15 hours after Americas Region we will see the Patch 1.0.2 hit Europe Servers. I hope this fixes the DiabloWikiAuction House and doesn’t introduce too many new bugs 😉

    We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Wednesday, May 30, at 3:00 AM CET and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 11:00 AM CET. During this time the Battle.net servers and any online games will be unavailable for play.

    Lots of complaints in comments from people who play on the EU servers but have US clients, or who play on EU mostly and sometimes on US… who haven’t been able to play at all since the US patch went up. Quote from MikeAR in comments:

    Yes, the game client with which I installed was EN(US). And the installer applied the patch, then when starting the game, after login I got a message saying there’s a new patch, the game needs to exit and automatically install the new patch, but after exiting to Windows, if just says D3 has crashed. And this can go on and on and on. Have uninstalled and currently installing the EN(GB) version, hope this one will run. However, I don’t think such a problem should exist in the first place.

    Obviously it would be nice if Bliz could address this in the future, if they’re going to keep staggering their patch downtimes by 8 or 12 hours between the Realms.

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