Exploding Palm and Grenade Rune Videos

We have videos demonstrating two skills that have had DiabloWikiRunestones added. Consider them spoilers as none of these are active in the public beta test.

The DiabloWikiMonk with an unruned DiabloWikiExploding Palm. In its vanilla state the first two strikes of Exploding Palm currently deal 100% weapon damage and the third will cause the target to bleed for 65% of weapon damage per sec for 3 secs. If the target dies during this 3 seconds it will explode causing a further damage to surrounding enemies.

Here the monk has added an Alabaster Rune which now causes target to burn for weapon damage (as DiabloWikiFire Damage) every sec for 3 secs. If he explodes now it’ll apply fire damage to surrounding enemies. In this instance the lovely little Imps.


Imps are still the target but with a Crimson rune this time which simply increases the DiabloWikiBleed effect from 3 to 7 seconds.

A Golden rune which means if the target dies and explodes with the bleed on them the Monk will gain 4 DiabloWikiSpirit for each enemy hit by the explosion.

Lastly, we see an Indigo rune which means the bleeding effect now hits up to 5 targets standing in front of the Monk. I don’t know how many it hits without, I haven’t see that written down anywhere.

The DiabloWikiDemon Hunter‘s DiabloWikiGrenades are up next, firstly with an Alabaster rune. This could prove ever-so useful as it changes the grenades into DiabloWikiStun Grenades so they have a 10% chance to stun enemies for 1.8 seconds.

A Crimson rune makes them into DiabloWikiGas Grenades so they now apply Poison damage and leave a gas cloud that’ll deal additional weapon damage to enemies in that area. The important thing is it looks nice.

An Indigo rune turns it into an excellent attack for large clusters of imps or selections as it turns the grenades into DiabloWikiCluster Grenades, large clusters of mini-grenades that deal weapon damage as fire over an 8 yard radius.

To finish off here’s Grenades with an Obsidian rune which turns it into Fire Bomb which goes boom for 144% of weapon damage as fire and has a knock-back.


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  1. Im not a big fan of the “new” animations of the Exploding Palm. Thats the only con. The pros are that the Nun´s gear looks really nice during the zoom in the Crimson Rune video, as well as the sounds and looks of the male DH.

  2. The best part about the Alabaster Exploding Palm is that it can chain repeatedly, which sounds like it can be really fun for large mobs.

  3. Kinda disappointed they seriously dialed down the explosion when they die from the bleed. It added a really epic feel to the skill in the first video of the Monk a few years back.

    • agreed 100%. Check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bjke7cGPlY

      now thats an explosion!

      I guess we have to keep in mind that perhaps that death animation is unique to that monster though … 

    • It had to happen, the effect was so awesome but it filled half the screen. Remember that Julian Love was talking about “particle soup” and having gone overboard with the FX, and the need to “pull things back” at that same Blizzcon?

  4. It feels kinda disturbing how Monk has to bend down to hit Imps, like he’s hitting children.

    • One of the many reasons why Imps are so damn awesome. In the beta, they run around with their arms flailing above their heads and do a kind of scream when you punch them.

      I was surprised and also a little disappointed once I got to use exploding palm in game. I really liked the old graphics, too. This isn’t too bad, though.

      • Best part was the golden rune in Exploding Palm with the first Imp that got blown up onto the roof.

        As for moral compunctions, don’t worry, you’ll quickly come to see the Imps as just another annoying enemy to be vanquished, despite their pathetic little bodies.

        Yesterday in the beta I left 3 of them, from a Grotesque belly, free as they ran one way and I went the other. A moment later I returned to that direction and the 3 Imps had found one of those dead villager clickable corpses and were settled down to snack on it, the way zombies do. I’d never seen that before, and enjoyed it. For like 3 seconds, until I nuked them with an Arcane Orb.

        • Wow. I can’t believe Bilzzard actually implemented that in the game, that’s mighty impressive!

        • I try to find a few grotesques and herd them around me like a personal arm-flailing army. It never really works out the way I want to. They find a way to die somehow, even if I’m not trying to kill them.

  5. I wonder if these videos are going to be outdated late next week after the announcement

  6. I love how the imp flies on top of the roof and into a chasm in another.

  7. Yep, that is disappointing indeed… I felt many times like they went over the top with certain skills and explosions during the development cicle (the DH in general is a good example) – only here, where it was totally fine in the first place, they went the opposite direction.
    Wow. That sounded terrible. Guess I’m one of those ever-complaining geeks 😆

  8. Elly, please try to put all rune variations in just one video for each skill. It’s much better to watch them in a row than clicking play, fullscreen and 720p 9 times :S

  9. Kinda strange that the zombie that died from poison damage in the ‘gas grenade’ video still got dismembered.

  10. I find weird that the gas grenade’s damage over time cloud make the zombies fly back like “ouch!”… I hope this isn’t a trend with damage over time effects.

  11. diablo 3 is so bad that its more effective than nyquil 🙁

  12. umm… wow.. your un-runed exploding palm IS RUNED… you have it glitched to show the runed graphic and didnt even bother to check.. id record and reupload that -_-

  13. I miss the explosion of gore that took place at the end of the original Exploding Palm (when the Monk debuted), but I also thought the beating heart icon that appeared above their heads was better than this palm thing that’s going on now. Reminded me of Kill Bill Vol. 2, but now seems a bit lackluster in comparison.

    • that gore is still there… they have a RUNED verison glitched onto the none rune video..they didnt verify their videos first =/

      • That version of the skill no longer exists. There’s nothing “glitched into the video” (I don’t even know what that means). That is exactly how it looks in the beta.

        Which is why I’d love for you to record some other version of it, because it doesn’t exist. It should be entertaining to watch, at any rate.


          • Wow you’re an idiot, im trying to help them from looking bad. Before you guys open your dumb mouths maybe learn about how it works!? Some runes GLITCH and stick and OVERWRITE the defualt spell (until you reset mooege), WHICH IS WHAT HAPPEND, they now have a RUNED spell showing as the normal one. SO before you go off sounding like an idiot, do some testing of your own to see how mooege works, and know what errors can happen, dumbass



            the list goes on, also I got on mooege and tested it first before I opened my mouth to see if I was wrong…so maybe you should try to do that first?

      • DAMN, you suck at explaining something simple in a charismatic fashion!

        edit: were you wrong? You still haven’t demonstrated anything.

  14. No news is good new right?

  15. Hmm, this is from the emulator, so it’s pretty much the “best” this specific developer was able to implement (there are easily over a dozen developers). It’s ENTIRELY NOT representative of the release version of the skill, albeit interesting as all hell.

    • This skill is available in the beta, and while we can’t see the runed versions, the unruned version looks the same from what I understand. Of course it could change (and hopefully will) before release, but as of now I think this is an accurate representation of the skills.

  16. maybe the gory explosion does appear on critical hits? Do the mechanics of exploding palm allow such a thing since its a dot and stuff?

  17. You should have the video so that you put the bleed on a bigger target – with more HP. Then when he detonates, he’ll do a lot more damage to the little imps, hopefully killing them all.

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