Fake D2 Screenshots

Another batch of classic fake D2 screenshots, from the old Diabloii.net archives. Click the thumbnails to view them in the gallery, or browse the whole gallery. Also, there’s no statute of limitations on creating fake D2 screens.  I know more of you guys have photoshop skills than our readers did back around 2001, when we were posting most of these in the first place, so feel free to make some and email them in, or post them directly into the folder. We’ll be happy to plug them in the news.




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1 thought on “Fake D2 Screenshots

  1. Wow, ncie subject I never thought of. However, I think D2X got it right:

    * All acts in N/NM/Hell should have a 2-3 monsters types chosed from 4-6 pool, with combinations in mind. Gues Monsters are no-no since they’re too inappropriate in some areas, as Flux mentioned (Ice Caves Rouge for ex.)

    * The last act in Hell, as in D2X, should be Guest Monster’d. It should just make since plot-wise, like a Chaotic Act with no main elements that can create a contradiction between monsters and areas. Too fun to give up.

    * The Guest Monsters bosses are a great idea for a bit of variety and suprise to the game. Me like!

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