EU Diablo 3 servers are continuing to experience problems this afternoon and have in fact been down for around 24 hours now. Note this is for the live servers not the PTR which is online. The last update on Twitter from the support team was this morning.

    It’s pretty unusual for the servers to go down like this. It was apparently fixed for a very short period then started happening again. The last update in the forums support thread was around 4 hours ago and reads:

    Sorry everyone, we’re still working to resolve this as soon as possible but we don’t have an ETA just yet on a fix.

    I know this is incredibly frustrating right now, and we apologise for how long it’s taking to fix this and get you all back in the game. As soon as we get more news, we’ll update you.

    Again, apologies for the disruption this is causing and thank you for being patient with us while we sort this out.

    It must be pretty serious and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    Thanks SC for the update.

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