Escapist on Diablo 3’s Restrictions


We have debated and discussed many of the features, or lack of features depending on how you look at it, here on Diablo: IncGamers since the bombshells were dropped back in August, the online only, no mods, no pausing etc.

The mainstream gaming press has in general been touching on the gameplay in previews and hinted at some of the restrictions in their articles since the Beta launched but a new article on the Escapist specifically outlines the features that players are not going to enjoy like the ones I listed above.

The article’s author concludes that Blizzard are giving up a lot of convenience and freedom for gamers by adding the online only functionality, which I do agree with, but we have to take into account the RMAH which is probably the main reason Diablo 3 is online only (other than DRM of course). Whether the online-only aspect of the game will have any impact on sales is really debatable as Diablo gamers are going to suck it down and just get on with playing.

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  1. “Whether the online-only aspect of the game will have any impact on sales is really debatable as Diablo gamers are going to suck it down and just get on with playing.”
    Ok, if you’d just written “a significant impact” instead of “any impact”, this statement might have been defensible, but come on, there’s no question that a lot of people who would have bought Diablo III otherwise are going to pass because they don’t have always-on high-speed internet access.  (Such people, of course, are less likely to frequent websites like this one, so it’s easy to forget they exist.)  But what Blizzard is banking on is that even if that’s a large number of lost sales in absolute terms, it’s not going to be enough to significantly affect their bottom line, or at least will be more than balanced out by profits from the RMAH.  And I’m sure they’re correct in that calculation.

    • Yup… there’s an interesting forum thread from a South African player, who has to connect to EU servers, with posts from people in other African nations, who don’t have any reliable internet period. There’s kind of a big chunk of the world you’re excluding this way, and while it may not be the richest chunk, it is also not the smallest :p

      I am not sure I buy the “it’s because of the RMAH” thing either though. People who want to use that will, if they can, play online just for that reason… but people who CAN’T, or who don’t want to use it, might still buy a copy of the game, and that would be revenue for Blizzard that they wouldn’t otherwise get. A box sale with no added RMAH revenue, but also no bandwidth usage/server time, is pretty much pure profit for Blizz.

      • Yeah, and that poor African players who even don’t have Internet would buy D3 for 50$ if it supported offline. Oh, wait

        • Hey guy, not all people in Africa are poor you know?  I live in Johannesburg and I have been looking forward to playing Diablo III for a long time.  I have one of the best internet connections available here and I am concerned that it still won’t be sufficient to have a viable play experience.  I am more than capable of coughing up whatever Blizzard charge for the game, and I can pay for my internet connection, but if the country simply does not have the infrastructure to provide an internet service that is fast enough to play via the EU servers, then yes I am being screwed by online-only.

        • I was going to try and argue that not all african countries are so impoverished that people can’t afford a 50 bucks game once in a while, or even argue that there are remote cities where internet connection isn’t reliable enough to play an action rpg adequately (hello U.S. troops stationed somewhere), or that such fact is something that has nothing to do with how much money you have and/or are willing to spend on a game.

          But I keep re-reading your comment and I can only feel pity on mankind for having someone with such a small mind as yourself.

          tl;dr: reliable internet connection and being able to afford a $50 game are two completely different things. And you are an idiot.

          • Tell me more. I live in Ukraine which is not far from Africa in terms of wealth and know very well that 90% of people who can download the game from torrents or buy some cracked version on DVD for 2$ will do it and not buy it for 50-60$.

  2. the rmah is a farse. it is obvious where blizzard wants to get at this. the rmah is gambling.
    there will be plenty of news in the next weeks outlining this fact, coupled with countries banning d3 with rmah. blizzard eagerly awaits this. it will be their excuse to implement paid subscriptions into diablo 3.
    it will be like this: “we have to maintain the servers, and without rmah, we need subscriptions.”
    starting at 5.99 monthly, then slowly rising up to wow value.
    this is how things work in this world, it is used heavily in the farmaceutical industry, politics, etc.

    • I can guarantee you they’d have a massive outcry on their hands just like they did with RealID if they pull that sort of stunt. Considering the circumstances, this outcry would be worse. With the RealID, their forums would of just been void of activity while everyones at fansites, no real loss of profit here. With Diablo 3 though, they’d lose more sales over that than they will over the no mods, no offline mode etc etc that people are currently complaining about.
      Besides, regardless if you believe them, even they stated they’re hoping just to break even with the RMAH. They don’t seem to have any ambition to go farther than that.

    • Conspiracy theorists always make me laugh… especially the ones that won’t register to the site and use stupid names… 😆 Blizzard already has monthly pay models for other countries that don’t pay for the initial game, it’s nothing new… They will use whatever payment method makes sense for a region…

  3. The main reason it is online only is because drops and monsters gets generated by the servers.
    Converting it to an offline system would leave online open for exploits, making a new system would cost time and (thus) money for a small group of people who would not otherwise buy the game.

  4. To all those “omg i need to be online to play this” people… imagine that! There are games you play all day which are online and WoW is one of them. How do you figure that works? Lose your connection ever so often too there eh? People buy and play games that are “online” in some way or another every single second on this planet, as we speak! Ooooooh mind-boggling is it? Get over it, there is no “offline” anymore and btw it is JUST a game. And at least there’s better end-to-end experience control that way as with “hack it to bits offline crap mode”. Oh, you’re the one lonely player who feels it’s a huge impact on sales because your inalienable right to choose how to play when to if to play and pay and be on a submarine while doing so has been limited by god-forbid a company with a track record of releasing games for gamers whereas other companies release crap combined with ridiculous DRM attached.Well boohoo. I understand no one likes their choices made for them but to use Steve’s words, users don’t know what they want. You have to give it to them, end-to-end consumer experience control is the way to go. Oh not for you you say! Good then, go play something else! *You* not buying this game or not playing the next dozen Blizzard titles will not matter. Small mindedness is a narrow path and people thinking this “online only” is a mistake are stuck on that path. Turn around…

    • Exactly!

      Every game nowadays require a constant internet connection. Wow, GW, every MMO out there needs a constant internet connection.

      BUT the thing is: not requiring an internet connection is actually a PLUS for me. If I have to stay offline for some reason, I’m glad I have games like Left 4 Dead and The Witcher 2 to play, that despite requiring Steam to play, if you’re not connected you can play in offline mode without any issue.

      It SUCKS that I won’t be able to play D3 offline. But what is worse is that I don’t have the choice of not playing with lag. I HATED PLAYING D2 ON BNET, so I gathered a few friends and played via Hamachi some day or the other, while playing single player with that same character offline. Without lag.

      The problem here is that the player can’t choose, it’s something Bliz decided for us all.

      • You both are very stupid and i am not sure what you are try to achieve.
        Since when MMOs are “every game”…
        I play offline games all the time, go troll somewhere else.

        • I’m defending the OFFLINE games team. 

          I play a lot of Steam games and even though Steam is sort of a DRM mechanic, I can easily play them offline if I want.

          What I’m trying to achieve? Well, for starters I’d like D3 to not need constant internet connection. Then I’d want world peace.

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