Jeremie Tessier's Rune siteA reader named Jeremie Tessier sent us word that he’d created a Diablo 3 application on his website that we should take a look at. I did, and since awesome tool is awesome, here’s a news post.

    It’s a very simple concept; just got a very tall interactive table with levels 1-60 for each class, and at every level you can see a tooltip-enhanced icon for each of the active skills, skill runes, and passive skills that become available at that level. It’s not a character builder or anything, but it’s interesting to peruse all the options in one handy place.

    The deadzone is certainly gone; every class has at least one new skillrune at ever level from 30-60, and usually 2 or 3 per level. We are going to be doing so much experimentation as we level up — for instance, the Wizard gets 34 new skillrunes to play with from level 31 to 40. And you thought the starting levels were the busy learning time?

    I do wonder if Bliz is going to smooth out the lumpy places, pre-release. For instance, the Barb has 4 new skillrunes at 52, but only 1 at 53.

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