Exclusive Blizzcon Interview: Soulbound Legendaries and Trading Exceptions

Not to get all “major gaming site” and drag out an interview into twenty updates, but here’s a bit of a tease for the upcoming podcast (audio) and written transcript for the interview I conducted with Travis Day and Jason Regier at Blizzcon 2013. I spent several questions on economic issues, legendary items, and the trade and gold value ramifications of soul binding. As you probably know, that sort of thing is a strong interest of mine, and I could easily have burned the entire interview time on a discussion/debate about economic stuff.

I restrained myself, but here are a couple of the more interesting exchanges, the first of which will hopefully clear up some of the ongoing fan confusion I’ve seen about legendaries, item binding, and trading exceptions.

Flux: To clarify, all legendaries are Account Bound now?
Travis Day: Yes.

…all of the trading restrictions that we’re putting in place are to help you feel really good about earning your items, and also to give us the option to make the legendary items as crazy as we possibly can. When we removed the Auction House we were mostly trying to make the game experience the best it could be without needing one [an AH] and also to find as many ways to make trading still exist while protecting the integrity of the gameplay.

We have a system now that allows you to trade legendaries that drop in a co-op game with anyone else in the game. What we really want is to make the game about playing with your friends. Not just jumping into a game [to trade] and saying, “Hey, look at my stuff.”

Flux: So that would be items that would be account bound if you left the game, but can be traded while you’re still in the game?

Travis: You can trade any items, including legendary and set items, within the game you find them. And even when you leave we basically give you atime window that says “Hey, anyone you were just playing with you can trade that item with.”

That’s just a tiny bit of the interview, and I snipped a bit about how the Mystic will function as a gold sink… but with some exceptions and limits I haven’t hear mentioned anywhere else. We’ll post the whole interview later today, with questions and detailed answers about the economy, class balance, clan support, Adventure Mode, gold uses in RoS, and more.


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  1. so let’s say I’m playing a game solo as a Crusader and a Legendary bow drops
    I don’t need it, but I know a friend who does
    so I whisper them, or if they’re not online I call them up

    they join my game
    can I give it to them ?

    • Doesn’t sound like it. I think the idea is that the player has to be present when the loot drops.

      • hmm . if you find the “best” barb legendary in game when playing alone and you dont have a barb yourself it is going to end in the BS grinder….
        I liked trading once in a while and this seems to much protection imo, maybe make it BoC(bind on clan) so you can at least trade it with clan members/friends who are not ingame.

        • This gives you incentive to make a Barb at least. Something they have been lacking in D3.

          • Yep, many people will probably play a variety of classes this time around, instead of focusing on one main character. At least I will definitely consider switching when I’ll get a new and awesome Legendary effect. This is exactly how I played D2 as well. The shared Paragon system will support this as well.

          • Well i do not want blizz to tell me i need to make a barb, i want to have a option to trade it for something usefull for my class..

          • Maybe they should make the Barb fun in and of itself, then worry about gear to make it more fun. I don’t care if you hand out free STR Skorns, I cannot get into the damn Barb. He’s just so boring, b/c the monsters and the skills make it impossible to be “tactical.” You either God Mode or go home, w/ no middle ground. Fixing Wrath will go a long way towards that, but of all the skill tweaks and changes, the Barb has been very underwhelming. So what if I find some great Barb item? If a Barb isn’t fun, that item is now a brimstone. At least before I could trade that STR Skorn for something else.

      • Yeah you have to be present in town waiting for the other player to find your item so you can take your chinese gold and buy it from them 😉

        I’m so glad we actually have to play the game now and can’t buy it from 3rd party xD

    • The way I read it this “new” system is almost a perfect copy of the one that WoW has (queue the QQ). By default, there when an uncommon or better item drops everyone rolls on it. If you win the roll you can still trade the item (even if it was BoP) with and only with people who were part of your group when the item dropped. D3’s system sounds like exactly the same, but the 40 second limit is extremely short.

      Let’s say a really good Legendary drops for my class. I don’t even have the time to try it out and pass it on to my party if I don’t want it. I think the trade limit should be increased to 5 minutes at the very least.

