A dude spun a little yarn to explain his acquisition of a mysterious D3 screenshot, then posted it for the perusal of the public. Bashiok was initially scornful of the obvious fakery, but returned a bit later with some more charitable remarks. The shot is embedded below.

    Lame photoshop is lame.

    Ok I take that back, it’s actually pretty creative, but it’s still a fake.

    Haha I didn’t even notice the fps and build number.

    Good attention to detail. Revisions using “XX.XX” are usually only used for public releases (they omit specific build numbers which would be necessary for testing), but it was smart including something like that.

    Bonus points for getting fake icons and putting in the test-looking FPS. Minus points for the Barb wearing shoulder armor in the game and chest armor in the Inventory.

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