A player mentioned a bug with calculating the Paragon Levels of accounts freshly-imported to the PTR or RoS beta. Here’s the quote, but this is so not the real news about experience in the new patch.

    Latest patch change the Paragon total?

    I used to have a total of 140 and it went down to 111 when I copied. I’ve been copying every 1-2 weeks and this hasn’t happened before? Anyone in HC notice this?

    Grimiku: There was a bug on the PTR/Beta where some players were importing characters and getting a lower Paragon total than they should be. You’ll need to copy your characters over again to correct it, but we implemented a hotfix earlier today that should take care of the problem.

    Okay, nice they fixed that but the real news is that Experience Gain in Reaper of Souls is now amazingly fast. Everyone testing the beta is amazed by it and we’ve been seriously debating if it’s buggy. I gained more Paragon levels playing a few hours on Friday afternoon than I had during the entire Beta test prior to that day. And no, I wasn’t using some hack to wear a Hellfire Ring on each finger and 7 Rubies in my hat. My play was much the same as before, no ruby in hat, etc. What’s changed was the game.

    New graphic! No more plaid. :(

    New graphic! No more plaid. 🙁

    You now get much more exp per kill and hugely more for completing events and bounties and Rifts. How much per Bounty scales up considerably with difficulty level, and individual bounties now vary in exp and gold reward depending on the bounty type, but they are worth a *lot* of exp. You see the Bounty award for a big bounty in Torment 1 in the screenshot there, almost 100k gold, 15.4m EXP, 4 Blood Shards and 1 Rift Keystone piece.

    Prior to this patch I agreed with other testers that exp gain was woefully slow, to the point that it felt pointless. As I noted when we talked about it on the podcast, some weeks ago after a patch went in I played an hour or two almost every day for a week and went from about Paragon 121.2 to 121.9. Since the new patch hit that pace is vastly faster. I mean vastly faster, like ten times faster. Friday and Saturday I played a couple of different games on Torment 1, spending maybe 2 hours in each game to clear two acts of bounties plus a couple of rifts, and picked up 2 or 3 Paragon levels each time, in each game.

    Other testers have reported similar results, and everyone is wondering if it’s a bug, if it’s going to be nerfed, if it’s working as intended now but will slow up greatly once players advance to Paragon 300 or 400, etc. No word on the issue yet from Blizzard, but the way Reaper of Souls works for leveling now, it’s very fun and those tiny rewards from each Paragon Point don’t seem so tiny when you can rack up 2 or 3 of them in a good play session, and count on 10 or 12 of them if you go pretty heavy one weekend.

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