    • Oh look! There’s still space in my wastebin for D3

    • This is the best IDEA ever, good job blizzard. Diablo 3 is about loot hunting and not loot trading or loot sharing. Don’t base this change on the current loot drops. Loot 2.0 will be much better, both in drops and quality of items. IMO people complaining are players who don’t understand how loot 2.0 will work. Don’t try and make trading the to goto option to get items. People need to play to get BIS loot not buzz in the trade chat in hopes to get items.

      IMO they should also remove the group sharing too. All legendary items should be account bound. No sharing no trading. :-/

      I want when i see a player with a legendary item to feel like they got it fair and square and not they just Paid2Win.

      If you want good items you play and not pay.

  2. Did you asked them about Nephalem Trials. They have said nothing on blizzcon about them, and they are even dodging questions about that on their forums, so it looks like it may have been removed from the game.

  3. Less previewing, more typing-up-transcripts, Flux.

    In all seriousness, though, thanks for the hard work you all have put in feeding us tasty news morsels over the last week.

  4. Complete tease but for a small tidbit I love the content 🙂

    • “teasebit” -that’s the new buzz word for these smaller articles. 🙂

      This is an example of how you could use it in a sentence: “Don’t be such a teasebit, Flux!”

  5. Up to this date I thought I have seen it all. Director (JayW) made up excuses about how you cant implement pvp into a game while its predecessor had it, on 25. of december a day after christmas so we could still buy D3 with a pvp “hook”.

    I have seen the most shit legendaries only to be assured they are just placeholders.

    I have seen Tyraels voice being changed – because the original actor had something else to do on the day the voice clips were spoken.

    I have seen gothic world killed with rainbows and ponies.

    I have witnessed Cains death.

    Auction house sales cancelled by turning clock backwards on your PC.

    But this is got me. Final nail into the coffin. Legendaries untradeable just so other people feels great? What the fuck. I play with my best friend and sometimes I play more than him, sometimes he plays when I dont. Am I supposed to call him when hes ond ate with his girlfriend, to log on some pc “cause man I got that legendary monkfist for you hurry we got 20 min” Who made this fucked up concept? And what for? So chinese cant trade legendaries on their site? WHo gives a FUCK? Let people buy their legendaries , people buy sex, guns lol at buying legendaries being serious problem or anything. Sorry for the grammar. But this, this..it killed the last thing diablo had for me.

    Diablo legacy to me = 1. Items (we dont have that, we can trust their promises about loot 2.0 yeah nice surely it will be good now after 3 legendary patches, but somehow I am kinda sceptic) 2. Atmosphere – gone, there is kitch and wowobsession it its place 3.RPG factors – gone roleplaying what when my char has my account name on topof its head? Oh yeah paragon nonsense points , they save it yeah.4PVP – GONE, its gone aand its gone.(dont even talk about that sorry ass system brawling).

    Nice D3

    • Again, it sounds like if your friend is on a date, calling him to stop doing whatever he’s doing and log on won’t help, because you won’t be able to trade it to him unless he was already in your game when the item dropped.

      Also lol at “gothic world killed by rainbows and ponies” when it wasn’t already killed by A) cows B) the technicolor nonsense of D2.

      • lol bro thats even worse.

        btw you dont get it. Cows were meant as something to ease up that dark and malevolent world. While ponies are meant as “Oh so you say D3 is too WOW graphic and too colorfull” Well let us show you how much more it could be , had we want it.

        But maybe you aint a true fan..propably not.

        • The only thing that is constant is change. If you don’t like where D3 is headed you have to move on. If you haven’t already, try Path of Exile or Torchlight. In game mechanics they stayed much closer to D2 than D3 did, so you may like them.

        • Ah, the “true fan” argument. Yep, you got me. Tis not as deep as a well, nor as wide as a church door, but tis enough, t’will do. I am the impostor fan. That’s me.

          Anyway, can’t you make that exact same argument about ponies? Or about cows? If someone said, “cows were meant to show you how silly we could’ve made D2 if we wanted” that wouldn’t be any less correct than your dark/malevolent statement. Similarly, you could easily make the argument that ponies are done to ease up the gloomy/shade-filtered graphics of D3.

