Exp Bonuses Coming to Diablo 3 Multiplayer Games?

Interesting tease from Grimiku in a forum post today, when asked about increasing experience rewards in Diablo 3 Multiplayer games.

I know this hasn’t been announced, but i’m pretty sure i’m getting about 1.5x more XP in Public games. The bar seems to be filling way faster.
Grimiku: There haven’t been any changes to the amount of experience you gain while in a multiplayer game yet, but this week we’ll have some interesting updates on that subject. Maybe they’ll be the sort of updates you can read about, and even test before they go live.

I added underline for emphasis, since he seems to be saying we’ll get a v1.08 preview this week, and it will include a previously-unannounced buff to experience gains in party games. That would be a great change, IMHO, and one that’s long overdue. After all, bigger exp bonuses (along with more item drops) were one of the main reasons to play party games in D2.

Those benefits were eventually made player-selectable via the DiabloWikiPlayers X command, but in D2 that option merely replicated the effect of more players in the game. D3’s DiabloWikiMonster Power system is a much more complicated and feature-rich version of Players X, as it boosts experience per kill (along with Magic Find, Gold Find, and monster damage & hit points). You can enable MP values in party game, but nothing in D3 (thus far) provides additional bonuses to experience gain (item quality/drop rates or )in party games. Sounds like that’s about to change.

While we’re quoting forum posts that make accusations of stealth hotfixes, check this one out:

Dear Blizzard: please stop ninja buffing monsters

So I have died at least 10 times in the same area I always play in. Assassins Vault, MP8. No changed on my end, but I die over and over again. At least tell us when you are buffing elites.
Grimiku: We haven’t made any changes to monster damage. Alterations to monsters are usually saved for a patch or hotfix, and we’ll document those changes in the patch notes or hotfix blogs.

Personally, I run the Vault of the Assassin for Nephalem Valor stacks quite often while hunting the keywarden in Act II. Most of those runs go without a hitch, but that place has some really spikey damage, and a bad string of luck will leave me with a much higher death count than I’m used to. I like that it keeps me on my toes, though.

Elsewhere, the final Blue post of the day answered a quick question about dyes for Legendary items:

Vaeflare: Dyes for Legendaries are still being worked on, but they will not be coming with patch 1.0.8. As I mentioned previously, our artists actually have to go back and redo the textures on all the Legendaries in order to make them dye-compatible, which is why it isn’t a quick-fix.
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11 thoughts on “Exp Bonuses Coming to Diablo 3 Multiplayer Games?

  1. So that means we will get all the things Diablo 2 had implemented from start, each in a new patch in a 6-months interval, and each celebrated by Blizzard as the greatest breakthrough in design ever?

  2. Roll on patch 1.0.8.! I wish the intervening period between patches was drastically reduced.

    • If you play single player, why do you care about coop? The beauty of it is, you can do whatever you want, hyperbole included.

      The monsters get harder with each MP level = moar XP
      The monsters get harder with each player in coop = moar XP

      Seems fair?

      • Each MP lvl increase monsters power, but don’t increase player power.
        But another player increase a lot the power to kill mobs, this is already a great bonus, giving a XP bonus is too much.

        • Also, the more players in the game, the tougher monsters are. That’s how the ‘power to kill mobs’ is balanced against their toughness.
          That raises the question: are monsters’ HP increased, their attack or both?

    • Doubtful. The only time MP would be more effective is if you had a group of people who knew each other with builds designed to compliment each other. The change is being done so that playing in a public multiplayer game isn’t a massive decrease in efficiency as compared to playing solo. Solo play will still probably be most efficient.

  3. The experience change gain will be a welcome addition and perhaps a reason to actually…dare I say it…venture into public games? If the benefit is good enough, I’ll at least be hoping to repopulate my friends list with active players since I’m currently working on paragoning a Demon Hunter.

    Curious to see what else is coming this week. I thought maybe PTR would be today with the maintenance message going up in-game last night. Hm.

  4. I forsee a blended banner and sentences starting with “We will”, ending with “future patch”. And no items/endless dungeons/new maps.

    Maybe one day someone will ask “Will we get pokeballs on the next patch to catch Azmodan as pet?” and a CM will answer “We’re discussing the possibility, can’t promise anything, maybe on a next patch…”

    Until then, I’ll slowly level my EU self-found barb.

    “Azmodan, I chose you!”

  5. The increased XP for multiplayer would not bother me, but any change to drop rates or loot quality is total bullshit. I am still pissed they have not implemented a way to show you as “offline” for those of us that do not want to be bothered by anybody. I am almost exclusively single player, and I feel my drops should not be gimped because I prefer to play alone. Hell, it’s already hard enough to find something decent now. I guess the multiboxers would love something that would buff group play drop rates.

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