Everyone Hates a Barbarian Party?

Eat his dust...

Eat his dust…

We’ve talked about this on the podcast several times, and it also comes up in clan chat all the time… which classes are the most fun and least fun to party with?

Pretty much everyone likes to party with Witch Doctors since most of them represent a walking army of tanks, and WD’s also provide some useful buffs. Some builds of Monks and Crusaders can also bring useful tanks/buffs, and the new Slow Time Wizards can be helpful. DHs aren’t tanks, but they’ve usually got some pet(s) that are, and they deal huge damage, and since they need health orbs, they aren’t usually miles out ahead of everyone else. Wizards can be pleasant, and the new Slow Time build is much more party friendly than the old dash along Firebirds. You’ll note one class I haven’t mentioned yet…

Everyone Hates a Barbarian Party?

Do people really avoid barbs on rifts?

I have noticed lately esp post patch that whenever a high level barb enters the game, a couple players usually leave the rift.

On my second to the last rift, one DH said something about how annoying they are because they spin around like ballerina acting like it’s a solo game. It turned into an entertaining exchange of words but here’s my thought.

Idk if there is an etiquette (i mean who am I kidding) but bit by bit it seems to have grown quite of an annoyance to me too. It’s like 1 second and the elite is dead as I am setting up my sentries or hydra, and then seconds later the barb is on the next level spinning and breezing through.
Tyvalir: Personally, I think it’s always a good idea when starting a public game to establish ground rules with your team, like what your pace will be and what group buffs you’ll use, among other things. Knowing those details at the outset can often help make multiplayer games go much more smoothly.

That said, we understand that playing in public games outside of Greater Rifts can have its ups and downs, especially when one player is able to more quickly power through enemies and obstacles than the rest of the group.

We don’t have any plans to take away movement-based builds or similar playstyles; instead, we’ll continue to discuss ways to present players at those higher power levels with options for more challenging public game content.

Yeah, this is a thing. Barbs do have some party buffs, but with the return of the perma-WotB spin2win, they’re pretty not-fun to party with. Barbs move as fast or faster than anyone else, and the play style seems to be to spin along without pause, damaging all and killing most of the trash mobs, and slowing only to wipe out Elites and maybe occasionally click a chest. Which is certainly profitable and fun for the Barb, but sucks for everyone else running along in his wake.

That said, it’s virtually the same as the dash and DoT Firebird Wizard play style that dominated Seasons 1 and 2, and there are plenty of other builds (Monk Tempest Rush) that can do much the same thing. I think Tyvalir’s “everyone talk about how we’re going to play together!” is cute but unrealistic, but that said, this isn’t inevitable. The spin2win Barb build doesn’t require that they never pause, or double back to actually kill stuff (instead of leaving most trash at about 25% hps). It’s the Barb players who choose to move super fast and take all the fun when it’s easy, before they bog down on a big single target and require your help to kill the Guardian.

And thus Barbs deserve to be shunned and vote-kicked!

Which classes do you LEAST enjoy in your party in v2.2? (Pick all that apply.)

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Or not? Can a Spin2Win barb be a useful member of a party? Should players moderate their play style a bit, and not rush out far ahead of everyone else just because they can?


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  1. barbs that can't stick with the party continually defeating the purpose of the group buff to drops. The suggestions the blue makes won't work. Barbs will just go to the next game. There's also the godbuild monks with in-geom/envious blade that have to kill elites fast to keep the buff and perma dashing up.

  2. This goes for grifts mainly but for me it is not the class it is always the player that is the problem. The same player types are the ones that click all the pylons without wanting for nemesis bracers or all members to be in range. The whirlwind barb is fine to team with if the player sticks around until the dps players are safe.

    The problem that I have with t6 is that it is too easy and no one needs to stick around and party to kill the mobs. I find grift 35 is where you need to team but below that the mobs are so easy it might as well be normal difficulty.

  3. These articles lately have really devolved into whining sessions. I haven’t had any trouble out of barbarians.

    • Well sure. You never see the Barb again 10s after the Rift portal opens, and it can be pleasant to share the EXP from their kills while you run through endless fields of dazed and dizzy monsters with about 25% of their hit points.

      Some players have this weird idea that they should play in a group and actually get to score damage on enemies, but that's silly. Clearly combat is meant only for builds that can maintain invulnerability with permanent +50% movement speed.

  4. I'm a barb and I play nice. I don't run ahead and kill all the elites and leave the trash mobs. I stay with the group, so we all reap the benefits of the party buff. I also spam funny voice commands and use /dance a lot.

    The only time I don't play nice is when people are navigating maps wrong. It's just stupid to run headlong into the middle of map, or flop around it like a epileptic trout. Just follow one of the outside boundaries in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion and/or take every left or right turn. It's not hard. I'm looking at you; dude who zigzags through the prison maps!

    • Take every left/right turn is not optimal if you take into consideration the fact that the exit is often far (in straight line) from the entrance. I agree with you about open area and prison map.