          Although, all that aside, I would really like you to explain how the bright-red/green/blue monsters with incredibly high color saturation fit into a “gothic world.” D1 was perfectly dark and somber, yes, but D2 had what looked like misplaced paint drips playing the role of “monster to click on” in many, many zones.

          • You can’t make “color” argument. I remember Blizzard always used to as well. They say D2 is full of colors, so it must be okay to do that in D3 as well.

            It’s nothing to do with color, but more about the art style and atmosphere. D3 is cartoony. D2 had a more realistic and gritty art style and feeling. It’s a huge difference. And the music as well. And the light radius. And the design of the monsters, and so forth.

            Diablo used to be a great darker fantasy franchise, but is no more.

          • Yo Ivan Mackan gets it, he wrote it all. It is more about the feeling. D3 was made for masses.


            Blizzard could choose = appreaciate loyal fans who were like 15-25 when playing and are now like 25-35, who would want atleast same type of gritty, dark world or maybe even more gothic, then before (cause we grow up)? They chose masses. They betrayed us , because they know we will do nothing. I wish we could live in a world where loyal fans would be such strong and compact community, that we had the power to talk to masses as one person : “dont buy this game, because you know like what you see but afteranother 10 years they will make diablo 4 and change it completely again, they will betray you too.” The power to block buying products is inherited in everyone one of us, yet we are sheeps and all we can do is lower metacritic score, well atleast thats start.

            Hardrock, got respect for you bro but you are wrong, or atleast your sentence is too wide. Change is ok, but changing things by 100%is not. I could live with few changes they made like 6 skills, 3 passives, mf cap, no player x etc etc..but they changed it all. So I dlike to stay and express my criticism because maybe more people will think like me. We have to become more critical thinking beings , the shareholders should fear people who were loyal to the company for 10years +, they should be fearing their LOSS. and it works in majority of ALL business on earth, yet not here? Its like going to buy your condoms and hear they are latex only now, or going to drink your beer and theyll tell you they completely changed the formula, but hey the name and some flavor stays! Or seeing the best game of your all life being destroyed and stumped upon by ignorants like Jay Wilson. Ohyeah..Love it.

          • I never saw how Act2 was considered “DARK” when you were in the blazing eye irritating bright sand. Sure it was dark in mood but when you have to help a blacksmith kill his zombifying wife and say that’s not dark I’m starting to question the general public’s sanity.

          • Sorry need to clarify I meant how Diablo 2 act 2 was dark.

          • D3’s Act 2 is way grimmer than D2’s Act 2. Not hard to do, really, since so little in D2 was anywhere near as grim as people like to make out.

            (PS-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – get DarkD3 people, it’s awesome.)

          • Its the color spectrum, d2 had a lot dark, solid colors, while d3 has more lighter hues which gives it a cartoony feel

          • @BohemianStalker

            Wow, comparing D3 to a condom, that’s new. 🙂

            Look, Diablo is Blizzard’s intellectual property, just like WarCraft and StarCraft. They are free to do whatever the hell they want with their games. You have to accept this. You should absolutely voice your opinions about their decisions though. I’m just saying that it’s unrealistic to expect after more than one year that their basic design philosophy will change. That’s why I recommended those other games for you.

          • Hardrock:

            I play them brother, but my first love was Diablo and I am mad seing that girl turned from mystical beauty passionate woman to lady gaga baby 🙁

          • @BohemianStalker

            Believe me, I know what you mean. Together with Doom, C&C and many other legendary games the first Diablo was what got me into gaming. While I’m definitely bitter about some of the changes to the game, overall I still enjoy it very much… or I would, if the items would be more exciting. That’s why I’m looking forward to Reaper of Souls, the new Legendaries look really cool. Trading was never really important to me though.

    • ‘Auction house sales cancelled by turning clock backwards on your PC.’
      ‘Legendaries untradeable just so other people feels great? What the ****.’
      ‘Let people buy their legendaries , people buy sex, guns lol at buying legendaries being serious problem or anything.’

      This smells really bad. I can’t even read it properly through that stinking cloud. Not sure if flipper or botter…

    • Dude makes a lot of valid points. And remember, all of that with Blizz’s pretense at being f****g awesome at making games, yet they made shit.

