This was just posted on IncGamers.com. Why is it interesting for Diablo III fans? Well for the simple reason that the opt-ins for StarCraft II beta is exactly the same as the ones for the future Diablo III Beta in 2010/2011!

    Blizzard Entertainment has just added the WoW Account merge feature on their European Battle.net accounts.

    While the Americans have been able to merge WoW accounts with their new all-inclusive Battle.net accounts since March, European players just got the chance a few minutes ago.

    The new version of Battle.net not only works as an online gaming platform, but also as a tool for players to register their games, allowing them to download a copy of it wherever they are. It’s also a place where fans can register (“opt-in”) for beta tests of Blizzard’s games.

    The company recently changed the way players opt-in for Blizzard betas to require a spec sheet of their machines and at least one registered game. European users who only own World of WarCraft did not have a chance to join the beta of StarCraft II until now.

    Earlier this month, Blizzard’s RTS community manager Kevin Yu also confirmed that the anticipated StarCraft II beta test would not begin until this change was implemented. With the technical difficulties taken care of, the beta could start as soon as next month, as president of Blizzard Mike Morhaime stated “this summer we will [start] beta testing, this phase will signal the final stretch of development.”

    For more information on how to enter the StarCraft II beta test [or future Diablo III beta test!], check out our StarCraft channel StarcraftWire’s guide for how to opt in to the StarCraft II beta.

    Thank you coolskin for the tip!

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