In an inevitable development, a new twitter account, @D3Anonymous, has popped up, run by someone who claims to have been at the media event at Blizzard Irvine today. He’s tweeting up a storm, with more than 60 posts in the last 4 hours, and while most of them are on previously-known info, there are a few with new revelations/predictions.

    It’s DiabloWikiD3Here on Twitter! Not the same guy, but the same principle. This time the deception won’t live nearly as long, since we’ll find out everything from the attendees when their NDA expires on August 1st. If not sooner.

    As most of you guys know, I am not typing this from Irvine, since Blizzard PR, in their infinite wisdom, elected not to extend an invitation to a representative of the largest, oldest, and most trafficked Diablo fansite on the internet. As a result, I’m not bound by any NDA, and when people who actually were at the event today send me info, there’s nothing legally stopping me from posting it. For instance [tease snipped by request].

    Based on what I’ve heard tonight from actual event attendees, this D3Anonymous guy is entirely, 100% fake. (And looking back, D3Here was definitely fake as well.) Both of them were peddling old info with a few new predictions, and none of their deceptions even scratch the surface of the big, major, huge, shocking changes that have been made to D3 since we last saw the game at Blizzcon 2010.

    In short, nothing in these new tweets even approaches the level of big news revelations we’ll soon be able to share with you guys. (And I am not at all sure that the changes will be popular. We’re talking major reworking of numerous game systems.)

    That disclaimer given, here are a few of the more interesting tidbits Mr. D3Anonymous shares. As far as I know, none of them are true, except perhaps by accident. Take them purely for entertainment purposes.

    One of the Monk tier 7 abilities, called Avatar of Azurewrath, 2 minute cooldown, Monk turns into a weapon of light and looks like a yellow-white light shadow figure that grants a MASSIVE attack speed and movement speed increase. Most awesome thing I’ve seen.

    monk can now use shields, has a new smite ability that stuns + knockbacks enemies in front of him to make shield more viable for monk

    You can click on players portraits in the battle.net interface and view what they have for sale, as well as full search funct. AH for mats.

    And the news everyone has been waiting for….. Beta on the 15th of August.

    players are placed in channels based on their level, and all have portraits, and an instant search bar at the bottom

    DH has some awesome new skills, strafe: DH kind-of jumps and does a spin with arrows spewing out from every direction very rapidly #diablo3

    Update: The writer of @D3Anonymous admitted that he was a fake after a day of being debunked. He then went on to claim to have been DiabloWikiD3Here, and began soliciting info leaks from people who were actually at the Blizzard event. Even if he’d gotten some, no one would have believed them after he’d already ruined his own credibility.

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