  6. So with my luck and no Legendary trading I’ll never get best items :/, ehh.

    • yes never. Actually Blizzard mentioned you during Blizzcon about not getting any loot. Sorry

      • I know my luck. I know I won’t get best items without trading. During 6 years of playing Diablo 2 (on daily basis for most of the time) I’ve NEVER found rune higher then Gul. EVER. And I got it only because it droped few times from anvil in Act 4.

  7. News not seen anywhere else?

    Probably Bobby having a small % chance to spawn as an npc selling legendaries, except he only accepts USD instead of gold.

  8. I don’t really know how I feel about account bound legendaries. It really detracts from any trading that could occur in the game. It feels as if they are trying to make “smart drops” and the new loot system give you a console feel that will have you obtaining the most powerful character in a matter of weeks. Which on the one hand is better than how the loot is now, running forever and always getting pure shit legendaries, but at the same time it will be too quick. It needs to feel like you CAN obtain an upgrade by doing some runs, but not that you WILL get one or two each day.

  9. I sure hope they re-think this trading-BoA action.
    I would even at least accept, Bound on Trade, to the receiver of the items.
    Still acct binding items, unless you customize an item for your own use, is just not the correct way to do this.
    Once the items are traded they are then acct. bound, seems a little more acceptable.
    We’ll see how it works on a PTR-Beta hopefully.

  10. thanks blizzard for helping me decide whether i should consider buying your big band-aid patch called expansion

    • Now that you’ve decided, are you still going to come here to fill your quota of [ >1 negative comment per news post ]?

      • I’m not commenting negatively per news post.
        I’m commenting according to the quality of the direction the game is taking, which happens to be negative all the time.

        But you’re right, I should be more positive. So, for instance, I find it positive that the developers haven’t retroactively forced anything of their Diablo 3 ideas into old Diablo 2 and still let the servers run. Or that they haven’t tried (yet) to sue PoE for similarities to Diablo 2.

  11. Saturday: Player A plays D3 ROS on PC, finds great shit myself legendary and stashes it for friend for temporarily use or just have it etc.

    Sunday Co-op session: Player A: Hey mate, how ya doing? I found this awesome legendary that’s worth trying out, check out its stats.

    Player B: OMG! Yes please ^v^!

    Player A: Want to try it out?

    Player B: Hai Kudasai O_O!

    Player A: Here… (throws it on floor).

    Error 666: You cannot trade this legendary. Clicks [D3ROS middle finger] button.

    WTF? Erm…bare with…

    Player B: O_O.

    Player A: Okay accept trade request.

    Player B: O_O.

    Message to both players: Error 666: You cannot trade this legendary. Clicks [D3ROS middle finger] button.

    Both players: WTF!

    Lets hope that doesn’t happen eh, I don’t care about rogue site trading etc. Items are server side and Blizz usually has good control and so items can and should be verified, plus I only trade with friends or friends of friends. It will suck bad if I found such a useful item for a friend. It’s fustrating they’re doing this. Can it not be like POE?

  12. I’m going to take this for what it is. They are out of ideas, clueless on what the fan base wants. Either that or Josh doesn’t have the go-ahead to scratch this monstrosity of a game and start fresh.

    Do you know how (good) crazy people would be if they totally re-vamped the entire game, by gearing it more towards D2 and less towards WoW? This site would have 100+comments on each new news post. Instead they are boxing off the shitty parameters we play in now under the guise of “trust us this will be fun”, again! Un-friggen-believable. This perverted hybrid of wow and diablo is really really really stupid.

    • Really, I’d say the vast majority of the news that have come out of Blizzcon have been exactly what the fan base wanted.

      • I think they are turning off a significant amount if not the majority of diablo fans with this BoA talk.

        I am all for shutting down Bots and sale sites, but there has to be a better way. To do something so drastic, dare I say blasphemous, is so anti-diablo/arpg leaves me thinking “what the hell are they thinking?!”

        And I’m not going to hope for this to be some sort of place holder, those days are long gone. These devs are trying to impress people, and they’re not doing it for me, well at least not for the right reasons.

