Era One Ending, Leaderboard Wipe Coming Soon

We had the official announcement a couple of weeks ago, but today a post on the EU forums spells it out again with some slightly different terminology. Era One Ending, Leaderboard Wipe Coming Soon:

Upcoming: End of Era 1

The end of Season 1 is fast approaching, and with it, the end of our very first Era.

In Diablo III, an “Era” refers to a specific period of time in which non-Seasonal leaderboards are active. At the end of an Era, all current non-Seasonal leaderboard standings will be wiped and players will be unable to attain new leaderboard ranks until a new Era begins. Similar to Seasons, players will be able to view previous rankings in-game and as well as on our website.

Our first Era will be ending alongside our first Season. We currently anticipate the earliest date for the end of Era 1 (and Season 1) to be Tuesday, February 3. Era 2 will begin immediately after the end of Era 1, while Season 2 will begin sometime after the end of Season 1.

At the end of Season 1, all heroes created during the Season will become non-Seasonal and will be immediately able to compete on the Era 2 leaderboards. For more information on the end of the Season and upcoming Season rollover, click here.

Thank you for participating in our first Era! We look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary.

(Updated to fix a confusion on my part.) So there will be archived Leaderboards for both Era and Seasons, and Era 2 leaderboards will go live as soon as S1 ends, while S2 leaderboards won’t be up for a couple of weeks until S2 starts. I guess that makes sense because when S1 ends, all of the chars from that join the “Era” pool, and it’s not fair to mix them and their Seasonal gear with the non-seasonal chars, hence the leaderboards from Era 1 are being archived to preserve them as they were in that state of the game.

It’s also going to be interesting when S2 begins, since the Era 2 leaderboards will already be up to GR50+ with existing characters, while the new characters in S2 gradually gear up to move into the higher levels of GRifts.

I’m planning to leap into S2 when it goes live, but not with any real plan for GRift records, because Hardcore. How about you guys? Does the prospect of fresh clean leaderboards give you excite, whether in Season 2 or Era 2?


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  1. “Era 2 will begin immediately after the end of Era 1” and not when Season 2 begins…

  2. Not interested in leader boards or seasons. Did niot even know there were boards for era’s.

  3. Just doing S2 for funsies and the new ladder-only stuff, my "main" sits in the non-ladder realm and gets all the best of season stuff.

  4. I agree with Revo. I read that comment as Era2 will begin immediately after Era 1 ends which will be before Season 2 begins. Not that it's confusing or anything. 🙂

  5. Call me when season 2 starts

  6. Seems clear to me. Season 1 ends, at that time all the S1 characters go over to non-season and Era 2 begins for non-season. The only question is how much of a delay will there be after S1 ends and S2 begins. I think they're just leaving themselves some wiggle room rather than stating S2 will begin the moment S1 ends. Did it work that way on the PTR? Or was there a slight delay between seasons when one ended and the next began?

  7. Dear God, is there anything Blizzard can do that's just logical and makes sense? Why does everything have to be so damned convoluted? Why are they making a Rube Goldberg machine out of a videogame?

    Why has there be an 'era' in which rankings are active, but season is not? Why not just let the seasons roll over into each other? Why not disable the rankings for a time? Or, if both are impossible, why introduce another 'epic' term? Why not just call it 'post-season' of 'pre-season'? At least that way it's clear what it means the moment you read it.

    Oh well, I guess we should count ourselves lucky that they didn't call it 'Ancient Legendary Nephalemic Nephal-ERA of Epic Nephalemness'.

    • I think you're making it more convoluted than it actually is. 'Era' is just basically the equivalent of 'Season' for non-season characters, but there's no waiting time in-between Eras like there is with Seasons.

  8. Don’t understand why non-Seasonal leader boards are getting wiped, don’t care either.

    When will we be getting important updates?

    The game lacks proper PvP, Blizzard hinted during pre-order phase that it was was coming soon(TM) after the game was released, still nothing.

    Finally why are we forced to play Seasons to get new legendary items? Are you going to add anything for characters we have put hundreds of hours into and see them progress more, where is our end game?

    PS. Goblin packs are outrageously lame and multiplayer games grind to a halt because Blizzard did not have the foresight to see this coming when you added them on the PTR. Clicking hundreds of times to pick up loot is not fun.

  9. The non-season leaderboards are in need of a wipe, so that'll be nice. And I'll personally have a crack at season 2 but my main chars will most likely remain my non-season chars.

    • so my gr rift record of 37 will be wiped too? i dont want start again wtf….

      • It won't be wiped, it'll be archived with the current era, and you can use your same char to immediately make a new GR37 record in the new era.

        The theory is that since S1 items and chars are joining the non-seasonal pool, the leaderboards should not persist between two different states of the game.

  10. I would think a wipe would be a requirement after a major patch. It wouldn't make any sense to NOT do a wipe.

  11. Now I'm kinda feeling the pressure of the last days of the ladder … trying to push to a higher Greater Rift … at least i know it's reasonably possible with the new monster density.

    Last night my monk finished a level 40 rift at 11:27 minutes/seconds – but, I'm still only ranked 185 out of a thousand … and the number one position is a guy with 807 paragon points and a 4.5k ancient weapon. I'd like to see top 25 before the next two weeks are up but, who knows?

    • ofc a paragon 800+ dude is gonna have a good chance to getting good times with that weapon, where a paragon 500 player doubtfully can compete with someone that plays probably nonstop with 300 more paragon u have to be really crazy to have that kind of high paragon if u ask me… should be better compare people within paragon 5-600 like im paragon 600 and ofc people with 200 more should be better cause every paragon counts for higher rifts so its unfair the leaderboards.

      • I agree in that's what makes the competition more challenging. I doubt very seriously that I stand a chance against "the Griefer" or any player "who has absolutely no life" … I mean … "how can you kill that which has no life?"

        Well, Some of those guys that are 800 have that Plevel because they have no life and some found the cheat in the begining of the season (standing in town during high level grifts brought some players 300-400 paragon levels in the first 2 weeks)

        But, what' the point of being a spoiled sport? I'll just do the best I can and then we'll see how it goes next season.

  12. lol @ "era"

    trying to make something sound epic when its not.

  13. Nope I won't be doing Season 2 , I will make one char to lvl 70 on season 2 for transmog and that's it . I have run out of character slots with 12 lvl 70's and a couple of mules I cannot delete .

    So I'm stuck , I'm not deleting a lvl 70 with decent gear to try and get the gear back again on season 2 , no thanks .

  14. Im super pumped for season 2, I just wish we were getting the new sets with it :/

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