Since our inception, the Diablo IncGamers site has been the premier source for all things Diablo related. From news articles for Diablo 1, then 2 and then later Diablo 3 and beyond to regular columns, pod-casts and live-streams, there is something for everyone.

    But there’s more to the site than just the content you see here on the front page. There is also a thriving forum community that has built up over the years. There are a myriad sub-communities on the forums dedicated to classes, trading, hosting and running tournaments, and quite a lot more.

    As a way to let you know some of the great resources and people available in our forum community, welcome to our Eye on the Community column. We will be regularly pointing out interesting things going on in our community.

    Today we’re going to talk about something that has been going on regularly in the Diablo 2 community forum for the last seven years: Forum Mafia. Intrigued? Read on…

    Forum Mafia

    Simply put, Mafia is a game (sometimes called werewolf) which in its simplest form pits a small group of mafia, who eliminate one player from the game each “night” against the rest of the group, who are either town or neutral. During the “day” phase, the entire group discusses the night actions, and work towards trying to find and lynch the mafia hidden among the group. For a simple introduction to the game and some of the most common special roles, check out the Newbie Guide at a site dedicated to the game.

    The games at IncGamers are usually themed games, based upon books, movies, television series and various other source materials. Some recent themes include Final Fantasy Tactics, Ender’s Game, Baldur’s Gate and Batman. For an idea of the various themes which have been used before, some insight into the various roles you might see, and a list of various statistics and awards, there is a great thread in the Diablo 2 Community Forum.

    How Does It Work?

    There are a few things to be aware of if you are interested in joining in with the group of members who regularly play and host these forum mafia games. The first and most important thing to be aware of is that in mafia, you are assigned a role. Your role might be a town role or a mafia role, or even a neutral role. You may have special abilities or you may not. As a town player, your job will be to participate in the discussion and use people’s posts and reactions to try and find the anti-town players. If you are assigned an anti-town role, you will have to be careful not to slip up and reveal that you know more than you should. By its very nature, mafia is a game that is all about patience and puzzle solving. It can sometimes grow a bit adversarial, so it’s important to keep in mind, before you sign up, that attacks against your role are not attacks against you. Other players, town and mafia alike, will be looking at your posts and trying to discern your role in things. They may twist what you say to make you look bad or even suggest that what you have said is not true. It is important to remember, going in, that this is part of the game and part of the fun of it.

    Many of the players in the regular playgroup are quite skilled and have been playing for a long time. Most new players find the game a little confusing at first, but don’t worry after a game or two it generally starts to make perfect sense.  Also, the group is helpful to new players and will offer advice. When you inevitably find your way to the “dead thread” where dead players talk and comment upon the ongoing game, veteran players will generally be happy to evaluate how you played and help you improve for the next time.

    How Much Time Will It Take?

    The final thing to be aware of, before joining the fun, is the commitment required to play. Most of the games feature 48 hour “days” with 24 hour “nights” in between. During the night, all players with special abilities to use at night submit their actions and when the next day comes those actions all resolve and the discussion starts again. Most games require at least two contributive posts per 48 hour “day” at minimum. The more you keep up with the game and interact; however, the more quickly you will pick up on the subtle nuances of the game and the more fun you will have.

    Where Do I Sign Up?

    Forum mafia is just one of the many interesting and enjoyable things going on within our community. If you would like to join in on the next game, the sign-up thread is found here and you have until the 17th of February to sign up for the game. Please be aware that this particular game is a themed game based upon the television series “Breaking Bad” and therefore may deal with mature subjects, as the show did. The game moderators (who designed and run the game) also made a particular point of noting that this game may feature more advanced mechanics and abilities that will be harder for players to guess or discern from what happens in the game. So if you still feel like a great challenge and want to try it out, head to the sign up link above and check it out.

    Thanks for being a part of our community and watch for more Eye on the Community highlights in the future as we explore all of the great things you guys are up to at IncGamers.

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