      • lol what? except the most important thing is complete bs decided(propaby)by JoshM another moron on team.

      • Dude, I disagreee. Please check previous Blizzcon coverage on this site. about 30-40 comments tops? ppl stopped caring about d3, they lost hope. And now this, and it hit 70 already.

  13. BOA is stupid. End of story.

  14. – item binding inherently cheapens the item, psychologically, every bound item becomes sunk cost
    – item binding encourages devs to use cheap mechanics like “you have to be there/do that personally to get that item” and “we can shower people with epics, since they are not able to give them to anyone”

    I assume there was a paradigm shift so far that before the devs expected the people to play until the people’s gear was OP enough, since that turned out to be kinda moronic, now they will probably expect everyone to play until everyone personally collects all the build changing legendaries (together with 286 trash monk legendary rings and stuff 🙂 ).

    We will see.

  15. I think they would solve all issues if they allow an item only to be traded once and let the items turn BoA after using or trading them. You can still trade to friends (spouses and kids) and items are still destroyed to maintain a better economy.

  16. This is an awful change. Trading is a huge part of the fun-factor of item-hunting. Just when I thought they might be on the right track.

  17. Really liking this change. I agree it sucks for instances where you find something for a friend, but they are offline at the time. But this system really slams the door on bots, which is great. Want loot? Play the game.

    If you don’t like to play the game, what is the loot for?

    Now imagine you are playing co op with random people. At the end of the run, everyone links their best drops. At this point you can offer to sell the items to each other if you have no friends in need online. Or trade item for item. You all helped to kill those monsters so everyone earned the loot.

    I understand this will turn off those that loved to build wealth by trading up, or who play just one character, but overall it will make the game a better experience with less greed.

    I think this change will make people much more friendly. In d2 and d3, its all about building wealth and

    D3 has been such a selfish game a

    • Once (and only once, I played with a guy (unknown) and he gave me 4 legs he did not care about… I think this change could lead people to do this: after having killed diablo, just drop all the legs you don’t care about. No trading, just giving.

  18. I assumed the clan feature they were adding was meant to help facilitate trading by fostering tight knit communities within the game.

    I understand they want to cut out shady third party websites selling stuff and make finding your own items more fulfilling, but I feel that binding the most sought after items is at the detriment of the community and general social interaction within the game.

    I definitely do not envy the people with the job trying to find a happy medium between these two things 🙂

  19. Guys, guys, you go one extreme with the RMAH and then you go the other extreme with BoA? Silly over-reacting devs……

    The poster above had it right, the best solution all along was Bind on Trade, not on pickup. If they had done that, they probably could have even left the AH open with little consequence.

  20. \Now imagine you are playing co op with random people. At the end of the run, everyone links their best drops. At this point you can offer to sell the items to each other if you have no friends in need online. Or trade item for item. You all helped to kill those monsters so everyone earned the loot.\

    This sounds fun and and cooperative and all, and I’d really like it to be like this…. but have you been playing the same game I have?

    The company line that ‘multiplayer is how the game is meant to be played’ is getting on my nerves especially as it seems to have been implemented so haphazardly. People who play single player seem to be penalized as it is without the group bonus, and the pretty basic matchmaking system seem to penalize anyone who wants to do anything vaguely structured in multiplayer.

    Instead you end up thrown in with a bunch of disparate randoms, a wizard that speaks Russian standing in town for 45mins, a Spanish Barb who goes and kills the Keywarden on his own, an English level 98 DH that rushes through the game killing every 3rd monster to the Butcher and doesnt speak. Somehow, you then have to trade with these guys across the language barrier as well as trying to get a reasonable exchange for your items? I don’t think this will work at all.

    Now Blizzard make it impossible to trade with any one else, unless you happen to have friends in the same country, free at the same time and dont have any distractions (like a life), and that you can contact outside the game so can join a game to pick up an item you’ll know will be good for them.

    Hopefully, the guild system will go some way to making multiplayer games a little less of a chaotic scrum and will maybe serve as a platform for trade amongst your friends. But BoA seems to be almost as bad as the AH but on the opposite end of the spectrum, instead of rampant free trade there is no trade. And blizzard optimising a game to be played in multiplayer but excluding your friends.

