Not to get all “major gaming site” and drag out an interview into twenty updates, but here’s a bit of a tease for the upcoming podcast (audio) and written transcript for the interview I conducted with Travis Day and Jason Regier at Blizzcon 2013. I spent several questions on economic issues, legendary items, and the trade and gold value ramifications of soul binding. As you probably know, that sort of thing is a strong interest of mine, and I could easily have burned the entire interview time on a discussion/debate about economic stuff.

    I restrained myself, but here are a couple of the more interesting exchanges, the first of which will hopefully clear up some of the ongoing fan confusion I’ve seen about legendaries, item binding, and trading exceptions.

    Flux: To clarify, all legendaries are Account Bound now?
    Travis Day: Yes.

    …all of the trading restrictions that we’re putting in place are to help you feel really good about earning your items, and also to give us the option to make the legendary items as crazy as we possibly can. When we removed the Auction House we were mostly trying to make the game experience the best it could be without needing one [an AH] and also to find as many ways to make trading still exist while protecting the integrity of the gameplay.

    We have a system now that allows you to trade legendaries that drop in a co-op game with anyone else in the game. What we really want is to make the game about playing with your friends. Not just jumping into a game [to trade] and saying, “Hey, look at my stuff.”

    Flux: So that would be items that would be account bound if you left the game, but can be traded while you’re still in the game?

    Travis: You can trade any items, including legendary and set items, within the game you find them. And even when you leave we basically give you atime window that says “Hey, anyone you were just playing with you can trade that item with.”

    That’s just a tiny bit of the interview, and I snipped a bit about how the Mystic will function as a gold sink… but with some exceptions and limits I haven’t hear mentioned anywhere else. We’ll post the whole interview later today, with questions and detailed answers about the economy, class balance, clan support, Adventure Mode, gold uses in RoS, and more.

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