB and the one under “1” hotkey (although there may be a basic attack among them).

  23. omg Flux… You can’t tease us about knowing some of the big details and not share with us 🙁
    At least release all the info to us out of spite, so Blizzard knows it should have been in their best interests to invite the best d3 website  to the press event.

    • He cannot release info because he’s just guessing as much as those fake twitter accounts, just hoping he gets one dumb statement correct so he can “claim” he had inside info afterwards.

      Saying he wont share important stuff because a random guy who can’t possibly have his identity revealed asked him to. Lol, successful site-owner-troll is successful, he got what he wanted, some idiots attention who will down vote this without thinking twice.

      I’m relieved by the fact that after everyone sees on aug 1st that this was just another bullsh*t post by Flux, even more people will migrate to serious dial fan sites (who were actually invited because they know what professionalism mean). Congratulations on another fail news.

  24. That screenshot looks real, the 5 small icons (near the right spirit globe) are different from any icons present until now in Blizzcon builds. Even from the latest build from the China presentation, some months ago.

  25. I almost want the game to never come out, how much fun is it reading all these posts/news items before the actual release of the game? no wait, don’t answer, i’ll tell you. HELLA FUN.

    I know for sure I won’t be in the closed beta, so here’s hoping the open beta starts around Mid-Sept/Oct and the game is released just in time for the excuse of “It’s too cold to go outside, that’s why I’m spending all weekend playing D3 :)”

    Cheers, and thanks for all the posts Flux, keep up the good work.

  26. This is one of the few times I’m actually looking forward to a Monday when the
    NDA lifts.

  27. Man, I don’t know if my interest in D3 will survive the loss of traits; I was quite enamored with the concept.  I have been on this site every single day since the D3 announcement, years back, so I would not call myself “uncommitted”; however, times are tight, spending money on games is not a high priority, and if they start stripping my favorite features, I just might need to wait until this hits the bargain bin- which would be sad.  I guess Aug 1st will tell (I am assuming that nothing too major will change once beta hits, even if fans/testers clamor for it).

  28. I’m surprised you guys didn’t get an invite.  Looking forward to all the news though!

  29. The fact that this news post reads in a way that doesn’t cause excitment, but causes panic is not fun. I really wish Flux would say somthing more.. or maybe we really should be worried.

    I’ve spent so much time thinking about the 7 skill system, and traits, that thinking of the game being with out them almost makes me feel like we missed D3 and are instead getting D3.1.. sad face..

  30. It is like bow before the almighty Blizzard or get shut out.  When they have all the judges in their pocket why would they need this website to help them ? I’m just trying to make a point here. 🙂 I like Blizard’s game sbut not their ways.

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