    Otherwise, I think RoS is going in a really promising direction.

    • The point I am trying to make here is with these changes in RoS, the loot you pickup has zero external value once you leave that game.

      Right now, you find something OK and your best bet is to stick it on the AH. Use that gold later for something. Now with everything bound to the people in game when it drops, it means you can just give away stuff you don’t want for your characters because it has no value beyond that. You don’t have to do this, but if you are decent person and had fun with the group, you probably will, and you will eventually make friends online doing this for negligible cost to your own personal progress.

      That is why I like this way of binding. It should promote more ‘generosity’ and a better online environment. There is very little personal cost to doing this with this change. Sure you may never hear from that guy again, but so what?

      • I have been gifted and traded some legendarys by some randoms I’ve met, and also given and traded a few away, it good and I like it. The problem is this doesnt happen regularly enough. I’ve also used the auction house to pass on some items that I think other people may have a use for.

        However, I do have a circle of friends who play fairly regularly and we have swapped a lot of items amongst our selves to build all of our characters and I’d much rather pass on an awesome item to someone that I know, rather than someone I’ve only just met and will never likely meet again. Unfortunately, the time we all get to play together for a while is limited, we all have quite different lifestyles. I cant understand why Blizz have seemed to actively stamp out this kind of social behaviour? Its almost as if you are penalized for having friends!

    • Once, I got a “too fast” guy. We vote kicked him. Just dare doing so.
      The keywarden in coop is a problem because:
      – you don’t know the NV stack of others
      – this stupid keywarden AI, once found, is chasing you. Once, Act4 keywarden was killed by Tyrael and my storm armor while I was fleeing
      Key run are solo matter. It has been discussed many times.

  21. Hey flux, next time you get a chance to talk to the devs ask them this: If they are designing this game to be a sequel in the diablo series how come they are detracting so far from the original core gameplay. And why don’t they just call it something else?

  22. This is not a bad idea as a concept, it’s just incomplete. Along with in-game trading, a clan exclusive trading post needs to be added.

    This would be a mini gold action house limited to clan members. Items cannot be traded to non-members. It would bring back the small community feel of trading and still allow freedom with passing items around.

    Clans are limited in members and scope. Most members are either friends IRL or collectively have something in common. It’s why people join clans and guilds in the first place.

    Undoubtedly, d2jsp would create a clan as well but since players can only be in one clan at a time, they would be reluctant to abandon their friends just for the increased chance at possibly better loot.

    Clans are a great addition but they need a lot more features to be an attractive option. Member-only trading would help immensely towards creating community in D3.

  23. Been a diablo fan since the late 90’s and dedicated atleast 6 years straight with D2. This is a terrible idea.BoA on legs and sets are terrible.

  24. Trading never worked in the diablo series. It is good for the game to be rid of it forever. However, I can sympathize with those who enjoy it. After all, anyone who hated trading would have quit D3 long ago. That means the vast majority of the remaining fanbase loves to trade / use the AH. So that group will be mad.

  25. All they need to do to fix the issue is to make items bond on equip. This accomplishes the item sink, allows players to experiment with new classes, and keeps trading/engaging community members OUTSIDE your social circle alive. Simple.

    • It’s still restricting in so many ways. What exactly is the issue it’s fixing anyways? The economy? Self found players shouldn’t care about the economy and BoA creates a null economy that’s not used.

      BoE is the lesser of 2 evils but why should it even exist in the first place? It still really restricts build experimentation immensely. Why would I bother trying the item/build out if I may not like it and then can’t trade it for something I would prefer after it binds to me?

      It’s just another shitty design that’s not as bad as BoA.

  26. Alright, SO much to say about this, but for those that don’t want to read I’ll sum it up right here. Short sighted, incredibly naive and horrible change. What this decision amounts to is the fail that was d3 vanilla in so many ways. So let me first just point out the reasons they want this done.

    1. It’s suppose to curb 3rd party markets and botting
    2. It’s suppose to preserve the integrity of the drops, the economy, and playing experience
    3. It allows players to experiment with new builds based off of drops
    4. This is how we want you to play
    5. It allows them to make these \crazy\ legendaries

    Those have been the 4 factors they have hinted to directly or flat out stated. All of them are not only incredibly flawed and short sighted, but flat out wrong. Let me just address them real quick.

