Fabio does Tristram Theme

Forever the theme tune for the Diablo series the Tristram theme, for many, is incredibly evocative and effortlessly transports you to Sanctuary. Fabio Lima plays all sorts of game and cartoon themes and his latest is the Tristram music.

He has a lovely relaxed vibe about him. He looks, in some of his videos, as if he’s just got out of bed (complete with bed hair) and felt the uncontrollable urge to just pick up his acoustic guitar and play.  To be sure he is a master of it and does justice to DiabloWikiMatt Uelmen’s most famous piece. This is well worth a watch

Thanks to Nicolas Fourcroy for mailing this in.

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  1. The heart and soul of Diablo. My favorite track of all time. Praise the Uelmen!

  2. Amazing. Gave me goosebumps when it goes crazy near the end there.

  3. It’s brilliant from the first to last chord.

  4. Amazing what one can achieve while not wearing pants.

  5. lol Elly, you kinky devil you, take a sedative and remember you’re married!

  6. Great stuff – thanks for posting.

  7. Most awesome Diablo-related production of the whole year!

  8. awesome, awesome. now give me the tabs for it and maybe in a million years i’ll pick up my guitar again and actually try to learn (at least portions of) it

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