Extended Maintenance, Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.3 Notes and Hotfixes

Last week’s server maintenance went long, and this week is following that trend with delays, but soon we’ll have Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.3 notes and Hotfixes.

Updated: 2:20PM PDT

There is currently an intermittent issue where some users are unable to log into Battle.net. We are currently investigating, and as we will provide updates as we receive additional information.


Updated: 12:23 PM PDT

I’m happy to announce that maintenance has ended and you can now log into the game.

Happy adventuring, heroes!


We are currently deploying patch 2.0.3. However, we encountered some issues which have delayed its release. To ensure these issues are resolved swiftly and thoroughly, today’s maintenance has been extended. At this time, we anticipate maintenance will conclude and the game will be available at approximately 1:00 P.M. PDT. We’ll be keeping you updated if that schedule should change.

Thanks again as always for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary!

The maintenance downtimes are more vexing now that so many fans are eager to get on and play the new and improved version 2 stuff. In the meantime, the Patch 2.0.3 notes are available. It’s mostly bug fix stuff and some tweaks to crafting costs. No more getting rich/flooding the AH with DiabloWikiFiery Brimstones via crafting and salvaging some of the lower level recipes! Also, there’s a new +max spirit mod for Monks, and the guaranteed Legendary drop has been moved from Leoric to Diablo, assuming you can get your Reset Quests issues straightened out.

Diablo III – Patch 2.0.3 v.

Below you will find the patch notes for the most recent update for Diablo III, patch 2.0.3.



  • The area of effect for the Fire Trenches in the Halls of Agony now better match their animations
  • There is now a short delay before Fire Trench damage is dealt

Click though for the rest of the patch notes, plus the recent hotfixes which include additional critical bug fixes.



  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Erosion was causing Electrified to proc too frequently
  • Act Bosses now always drop a rare quality item
  • The Skeleton King no longer drops a Legendary item after using the “Reset Quests” button for level 60 characters
  • This bonus has been moved to Diablo for level 60 characters


    Active Skills


  • Bug Fix: Hydras should now properly dissipate when the owner dies or leaves the game
  • Familiar
  • Increased the internal cooldown attack rate to roughly match the player’s attack speed to a maximum of approximately 2 attacks per second.
  • Magic Weapon
  • Skill Rune – Deflection
  • Added an internal cooldown to the proc rate to be roughly once per attack


  • Level 1-60 crafted Legendary and Set pieces now require 2 Fiery Brimstones to craft
  • All low level crafted Legendary and Set pieces now require at least 1 Demonic Essence to craft
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Legendary crafting recipes were rolling Rare level stats
  • In addition, a pass was made to ensure all Legendary crafted items are rolling with 6 total affixes
  • New Affix: +Max Spirit for Monks
  • This affix rolls on Fist Weapons, Spirit Stones, and Combat Staves
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where 2-Handed Legendary weapons were rolling damage appropriate to 1-handed Legendary weapons
  • There are other new changes on the Recent Hotfixes list worth knowing about:



  • The “Swing That Bloody Hammer!” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Life Steal to complete. *
  • The “Gorging the Forge” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Magic Find to complete.*

    Dhalgur Oasis + DH=dead.
    Dhalgur Oasis + DH = dead.
  • Projectiles reflected by DiabloWikiSokahr the Keywarden should no longer crit.*

    • Players should no longer be incorrectly informed that they have earned a bonus chest after failing a DiabloWikiCursed Chest wave event.*
    • Players matchmaking for Any Quest (or All Acts) games when no existing games are available should no longer receive an error.*
    • Skills that deal Physical damage should no longer benefit from items that increase elemental skill damage.*
    • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be unable to complete the DiabloWikiSkeleton King fight, which would block progression.*
    • Items

      DiabloWikiThe Grand Vizier:

    • This weapon will now appropriately drop with Intelligence for Wizards and Dexterity for Monks.*
    • DiabloWikiBlackfeather:
    • Now properly has an internal cooldown on its Legendary affix proc.*
    • DiabloWikiHoming Pads:
    • No longer makes players immune to crowd control effects while channeling Town Portal*
    • DiabloWikiUnity:
    • Damage prevented by Talisman of Aranoch, The Star of Azkaranth, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, or Xephirian Amulet no longer splits to party members via the Unity Ring.*
    • Wizard

      DiabloWikiMirror Image

    • Hydras summoned by Mirror Images should now deal the appropriate amount of damage.*
    • DiabloWikiTeleport
    • Should now properly allow Wizards to pass over walls created by monsters with the Waller affix.*

    The DiabloWikiBlackfeather cloak was unusable since the proc, firing a projectile at enemies who damaged the Demon Hunter, would rebound back and forth against monsters with reflecting effects, putting the DH into a death spiral that could only be broken by 1) death, or 2) Smoke Screen.