    1. This change will do next to nothing to curb botting and 3rd party markets. The MOST successful market for years has been WoW, and selling wow accounts. The market for d3 is going to shift into selling d3 accounts with premade characters, huge paragon levels. We can expect it to look like this theoretically Max CD reduction monk XXX DPS, paragon 400! going for 300 bucks or more. This change not only doesn’t affect botting, it makes it so that botters effectively become the benefactors. Terrible blizz… cmon

    2. BoA effectively eliminates the economy, so there is nothing to preserve. If all these crazy good items are self found only then there is no base economy to preserve because the good stuff that is desirable is unattainable aside from playing it entirely yourself or buying premade characters from botters. Huge fail blizz.

    3. If blizz expects players to experiment based off self found only, but they want to make these items rare so they seem like such a pay off… WHAT THE FUCK BLIZZARD. THINK. For anyone that plays d3, say you want to hypothetically get The Fist of Az’Turrasq for your monk. As it is you could play for hundreds of hours and never get it to drop. Period. Now lets look at RoS, ALL legendaries will be dropping at max level plus new ones, so the odds of getting that specific item are reaaaally damn low. Even with smart loot, there is still a huge pool. It’s not feasible to try for a specific build without trading or without making loot so easy to get it’s not rewarding. This leads us into number 4. The real vision behind this all.

    4. The good old \we don’t think this is fun, so we want you to play like this!\ Ya, that old tripe that has been biting at our heels since long before release. The same old tripe that got d3 vanilla such an awful reception and proved blizzard doesn’t know best in many circumstances. They want you to experiment with builds, they want to force that experience on players and that is their solution to the criticism of working towards a specific build. It’s a big old, \hey guys we want you to try out all this new stuff, we think its more rewarding if you have to experiment with other builds instead of working towards that one build you want.\ It’s a terrible philosophy to work under and it’s the philosophy they have for BoA. good riddance.

    5. I don’t even get how they can’t make these crazy legendaries without BoA. It is nonsensical. There isn’t an economy to preserve with BoA so what the hell does it matter if theoritically the economy went to shit with trading? Either way it’s a non sequitur and the idea that making legendaries better somehow can’t take place if trading exists is the dumbest shit they have said for a while now.

    Their current concept of BoA is just absurd, whoever has thought out the decisions needs to really just stop making them and these guys need to get their shit together if they want to fix d3. Most of the expansion stuff was looking pretty good, maybe a little underwhelming, but definitely good then they come out with this trash design philosphy that is about as logical as propponents against gay marriage. Pure and simple bullshit.

    Also, where are these crazy good legendaries? everything they showed at blizzcon was far better than current legendaries, but not too impressive.

    • you can still trade for rares…

      • rares will become obsolete pretty fast unless they are niche rares, you know, ones with skill modifiers, because that seems it might be a primary stat.

        Are you just not paying any attention to the philosophy of rarity = power now? BiS are all going to be legendary and set items and that’s intentional.

  27. Who cares if the Legendary items are BoA… all the items still suck anyway… +800 main stat, +700 vit, some gimick mod, and you still want enough trifecta to hit the cap… what’s changed? a new dumb idea of no trading Legendaries/Sets

  28. They still think that 200k players out of 12 million is too much.

    D3 is in for several sad records … like PoE beating it on Xfire activity (and PoE is pure junk).

    D3 expansion will not even sell 2 million copies at this rate.

    An idiot as a new Lead Designer effectively killed the game.

    So sad.

  29. I do not care about this:
    “Flux: To clarify, all legendaries are Account Bound now?
    Travis Day: Yes.”
    I have no diablo playing friend anyway. I’m glad I can at least get a brimstone from my barb leg (I don’t like barb and agree with trocadero’s argument); D2 only offered 2345 golds for a unique

    However, I do like this:
    “to give us the option to make the legendary items as crazy as we possibly can.”
    Yes. Give us crazy items!

