French and German Beta Clients added to EU

EU Beta ClientsThis morning enGB, frFR and deDE were added to The EU Client Download page. All are digitaly signed by Blizzard on February 8 2012 and have a new shiny icon.
The enUS client is still the old one from November 15 2011.EU Beta Client Icon

When you try to install you get an error “ERROR: Unable to initialize streaming. Please check your Internet connection. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (CreateStreamingManifest::Execute)”. I noticed that the EU page has problems or is under a lot of stress at the moment.  When trying to log in I sometimes get the “Service is unavailable” error.

All Beta Servers are still in the US, but this might be a sign of the coming EU beta.

The call for heroes goes out once more! The French and German Diablo III beta clients are now available, and battle-hardy warriors are needed to rigorously test them. Do you have the mettle to accept the challenge?

Players who already have access to the beta can download the new clients from the account management page. Once you have installed your chosen game, let the demon slaughter begin. But be aware – we want your feedback! Any comments you have on these clients should be made on the Beta Feedback forums and would be very much appreciated.

If you would like to test Diablo III in French or German but do not yet have beta access, be sure to visit the opt-in FAQ. There you will find full instructions on how to sign up for the chance to be selected as a beta tester.

The denizens of Diablo III’s Burning Hells await you. Go forth and cleanse Sanctuary of this blight, then return to report your findings.

Thanks to our chat room user Lenks for the heads-up.

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  1. German media to prepared blame Diablo 3 beta for increased youth violence in 3, 2, 1…

    Pretty good news for EU beta testers!  Will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to open up the download servers.

  2. I just want to see the full game… i dont care about EU

  3. Oh look Kaayde is back. Got some more ‘inside’ info to share with us Kaydee?? 👿

  4. Didn’t know where to post it, but i had to say it !

  5. But what does it all mean.

  6. EU clients are cool, but how about more EU keys? k thankz.

  7. How about EU servers? What’s the point of having these extra language versions if the game lags so much for majority of players in the EU?… For ppl in the United States: EU = European Union 😉  

  8. Sure, but one can only debug them if they are able to play the game. Ever tried playing with latency over 2000 ms?..

  9. Why I have over 2000 ms?  😥

  10. I got 200-270  and I don’t feel any lag at all. None.

    I don’t know if I will test the German client since I’m not going to play the game in my natural language anyway. Stuff gets lost in translation and for me the atmosphere is better with the English language. It feels like it suits it better.  The German language makes it kinda more hilarious since some translated words just sound odd and out of context sometimes. Maybe later when I’m done with the story just to have a good laugh.

    • I will try the french beta version when it is available (one day perhaps…). To test the translation, eventually report some translation bugs. Also I would like to see if the french version is ok and could be used instead of the english one. I should say that the english version did not really impress me. Many characters have really strong accents and I do not really feel immersed when listening to the dialogs. It is on the contrary rather comical (except some neutrally voiced characters such as Leah, captain Rumford…).

  11. So i got my beta key months ago and I live in Germany. My ping is ok, but I wanted to try the German client and for me it is not possible to change from beta-client from English(US) to German. Any suggestions?

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