      • It’s not so much about taking an optimal route as it is about taking a logical route, so people don’t have to backtrack to join up with each other.

  5. Public games are just getting worse and worse over time. Everytime you join one you get either someone in T6 that is paragon2 and ‘carry me!’, or you get a couple people that just take off and ‘screw you guys and screw your party buff’.

    It’s not everyone, you can find some people playing barbs and DH’s (etc) that want to stick with others, but usually you just get people tearing off just pack hunting away from everyone, leaving the others to just run behind and do nothing with no buff which is really the only reason you are there. like Oh, there’s a star on my map way over there from Player 2, but Player 1 is already on level2 now.

    Then one of them closes the rift, complains that everyone sucks, and leaves.

  6. There are good barbs and bad barbs. I am playing a barb this season and was in a speed 45s with another barb and I told him that it is barbs him like that give the rest of us a bad name. He went speeding off aggroing everything and leaving everything at 80% hp. I mean just a useless toolbag. The issue is that barbs have an easier time being useless toolbags because WW is just too easy to move fast. Good players understand the benefit of the group and stay with them the entire run.

    This also shows the importance of a decently filled friendslist and a good clan so you can avoid dipshits.

    I get more annoyed at playing with Tal's wizards notbecause they are bad to play with but they spam the ground with so much shit you cannot see anything.

    • Finally someone else bring annoyed at the Extreme screen effect that blind your view to what’s going on. I love Wizards but hate not being able to see and I feel it is a Blizzard problem that need a fix.

  7. Sounds like Barbs got a mobility buff with the new wrath set and now the slower class builds are being left behind. Monk Dashing Strike and Barb Spin2Win builds are very mobile, whereas DH sentry builds are not.

    sorry but Classes using slow immobile builds should stop crying about not being able to keep up with Classes using mobile builds especially in a T6 public rift.

    If you don’t like being in a public party with someone who is faster than you, don’t join public parties because there will always be someone faster. Unless of course you are the fastest then you suffer in different ways, knowing you are effectively carrying 3 other people through a rift.

    I personally negate the whole problem by playing solo with my dashing strike Monk, I’d do the same on my barb if I wasn’t enjoying the new monk rainment set changes so much.

  8. Anything with all this mobility shouldn't be a thing. It's anti-fun. Mobility should be a battle-themed thing, not a skipping ahead from fight to fight thing. I thought they learned their lesson from old WotB Barb. These builds should just be for speed farming T6, never the "GR50 pushing" builds. Pushing builds should be more focused on the actual fight with each mob and elite.

  9. i'm a barb and i prefer to use Forced March so everyone can keep up with my madness.

  10. You guys are whining too much, this used to be a hack and slash game and now we are talking about “balancing” it. In D2 I was a Barb and I ran through everything and Merc’d Diablo and Baal with much gratitude from everyone. If you can’t keep up then do something about it, but don’t be asking for nerfs because you can’t keep up. You want me to lose my fun for you to get “yours”.

    • Yet you are the problem or at least your attitude is. Just play solo games if that's what turns you on. To ruin the game for the other three Toons is just being "selfish".

  11. the only thing i hate about barbs is the dust devils, they should be made like pets only seen by the player using, it makes it difficult to see saxis and sand shaper rift guardians tornados but also ground based effects

  12. Ha. As soon as I got to where I wanted, the first thing I thought was Damn, there is no way I can take this out into public. So I have been staying in either Solo or higher greaters with my Demon Hunter clan mates. I totally see why and what the big deal is. I guess it can be useful for barbs that want to steamroll and let leachers leach. But yeah I have always stayed out of pubs with mine.

  13. See that have this speed cap thingy, but it doesn’t apply to certain skills or items and it’s very random. but it applies to boots… so some move super fast and others no so much and we all will bitch about it. I believe if they actually had a real cap this would go away as an issue.

  14. In seasons,just run behind barbs and pick up items… Fun, right? Personally I don't mind but guess its another thing for players to complain about.

  15. The vote is lacking the option "Can't say. I don't play party."

  16. I think I'm going to "establish some ground rules for my team" the next time I enter a public game. Should be good for a laugh.

  17. I personally ditched Dust Devils for the sake of visibility for the party.

    • Imo, this is the big issue – visibility. I lot a few yellow bonus XP stacks because Devils can "hide" a lot of things, like exploding grotesques.

      Other than that, I don't have any problem keeping up with barbs. On tal wizard, I use nemesis instead of folly and go with teleport/damage wave instead of twister. If you don't copy paste a kiting GR build and try to run it on T6, all classes are good to go – because barbs or no barbs, you'll be eventualy trading kill speed for unnecessary safety for T6 – and I like to play safe, with imunity amulets and wildebeest on T6, to be able to be careless. 🙂

      With DH, I even "lure" mobs for barbs sometimes, with double danetta's – because it looks like even a rare weapon is T6 viable nowadays…

      Now, if a in-geom DS monk wants be a couple screens foward while killing everything relevant on his path, he will be a couple screens foward…

      It's hard not hate the crazy amount of dust devils (not the barb).