  30. I have an idea to fix your problem. It’s called Best Friends.

    Everyone gets to nominate 5 people from their friends list as best friends. Once nominated this will be locked for 3 months. When the 3 months comes around you will be able to reallocate your 5 best friends again.

    You can trade anything at anytime with your best friends. Nothing better than sharing the love…

  31. “Let’s be friends :)”
    “Best friends :)”
    “:( :(“

  32. Travis day has been poison to this game since the very first day he arrived.

    If I wanted to find all my own binding gear, I’d play wow.

  33. Hey captain, maybe yanking the rudder all the way from the AH iceberg to Trade embargo bay will fuck up the ship’s crew even more, don’t you think?

    tl;dr – don’t pivot core game concept changes from one extreme to another, you’re going to fuck it up again…

    Same bonehead Wilson-style enforcing-my-bullshit-upon-you-for-no-good-reason decisions start to rear their ugly head pretty soon. Lo and behold:

    DevTeam: -Hey, we’ve got crazy legendaries for you!

    Players: -Awesome! Can we trade them at will?

    DevTeam: -Ha-ha, of course not! WE want YOU to play with your friends, therefore group-share or BoA!

    Players: -But some of our friends who are still enduring the occasional mental pegging and play D3 don’t log-in at the same time… plus WE don’t really like public games due to, well, your target demographic being a lemming with ADHD… what should WE do?

    DevTeam: -Anyway… New class, you guys! New class! We bring you the Crusadin, a knight in BATTLE-SCARRED ARMOR!1! Er, we mean Palader, a mid-range melee rehash…erm, reason, to finally equip a shield!

    Players: -Wow, we can’t believe you didn’t cover this user story at all while deciding on such important issue! … Wait a minute, isn’t ‘mid-range melee’ a blaring oxymoron???

    DevTeam: -But, but… ring that summons treasure goblins, perhaps?

    Players: -Yeah, sure… can we lend it out at the start of a nice weekend 10 hour group play to our party members?

    DevTeam: -Well…

    Players: -Seriously? Have you not figured this out by now? Why are you enforcing AGAIN stuff on us? Didn’t you get the message first time?

    DevTeam: -Guys, this is completely meant to prevent those sneaky Chinese farmers from brown-tunneling the economy again, while introducing lot of interesting features in Reaper of Souls!

    Players: -Really?!?! Really!?!? From AH fiasco to play in public games or go fist yourself? Was there no middle ground at all???

  34. I just have to add my 2 cents:

    I love this game and I’m excited about many changes coming to the game. But, I’m very unhappy about the best items I found being account bound. I don’t every and never have wanted to play WOW; that’s just me.

    How I deal with the treasure I work hard to find in game should be my prerogative. This a new terrible concept by the D3 team in a time of hope for this game, this really bums me out.

    I understand that we need to have some progress made by the game developers and accept some change; but, some of these systems … were really perfected in diablo 2 and I don’t see the need for them to continue to toy with them.

    Magic find having diminishing returns is a fine concept but, the main issue I have with that change is that they have already been making the game about Magic Find for over 10 years and I build my newest MF character based upon a system that exists now. It’s very annoying.

    In addition to all that … has anyone here even thought about the FACT, that with all these changes and account bound gear (things we can never trade) … we will be stuck holding onto TONS of stuff.

    We’re going to need massive storage compared to what we have now. And, as far as I can see, this issue is not being addressed or managed in any way.

    Account bound Legs wont make us feel powerful and rich … because, we wont be able to trade them with anyone. I get so tired of hearing about how excited they are about changes coming and then they announce crap like this. I swear, diablo players are like slave shop workers … we dont’ have a union representing us when decisions that effect us directly are being made …. and we work for nothing for long long hours.

  35. This is the best IDEA ever, good job blizzard. Diablo 3 is about loot hunting and not loot trading or loot sharing. Don’t base this change on the current loot drops. Loot 2.0 will be much better, both in drops and quality of items. IMO people complaining are players who don’t understand how loot 2.0 will work. Don’t try and make trading the to goto option to get items. People need to play to get BIS loot not buzz in the trade chat in hopes to get items.

    IMO they should also remove the group sharing too. All legendary items should be bound. No sharing. :-/

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