We all heard (or made) those arguments in the early days of Diablo 3—that it was Diablo redone World of Warcraft style, or that Diablo 3 was too WoW like in graphics and colors, etc. Those arguments made the DiabloWikiArt Controversy what it was.

    This trailer, I think, can go some distance towards retroactively refuting those claims. It’s for an upcoming ARPG title with the unfortunate name of Erebus: Trivia Reborn, and it really does look like Diablo III by way of WoW. An early version of the WoW game engine, perhaps.

    This doesn’t mean that Erebus will suck; who knows, it might be fun. Give it a try before you pass judgment. But it certainly isn’t breaking any new ground, visually. Check out the trailer, and if you’re interested you can visit the official page to sign up for the closed beta. GL with that.

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