We have videos demonstrating two skills that have had DiabloWikiRunestones added. Consider them spoilers as none of these are active in the public beta test.

    The DiabloWikiMonk with an unruned DiabloWikiExploding Palm. In its vanilla state the first two strikes of Exploding Palm currently deal 100% weapon damage and the third will cause the target to bleed for 65% of weapon damage per sec for 3 secs. If the target dies during this 3 seconds it will explode causing a further damage to surrounding enemies.

    Here the monk has added an Alabaster Rune which now causes target to burn for weapon damage (as DiabloWikiFire Damage) every sec for 3 secs. If he explodes now it’ll apply fire damage to surrounding enemies. In this instance the lovely little Imps.


    Imps are still the target but with a Crimson rune this time which simply increases the DiabloWikiBleed effect from 3 to 7 seconds.

    A Golden rune which means if the target dies and explodes with the bleed on them the Monk will gain 4 DiabloWikiSpirit for each enemy hit by the explosion.

    Lastly, we see an Indigo rune which means the bleeding effect now hits up to 5 targets standing in front of the Monk. I don’t know how many it hits without, I haven’t see that written down anywhere.

    The DiabloWikiDemon Hunter‘s DiabloWikiGrenades are up next, firstly with an Alabaster rune. This could prove ever-so useful as it changes the grenades into DiabloWikiStun Grenades so they have a 10% chance to stun enemies for 1.8 seconds.

    A Crimson rune makes them into DiabloWikiGas Grenades so they now apply Poison damage and leave a gas cloud that’ll deal additional weapon damage to enemies in that area. The important thing is it looks nice.

    An Indigo rune turns it into an excellent attack for large clusters of imps or selections as it turns the grenades into DiabloWikiCluster Grenades, large clusters of mini-grenades that deal weapon damage as fire over an 8 yard radius.

    To finish off here’s Grenades with an Obsidian rune which turns it into Fire Bomb which goes boom for 144% of weapon damage as fire and has a knock-back.

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