Exclusive Blizzard Merch for ComicCon 2014

Blizzard has revealed a bunch of Exclusive Blizzard Merch for ComicCon 2014 they’ll be selling at the show and via their online store. It’s mostly Sparkleponies and StarCraftPonies and such, but there are a couple of cute and fluffy (literally) Diablo 3 thingies. Plushie Treasure Goblins; normal and Whimsyshire-flavored!

If you’ve got one of those imaginary females in your life who enjoys video games and/or even Diablo 3, it’s the perfect gift. Or maybe just for you? Gold coins sold separately.

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  1. Have to admit, they are cute. I wouldn't mind one of those on my desk and I don't got for desk ornaments at all.

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