Every Skill and Rune Displayed by Level

Jeremie Tessier's Rune siteA reader named Jeremie Tessier sent us word that he’d created a Diablo 3 application on his website that we should take a look at. I did, and since awesome tool is awesome, here’s a news post.

It’s a very simple concept; just got a very tall interactive table with levels 1-60 for each class, and at every level you can see a tooltip-enhanced icon for each of the active skills, skill runes, and passive skills that become available at that level. It’s not a character builder or anything, but it’s interesting to peruse all the options in one handy place.

The deadzone is certainly gone; every class has at least one new skillrune at ever level from 30-60, and usually 2 or 3 per level. We are going to be doing so much experimentation as we level up — for instance, the Wizard gets 34 new skillrunes to play with from level 31 to 40. And you thought the starting levels were the busy learning time?

I do wonder if Bliz is going to smooth out the lumpy places, pre-release. For instance, the Barb has 4 new skillrunes at 52, but only 1 at 53.

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27 thoughts on “Every Skill and Rune Displayed by Level

  1. I was tempted to count them up and figure out some averages and stuff. But alas…. busy busy. I do wonder what the single most active Clvl is, for all 5 chars combined.  I would have thought something in the 20s, since you’re still getting new skills and passives then, plus skill runes, but in my glance over the pages it looked like more of the 3-4 new shinies levels were in the 30s and 40s. Or even 50s.

    Also, are there way more total icons for the Wiz and Barb than the other 3, or was that just my impression?

    • Incidentally, I had this impression while playing, but looking at this chart it’s that much more clear.  Bliz should dump the rune shapes entirely.  They’re just meaningless squiggles now; they convey no info, they have no relation to the type of skill rune they represent, they have no individual names in the game, etc.

      The rune names made sense in the old indigo, crimson, alabaster, etc system. They were somewhat thematic and instantly recognizable. No more. Just use the names of the skillrune effects, and find something else for players to click on when they select a rune effect in the new UI.

      • I agree. The rune icon is just some scratch on gray background. It is not easily recognizable as old runes thanks to their colour, it doesnt mean anything in D3 lore and it does not even look good. Old round coloured balls were much better. I remembered that white rune in Lethal Decoy gave you ability to respawn on it – I did not remember name – it was the colour. Now its gone, rune scratches are too similar and it just sucks.

      • I’d rather they go back to the color-coded representation. As Overpowerd says, it’s actually possible to remember and reference Crimson Impale but trying to remember just names will be madness. But yes, the current squiggles are quite lame.

        • ^this
          The colors are enough to differentiate compared to the new glyphs and the names/colors are asier to reference when talking about a specific skill/rune combo. We can pray that patch 14 will bring a good design to the UI and bring back those colored runes.

      • Actually if you look a the new rune shapes compared to the effects, you can see that the new runes have a consistent match with the old ones. I’ve already learned to recognize which is which by shape, although I wish they would make the new runes have a color instead of the generic orangish-yellow.

        From left to right: Obsidian, Alabaster, Indigo, Crimson, Golden

        • But what good does that do you? What info does it convey? You’re never going to tell someone, “the squiggly one with the jig to the left and the dot at the bottom..” you’ll just name the rune effect.

          Maybe Bliz will rename the system, as calling them “runes” doesn’t really mean anything now. Just call them “skill shards” or “skill specializations” or something, as that’s more descriptive of the current system. And I say this as someone who would (will?) have to change the category tags and text on several hundred wiki pages when/if this happens.

          I guess they’ll keep the nomenclature since they’ve been calling then “skill runes” for 3 years of development hype. And maybe they want to leave open the possibility of going back to some item-type system in the future?

    • This is the first time I am actually somewhat convinced that we may indeed see a number of unique characters of the same class in the end-game. I don’t know why, perhaps it was the visual representation? Like you say, we will be experimenting like crazy with all the skills and rune effects all the way up to max lvl, and if Blizzard manages to properly scale all skills such that they are viable throughout the game (like they have stated), I guess your preferred play style as well as any loot found up until lvl 60 will largely determine your build.

