Eat his dust...

    Eat his dust…

    We’ve talked about this on the podcast several times, and it also comes up in clan chat all the time… which classes are the most fun and least fun to party with?

    Pretty much everyone likes to party with Witch Doctors since most of them represent a walking army of tanks, and WD’s also provide some useful buffs. Some builds of Monks and Crusaders can also bring useful tanks/buffs, and the new Slow Time Wizards can be helpful. DHs aren’t tanks, but they’ve usually got some pet(s) that are, and they deal huge damage, and since they need health orbs, they aren’t usually miles out ahead of everyone else. Wizards can be pleasant, and the new Slow Time build is much more party friendly than the old dash along Firebirds. You’ll note one class I haven’t mentioned yet…

    Everyone Hates a Barbarian Party?

    Do people really avoid barbs on rifts?

    I have noticed lately esp post patch that whenever a high level barb enters the game, a couple players usually leave the rift.

    On my second to the last rift, one DH said something about how annoying they are because they spin around like ballerina acting like it’s a solo game. It turned into an entertaining exchange of words but here’s my thought.

    Idk if there is an etiquette (i mean who am I kidding) but bit by bit it seems to have grown quite of an annoyance to me too. It’s like 1 second and the elite is dead as I am setting up my sentries or hydra, and then seconds later the barb is on the next level spinning and breezing through.
    Tyvalir: Personally, I think it’s always a good idea when starting a public game to establish ground rules with your team, like what your pace will be and what group buffs you’ll use, among other things. Knowing those details at the outset can often help make multiplayer games go much more smoothly.

    That said, we understand that playing in public games outside of Greater Rifts can have its ups and downs, especially when one player is able to more quickly power through enemies and obstacles than the rest of the group.

    We don’t have any plans to take away movement-based builds or similar playstyles; instead, we’ll continue to discuss ways to present players at those higher power levels with options for more challenging public game content.

    Yeah, this is a thing. Barbs do have some party buffs, but with the return of the perma-WotB spin2win, they’re pretty not-fun to party with. Barbs move as fast or faster than anyone else, and the play style seems to be to spin along without pause, damaging all and killing most of the trash mobs, and slowing only to wipe out Elites and maybe occasionally click a chest. Which is certainly profitable and fun for the Barb, but sucks for everyone else running along in his wake.

    That said, it’s virtually the same as the dash and DoT Firebird Wizard play style that dominated Seasons 1 and 2, and there are plenty of other builds (Monk Tempest Rush) that can do much the same thing. I think Tyvalir’s “everyone talk about how we’re going to play together!” is cute but unrealistic, but that said, this isn’t inevitable. The spin2win Barb build doesn’t require that they never pause, or double back to actually kill stuff (instead of leaving most trash at about 25% hps). It’s the Barb players who choose to move super fast and take all the fun when it’s easy, before they bog down on a big single target and require your help to kill the Guardian.

    And thus Barbs deserve to be shunned and vote-kicked!

    Which classes do you LEAST enjoy in your party in v2.2? (Pick all that apply.)

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    Or not? Can a Spin2Win barb be a useful member of a party? Should players moderate their play style a bit, and not rush out far ahead of everyone else just because they can?

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