EU Beta ClientsThis morning enGB, frFR and deDE were added to The EU Battle.net Client Download page. All are digitaly signed by Blizzard on February 8 2012 and have a new shiny icon.
    The enUS client is still the old one from November 15 2011.EU Beta Client Icon

    When you try to install you get an error “ERROR: Unable to initialize streaming. Please check your Internet connection. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (CreateStreamingManifest::Execute)”. I noticed that the EU Battle.net page has problems or is under a lot of stress at the moment.  When trying to log in I sometimes get the “Service is unavailable” error.

    All Beta Servers are still in the US, but this might be a sign of the coming EU beta.

    The call for heroes goes out once more! The French and German Diablo III beta clients are now available, and battle-hardy warriors are needed to rigorously test them. Do you have the mettle to accept the challenge?

    Players who already have access to the beta can download the new clients from the Battle.net account management page. Once you have installed your chosen game, let the demon slaughter begin. But be aware – we want your feedback! Any comments you have on these clients should be made on the Beta Feedback forums and would be very much appreciated.

    If you would like to test Diablo III in French or German but do not yet have beta access, be sure to visit the opt-in FAQ. There you will find full instructions on how to sign up for the chance to be selected as a beta tester.

    The denizens of Diablo III’s Burning Hells await you. Go forth and cleanse Sanctuary of this blight, then return to report your findings.

    Thanks to our chat room user Lenks for the heads-up.

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