European Fans Feeling Neglected

While you may not like or agree with everything they say and do, players on the US Diablo 3 forums certainly can’t complain of neglect, especially over the past weeks/months, as we’ve seen numerous posts every day from the various Blizzard community managers. There’s even a new ANZ forum with their own full time CM. If you’re a Diablo 3 fan from Europe though, especially one who uses the English language forums, you have a very different experience, as a long, much-reposted post demonstrates.

I’m not going to quote the whole thing, but the author points out that there have been no more than a handful of Blue posts made in months, and all of those were CC posts about Beta maintenance, D2 ladder resets, etc. Sad, yes, but what makes it worth repeating is the LOL reply from Zarhym, one of the US CMs.

Seriously, no need to be a genius to figure out that there is absolute 0 forum content maintenance here in EU. Not only we do not get any important news on our forums, but Blizzard does not even bother to unsticky a completely outdated and irrelevant information. NOT EVEN THAT!

1) Seriously, we don’t get blues posting here more than once in a month… FINE
2) We don’t get news stickied in EU General Forum… OK… FU… I can go see it on US one
3) Ancient, irrelevant stickies are still here… Now really! This is a total BS, it’s like SHOWING us you don’t even bother with the whole EU community. W T F? Don’t you even have one dude bother to see what is actually posted on the very first page of EU General Forum?

Please don’t post thread titles in all caps.

And with that he locked the thread. It got even better when another fan posted this on the EU forums. His link goes to the thread I quoted above:

Job description in the thread below. Europe needs a community manager, if you want to be that person, you should apply to blizzard I’m sure they’ll post something about this job opening very soon.
To provide feedback on the performance of the community team, forum moderators, or MVPs, please email [email protected] Please note that while emails sent to this address will likely not receive a response, each one will be read and handled accordingly.

I picture the other CMs reading those threads and the CM replies, and reacting exactly as the perfectly-racially and sexually-diverse cast of actors in the above photo are pretending to react. And yes, all the US CMs do have an office in Irvine, as demonstrated in another thread. On the US D3 forums, because of course.

I am not sure if there is any other Diablo 3 “Community Managers”, hopefully that’s the right job title. Do you guys think they all sit together? get to work from home?

I imagine them all sitting in the same cubicle area. I assume Zarhym has the most tricked out desk with gear. That’s my guess, Lylirra would be a close 2nd. Bashiok doesn’t seem like he’d have a desk full of Bliz gear everywhere.

Kaivax: We all sit very close together, and keep roughly the same hours.

It’s quite vital that we work within a few feet of each other. We constantly collaborate on what we’re writing, and when any of us are away for a long time, it doesn’t feel quite right.

So, if I paid you enough, would you start throwing things at mr bash all day?
Lylirra: I just threw a green highlighter at Bashiok. You’re welcome. 😉

Zarhym: I didn’t realize she was announcing this to the world, but I’ll vouch for it. I witnessed this happen earlier. Bashiok and I were in the middle of arguing with each other, so I just assumed Lylirra had my back.

No real point to this; just an amusing series of posts that I knew most of you guys wouldn’t connect if I didn’t throw them up on the main page. It’s not a criticism really; most of us know what it’s like to work in a job where you sometimes have wild customer rage coming at you and have to pretend to be professional, before you go back to your friends behind the counter and all laugh your asses off. The Bliz CMs aren’t any different than the rest of us, other than getting better job perks.

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42 thoughts on “European Fans Feeling Neglected

  1. I’m really wondering what’s the purpose of the english-language EU forum? There is NONE. So why creating it in the first place?

    • Probably because they don’t want the US boards swarmed with monolingual drones.

      Can’t blame them. You’ll frequently encounter Spanish/Frensch/German posts, usually followed by a bunch of replies of that same whatever language.

      • They usually write in their own forums. Also the German, French, Italian CMs are much more active than the English (EU) ones.

    • I never understood why they can’t let all english discussions be on the same forum lots of other games do that and it works there. it makes me feel neglected 🙁

      • I completelly agree. Given how Blizz tend to manage stuff on a global level these days, frammenting the community to such a useless degree, it doesn’t make much really.

  2. The EU boards will suck the enthusiasm right out of you.
    It wasn’t until I got in beta, and could post on the US boards, that I started sharing feedback again.

    Now that it’s over, I see no reason to return to either of them.

  3. I wish Bashiok or other Blues from US were allowed to post in EU forums. Because now you can never expect blue response.

  4. The EU forums are indeed completely irrelevant and pointless. I am German but I only use the US forums, can’t post there though for obvious reasons. Pretty silly, just give everyone the means to write there and everything would be fine.

    • Very true, there’s zero reason to have an English EU forum and it should be merged together with the US forum to form a global English forum.
      Too obvious for Blizzard to implement it I guess.

      • Still no point in the non-English EU forums though since the vast majority of relevant news won’t be posted there and the general post frequency is consequently pretty low.

        • Not true, I think the french speaking forum is pretty much up to date, with lots of blues.

        • There’s this country called England, with over 50m people. And Scotland adds another 6m, and they are in EU and speak English. And as others have pointed out, substantial majority of EU citizens speak English. Sure, most of you guys can just read the US forums, but Bashiok and the rest aren’t posting news about local server down times and launch events and such for EU readers, so there’s more than just a lack of any local mods giving a sense of community; there’s a lack of needed info.

