We have debated and discussed many of the features, or lack of features depending on how you look at it, here on Diablo: IncGamers since the bombshells were dropped back in August, the online only, no mods, no pausing etc.

    The mainstream gaming press has in general been touching on the gameplay in previews and hinted at some of the restrictions in their articles since the Beta launched but a new article on the Escapist specifically outlines the features that players are not going to enjoy like the ones I listed above.

    The article’s author concludes that Blizzard are giving up a lot of convenience and freedom for gamers by adding the online only functionality, which I do agree with, but we have to take into account the RMAH which is probably the main reason Diablo 3 is online only (other than DRM of course). Whether the online-only aspect of the game will have any impact on sales is really debatable as Diablo gamers are going to suck it down and just get on with playing.

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