DiabloWiki.netThere has been a large infusion of contributions and polishing posts to Diablo 3 release date over the last few days. The Diablo monster update is naturally only a part of the hundreds of edits that have been made lately. This extra wiki watch is here to pick out some of the bigger additions we’ve seen in the last fortnight, without spamming wiki edits. Take a look below for interesting tidbits from DiabloWikiDiablo 3:

    There has also been a lot of interest for DiabloWikiDiablo 2 with an additional list of “bigger” updates:

    • DiabloWikiMagic Find – The secrets behind Magic Find is further revealed.
    • DiabloWikiRune hunting – Typical finding stats for good runes added.
    • DiabloWikiSuffixesUnique is ever continuing his work…
    • DiabloWikiPrefixes – …of sorting out both Suffixes and Prefixes!

    New DiabloWiki contrib Chen starts his own Unique project:
    DiabloWikiUnique Amulets

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