      I'm not exactly happy with Slow Time wizards (especially when thy are changing colors on rave mode), since slow time is very good killing your average FPS, slowing things that wouldn't exactly live to touch anyone… On HC, they can be an extra layer of protection.

  18. Never had a problem with barbs , it's Wizards where I can't see a thing . But then that's what they want to play I don't complain .

    Far too many whiners in this game now , it's like goldilocks and the three bears , it's too hot / too cold and never just right .

  19. If you're a little squishy there's a slight chance that those idle mobs the barb left behind will actually start to gang up on you when you're following his trail. That sometimes really sucks if you don't have enough firepower to blow the mobs away.

  20. I see T6 rifts as a kind of self imposed torture so when im in one im usualy happy for anything that makes it end faster. 90% of the time im just there to get more GR keys or to find blues for mats so if all i have to do is focus on picking up loot its all good.

  21. sad to see barbs getting so much crap thrown at us, i dont get it isnt it good having a decent barb in a party? if anything i hate all wds and dhs.. stupid rangers thar crit way too much,, i had a game with a paragon 900 wd, he said his pets alone crits for 600 mil, YES 600 mil just his pets, lol my ancients crits for maybe 50 mil.. and thats with almost 80% more damage to them.. barbs if anything needs a buff, look at greater rifts top 100, not many barbs there only wds, crusaders and dh….

  22. The tread is quite stupid Flux. The name should've been
    "Noobs hate barbarian noobs!"

    Seriously you don't see something like this on hardcore only softcore babies cry.

  23. Be a nice barb and put on Chilanik's Chain and switch to Forced March. This way the whole team is on steroids B)

  24. Aww, look at all the DH players having to deal with another class just decimating everything before THEY get to, instead. Ablooblooblooo!

  25. The problem is a lack of a higher tier than T6 for Rifts, they wouldn't runaway if everything, including elites, died in 1 second. As far as how bad it is, it's way better than what it used to be with Raekor barbs after the retune and furious charge rune change, now that was impossible to follow around.

  26. I imagined 3 reactions while reading this:

    * 25% agree and think Barbs are annoying in parties now.
    * 25% agree but are playing Barbs so don't want public debate about it.
    * 50% think, "Man, I've got to make a Spin2Win barb, because RICHES.

    • * 0% think, "Damn, why does Blizz always cater to characters I don't like to play… :-/" ???

    • Honestly it's just not a big deal to me. If you're playing with friends, they won't run off. If you're playing solo, who cares what you do, and if you're playing in a public game you leave and join another if the players (of any class) bothers you.

    • Or 50% agree and think Barbs are annoying in parties now.
      25% agree but are playing Barbs so don’t want public debate
      25% agree but are afraid to get spammed and called stupid

  27. Barbarian has always been my lease favorite to play.
    But as soon as I upgrade my Gem of Ease, I’ll likely start one.
    It seems to be the class to be this season, and I have a few items
    dropped by party-mates already.
    I don’t mind following a baba, picking up blues and death’s breaths.
    Surely, the dust devils and leaving the group behind are irritating, but whatever.

    Since I’m here, shoutout to Flux! I’ve been a fan since D2 days. Your dedication is appreciated.


  28. A build/class combo can vastly benefit from charging full steam ahead. I deploy this strategy with my meteor wizard on t6, spamming blizzard and sprinting ahead to kill all. I have no ‘crowd control’ skills, and my skills affect a broad radius. Additionally, there are buffs correlated with ‘spamming’ my skills in sequence.

    I can’t even imagine *not* sprinting forward, except in higher Grifts (35+). My opinion regarding barbs specifically, if you can’t survive in t6 whilst charging ever so forward, you aren’t properly geared yet. t6 is very mindless/easy now, should be very accessible to all players.

  29. It’s funny to read messages about polite barbs:-) Question is if you can or you can not follow. Crus or monk can be as fast as barbs are, so they all should wait for slow ppl in the group… for what? For less legs droping in the same time? If you want to keep group together play either with similar speed chars and dont cry on public t6. On speed GR45+ barb stays with the group. I do speed farming with barb wizz wd and dh on gr50 in 5minutes and noone comlains, you cant play solo there so everyone is together. Next time we will be crying about dhs that they deal too much dmg so poor wds have nothing to kill or Wizz spamming their annoying meteors all over the screen?

  30. About running barbs in GR I admit I hate it, they leave rest of the party behind and most of the time they leave rest of party in problems, cuz all monsters are still alive sometimes they leave 2- 3 elites packs behind them and then make it much harder for the team, I have played barb also but imo its a solo char and not a team char, sometimes you cant finish the GR in time because because the rest of the team dies over and over again and the barb cant finish the Guardian himself in the end. In my eyes teamplay is sticking together and not running solo

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