    As for no more crit damage from the Act 2 KW’s reflecting missiles… I’m hopeful but you’ll understand if I wait for feedback on the fix from softcore Demon Hunters and their parties before I take my HC back into the [[Dhalgur Oasis]]. Related to this article

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    21 thoughts on “Extended Maintenance, Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.3 Notes and Hotfixes

    1. 2 handed weapons (found after patch) are still bugged and have crap for DPS.

      Not that it matters since 1 handers are always superior with double sockets and 2 x legendary affixes and long confirmed by Travis Day to be intended.

      • “2 handed weapons (found after patch) are still bugged and have crap for DPS.”

        The bug was that the one-handed bonus damage affix sometimes rolled on two-handed weapons. This resulted in Legendary two-handers having only 1k DPS. This was most definitely not intended.

        • Correct. This is the bug that was fixed: http://i.imgur.com/B6ox8FI.png

          That roll should be up to 1111. I’d never gotten this bug myself, and I doubt many others hadn’t, so that’s where most of the confusion seems to come from.

          So when the CM said they’re fixing this bug, everyone probably though, hooray, 2h will have higher DPS!

          • So it is actually not a bug, the D3 dev team are ACTUALLY retarded.

            Thanks for picking the posion/clarifying on behalf of the D3 Dev team.

            • The God agrees. What plebeian Travis ‘acknowledge’ is solved by a line of code. Divine being will clarify, with an example:

              OneHandedDamageMod (or whatever the name is, this is example, actual values can be found – yup, same as D2) rolls in ten ‘strengths’ 0-10%, 10-20%, etc, up to say, 100%

              TwoHandedDamageMod rolls in different ‘strengths’ 0-20%, 20-40%, etc, up to say, 200%

              Combination of basic damage and damage mod affixes (there are several) determines final damage. Not enough DPS? Change affix, it takes 10 minutes, please don’t ‘acknowledge the problem’ again, and do nothing.

              Furthermore, the discovery of that ‘bug’ which likely originates from vanilla beta (since there are still affixes as WeaponThrust and WeaponSlice, as the clear indicator that the original intention was to actually have diverse weaponry) shows… well, what was said above

            • What are you guys talking about? Of course it was a bug. Or do you think the dev team wants two-handers to be straight up worse?

              Believe it or not, without this bug dual-wielding is not always the best choice, at least not when your class has passive resource regeneration (Wizard, WD, DH). If you use a slow two-handed weapon with these classes you’ll regenerate more resource between attacks and if you buff resource spenders with items you can make up for the attack speed (and therefore the DPS) deficit.

              It’s true however that for Barbs and Monks dual-wielding is often the best choice, but again, not always. Some Legendary items have good enough unique properties that they are absolutely worth using. A good example would be the Fury of the Vanished Peak for the Barb.

              I cannot stress this point enough: in 2.0 sheet DPS is almost meaningless (Toughness as well to some extent). The new patch and the expansion is moving away from methods like balancing weapons by a simple and boring DPS difference.

              I’ve seen people easily clear T6 with 100k DPS and 1m Toughness and yet even though my DH has similar stats T6 would wipe the floor with me. Why? Because those other players are using better items, but ones that boost specific skills or stats that don’t increase their global DPS.

    2. You can now search for diamonds on the AH, and the prices have been redonkulous. Sell, sell, sell!

      • Interesting. I didn’t think bliz would bother to enable them with only a week to go on the AH, but there you have it. Patching right to the end!

    3. I was wondering about that. I am also wondering why they nerf the Keywarden, but don’t even mention normal Dune Dervishes and Sand Giants.

      • Same here…: While trying to log in, the game says that there’s a new patch available, which will be loaded automatically after the game closes itself. But there’s no patch loading (… well, … Hearthstone, … , but…). Is it the same “intermittent issue where some users are unable to log into Battle.net” as on US? Or is said issue strictly concerning the Battle.net loader?

        • It’s because of the extended maintenance. The game will download the patch when the maintenance will be finished, around 4 PM CET.

          • Thought so (but buggered the support nonetheless…). Thx.

            PS: Now the patch is finally loading 🙂

            • Just seen: In the game the time finished was corrected from 16h to 18h. (… after the previous correction from 12 to 16 …) Drekk … have to leave around five … *grumbles*

    4. Well its again on ‘Extended Maintenance Time’ or whatever you wanna call it, bleh. Atleast on EU.

    5. @HardRock

      The God was clear: a bug probably exists more than two years, and as such, should have been spotted and fixed earlier, especially if they ‘acknowledged the problem’ months ago.

      Certain unique 2-handers were better than anything else, but what that means? Only that there were OP items, some of which happened to be 2-handers.

      A solution to an inherent flaw exists, and it’s called ‘balancing’. The real-life example divine being gave shows that it takes a few minutes of work, and does not include coding, art, sound – nothing but changing existing numbers on existing affixes and basic damage.

      Wizard and WD don’t dual-wield, but don’t have dedicated 2-handers (non-unique) better than good offhand. Resource regeneration offered by 1-hander and offhand is always better than time-based gain. This, of course, could and should be fixed as well, but currently is not the case.

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