  5. We don’t get the forum support, we don’t have the same chance to get that FoS or join beta – but hey: we can play the game 9 hours before you, so why complain? 😀

    • Nine hour headstart on infinity makes up for everything?  I’ll remind you of that in September when the EU fans are once again bitter that they get no CM attention. ;)p

      • This was a little bit of sarcasm. 9 Hours ahead playing when neglecting all the time is like punching a little kid and handing out a lollipop afterwards.

        • Funny because that’s exactly how I feel like doing every time I visit the Blizzard forums. But I keep the lolly.

  6. Yay! Finally some D3 rage I can get behind. I tried contributing on and participating in the official community forums, but got jaded when it seemed to be severely under-prioritized even by local CMs.

  7. Seems to me the indifference is mutual. I’ve never ever posted in a Blizz forum, and certainly  I don’t feel compelled to do so in the near future.
    Also to MalmerDK, it’s funny to hear someone refer to europeans as monolingual drones when most of us probably speak at least two or three times the number of languages the regular american does. It may be news to you, but america is not the center of the universe.

    • No, Denmark is the center of the universe. Bwahahah! Coming from Denmark, I also speak three languages.

      You took a wrong turn there. Let me show you it:
      “it’s funny to hear someone refer to europeans as monolingual drones”
      See it? Right there. You’re trying to put sht in my mouth, I never said.

      Having now cleared out your misinterpretation, that I at some point said that Europeans, in general, are monolingual drones, which I will vouch for they certainly aren’t: There’s plenty of Spanish/Frensch/German posts to be found on the EU boards, that will contribute nothing to the general english discussion.

      • Well I apologize for the misunderstanding then. Related to the other languages used in the EU forums, I guess they didn’t know where they should have posted, or well, stupidness has no borders. We got plenty of jerks in every country.
        In the end though, I agree with the article, the european comunity is often poorly treated by Blizz.

    • Just because something is pointless to you doesn’t mean it’s pointless to other people, as evidenced by the backlash against Blizzard’s terrible decision.

  8. Applied to Blizz 3 times for position of Community Manager D3 Polish. After each application i had to wait ~5-6 months for a reply ;”we are sorry but…”.

    I’m with MMOs since 1997, wrote Master’s Thesis about MMO market, social communities and economic models as well as got huge experience in MMOs in general. Got master’s in economics and bachelor in international relationships.

    I feel like they screw EU on whole line. 

      • It is. Guess that helps me in no way. I would probably need to move to Ireland or France but I could np.

        Oh well. Wanted to combine hobby with work but if I can’t it’s still good to have a hobby! I’ll stick to family business then ;p


  9. I know for a fact that the beta bug people kept a close eye on the EU beta bug forum at least.

  10. Most EU players know we are second category players for Blizzard if any beta or feedback is involved. I dont know maybe it’s becouse of EU diversity or becouse Blizzard it’s NA company (i suppose any other region got similar treatment). It’s basically pay & STFU approach.

  11. The post by Zarhym is just pathetic. If I was this rude at a job, I’d be sacked. Zarhym probably got a ‘high five’ from his cohorts.

  12. i hope D3 and 1lv toon on US realms give right to posting on US ones. None ever cared for EU-en forums.
    I guess their stance wont change since ppl still buy their games and having the forums separated allows them to control complain threads better.

  13. Considering that the official forums are bad enough to give me, veteran of Diablo serial, nightmares from the sheer stupidity, ignorance and blind hate that is abundant there, I have absolutely no interest in this issue. I strongly advize anyone against ever going to those light-forsaken boards.

  14. EU English forums are pointless as many have said. Ive never understood why, and just gave up trying to communicate with Blizzard. They SHOULD know this – and SHOULD realize they are missing input from almost their entire European fanbase. Yet some idiot PR manager refuses to see this. Same reason ANY english EU forum for ANY product is bullshit. When did this happen – who asked for it? We just want english customer service, period. We are being neglected, snuffed at, and unheard.

    Blizz CS is fine, it’s Blizzard PR where the idiots roam. 

  15. Flux just say you’re concerned. This passive-aggressive approach is dumb. Of course your post is a criticism. Own it.

  16. Why is this shocking to some ? This is just Blizzard showing off their superb community relation skills again. Nothing new here….

  17. Hmmm, sure AU/NZ get their own forum but I’d rather have our own servers. Perpahs our EU brothers/sisters would like to trade …

    • More than twice as many people live in Europe than in the United States and more than twice as many in any bigger European country than in Australia and New Zealand combined. Maybe if every species of animal over there wasn’t capable of killing a human in three different ways Blizzard would reconsider a dedicated server park. 🙂 Both situations suck, but I don’t see how that’s reason to give up on any of the two.

  18. they’re so full of shit. they’re bitching about a stupid worthless forum when they got their own stinking servers? how the hell does the ANZ forum benefit Oceanian players when we’re stuck with crappy Asian servers for the game’s entire duration and lifespan?

  19. that is why i spend 10 mins max(when there is no game guide update)on EU battle net and 2 hours at least here in per day

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