      I know this is exactly what Blizzard has stated all along, but like I said, seeing that representation actually made me believe it. Let’s just hope they pull it off, and we don’t end up with clear cookie-cutter builds, because then it will all fail immensely…

      • You’re under the assumption that every skill is equally appealing. When they say “13 trillion builds” or whatever number they come up with, probably 99% of these builds could be improved by pairing up more senseful abilities (following, say, synergy, resource considerations, cooldown considerations, or the fact that some abilities are just better…) so that I feel like giving us # of skill * # of runes is, in fact, an illusion of choice in itself.

        • No no, that was not my assumption at all. Ofc there will be a much more limited number of builds for each class that make sense, even fewer limited by your personal preferences. What I meant to say is that I now believe the fact people will want to stick with a build since you get the opportunity to experiment with everything and you no longer need to “get lucky” with rune drops in order to create the build you want. In the end you will find something you (hopefully) like, and since we now unlock runes all the way up until 60 (like it or not), that final piece of your build may not open up until in the very late game, in which you may have already collected a lot of gear to support it. 

          If so, I would at least feel sort of a commitment to that build, even though I can go all “respec bonanza” at any given time if I want to. And if others are like me, it would most likely result in lots of unique characters of the same class. The only assumption I relied on for this to be true, is Blizzard’s ability to make all skills viable throughout the game (not everyone paired with every other, but viable by itself).

    • The wizard has the most active skills, but it is pretty even in total actives and passive with the barb, dh, and wd. The monk has a good bit less in both categories though.

      By the way, I’d say level 30 is the all-around most active level as 2 classes have 5 unlocks, and the others have 3 (tribal rites is gone so the wd only gets 3 there too) plus everyone gets their last passive slot then.

  2. Hey, pretty happy that this showed up here. If I think of any other neat features, I might add them. Maybe a way to show your skill \path\ up to 60? Being able to make \builds\ for every level? 😛

    • Thanks for putting this together.  I asked for it last week a few different places but no one has done it until I saw this! Thank you!

  3. The “lumpy places” the post commented on are Essential.

    If you unlocked the same amount of skills and runes at every level, I for one would find that Boring. In fact my first time through with every class I don’t even want to necessarily know in advance what is coming.  

    A certain amout of variation – not consistently receiving the same rewards, is essential in many aspects of the game. That’s my take on it.

    I get worried when I read what sounds like people asking for variety to be removed from one of my favorite mechanics – the levelling. 

  4. Wow. I hadn’t realized just how many different skills/abilities were actually in the game. Not to mention the different runes.
    Reading all of these skills give me that excited feeling in my stomach. They couldn’t release this game soon enough.

  5. By the way, Tribal Rites isn’t in the game anymore. The ui window for passives only fits 16 icons and they removed that one for some reason (which really sucks since those skills have long cooldowns and the only passive that can reduce it is grave injustice which requires you to be near stuff when it dies).

  6. Here’s an attempt to present this data through charts…
    Distribution per level, showing lvl 30 as the one where most skill points are gained for classes in total. Interesting to note, there’s 753 ‘skill gained’ as you level all the characters.
    Skill distribution per class, it can be seen that barb and DH have the largest variation, while the rest of the classes have a more even distribution through lvls.

    • Also, the number of new skills per classes:
      Barb – 147
      DH – 153
      Monk – 139
      WD – 149
      Wizard – 165

      • Wow, the Wiz is even more blessed than I realized.  And it seems clear the monk needs another skill or 3? Hopefully some kind of spirit spender that gives a bit more variety in combat style; as I talked about on the podcast (coming up soon) his play style is quite repetitious in the early going.

  7. Though I know it won’t be well-received here, I feel this lends credit to the new rune system. Plainly, some runes are more powerful than others, as we can see by the progression.

  8. I added support for polish (of all languages) and french. If any other language is requested, I’ll add it.

  9. Thinking about new features…

    Maybe a way to choose a build from level 1 to level 60? Choosing when you’ll plan to change your skills to different ones along the way instead of making your level 60 build like on blizzard’s site.

    Also maybe a way to select theoritical weapons and stats and have the tooltips show actual damage numbers instead of percentages? 

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