Simply packed with useful info...

    Simply packed with useful info…

    I tweeted this today, but since Twitter is “peopled” entirely by ad bots and bored middle school students, here’s a recap:

    I think a cool added feature in Reaper of Souls would be the game telling you where your just-completed DiabloWikiGrift time would have ranked on the DiabloWikileaderboard, if you didn’t already have a higher rank in the top 1000 with that class.

    For instance, if your best was #108 via GR47 in 12:41, and you ran GR45 in 10:07, you obviously didn’t improve your time. But if that GR45 time was good enough to be say #378, the game would tell you, just like it does when your new best time is in the top 1000. This info could go in that annoying Grift popup screen, though that’s a danger that when the next patch finally enables us to close that with a space bar or Esc click, no one will ever read a word in it again.

    I want this feature because reasons. 1) I need more frequent reminders that I’m better than other people, and 2) it should be broadcast friend’s list and clan-wide since other people need more reminders of that too.

    Does anyone *not* want this feature? I mean, it’s not game changing or anything, but it seems like it would be next-to-zero work for the devs to implement, and would be of interest to players who have built up powerful characters. It would also be a nice way to keep track of the overall leaderboard progression, without having to open up the leaderboard listing and check it manually.

    Epeen Feature: Bonus GRift Leaderboard Notifications! Make it so.

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