Environmental Artist Kevin Griffith Needs Your Support

Support Kevin if you can.

Many of you may not have heard of DiabloWikiKevin Griffith , he is one of the artists who have worked on Diablo 3, specifically on the gorgeous exterior game environments. Kevin needs your support  as he was diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, a rare cancer with no cure and no clear treatment path. However, there is pioneering treatment in Germany that can help, and while Kevin has funded the initial treatment himself, he needs to return to Germany to continue. Unfortunately his health insurance will not cover this treatment.

If you think you can help Kevin, there is a donations page now online which also explains Kevin’s condition in fuller detail and how you can help him.

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21 thoughts on “Environmental Artist Kevin Griffith Needs Your Support

  1. Not sure why Blizzard fans should be chipping for this, when Blizzard the company could easily afford it.

    • You don’t have to chip in if you don’t want to help. That’s the beauty of donations and appeals, they are voluntary.

      Blizzard could surely pay for all his treatment yes, but clearly they’re not because he’s paying for it himself and as he’s now at the stage of setting up a donation page I’m assuming he’s nowhere else to turn.

    • This is what Gabe would do:
      In 2004 Wolpaw was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Expecting his condition to require a departure from the company, he spoke with managing director Gabe Newell, who surprised him by offering an extended leave with pay. “Your job is to get better,” Newell said. “That is your job description at Valve. So go home to your wife and come back when you are better.”


  2. I’ve posted about it (from an admin account) on the Path of Exile forum to try to raise awareness and hopefully help him raise funds. Poor guy 🙁

  3. I would assume that some execs are quietly helping out, but, still…

    Work as a prominent content creator for over 5 years on titles like Lich King, Cataclysm, D3, for a company with over 3 billion cash in the bank and zero debt, with execs making well over ten million a year in some cases – and end up begging for health care.

    Food for thought.

  4. so if john from the customer support hotline gets diagnosed cancer, blizzard should pay his treatment too?
    nope, no one gets privileged and that sounds right to me. (would be nice though if a company could deliver full health care to all employees but yeah, that’s science fiction)

    all the best wishes to Kevin, stay strong

    • “(would be nice though if a company could deliver full health care to all employees but yeah, that’s science fiction)”

      Or the US could just have public health care like every other developed country on the planet.

      • i wonder if he just went to germany would he not get whatever treatment he needs for free? maybe he is only being required to pay cause he is going to through american health insurance company? i know if the treatment was in france he could just show up out of the blue and get anything he needed for free, im wondering if germany is much different from france. saw a documentary about americans who couldnt pay the ridiculous insruance bills heading over to france and getting whatever they needed for as long as they needed it without exception for 0 cents.

  5. Blizz should pay or at least give them a credit (without any taxes ect) to cover the surgeries ,but hopefully people are donating enough.

  6. Well, to be fair, it sounds like he does have health insurance, presumably through Blizzard. But the insurance won’t pay to go overseas for a treatment that isn’t approved in the US (which is not unusual).

    So yes, John from customer support SHOULD get insurance as part of his benefits, and if he gets cancer, that insurance SHOULD pay for treatment. There’s always going to be a limit to what any insurance is going to pay for, though.

    That said, it does seem like it would be a nice gesture for the company to chip in (though of course he may be getting support from the company in terms of accommodating leave, etc.)

  7. “would be nice though if a company could deliver full health care to all employees but yeah, that’s science fiction)”

    Ever heard of France, Germany, Spain, … ?

    • I doubt that those pay for exotic treatments overseas, in the Netherlands (where we have a decent health care system) it isn’t. A company stepping up to help this guy out would be nice though – it is also in their own interest.

  8. Sad that he works for Actiblizzard, yet has sub-par health insurance coverage through them that won’t pay for treatment that could save his life.

    IMO, tell Bobbi Kotick to chip in and fund his own employees treatment.

  9. Poor guy. I’d donate if I could. 🙁

    In cases like this, I don’t care what game he worked on or the company, much less the reputation of those.

  10. Makes me wonder why Blizzard isn’t stepping in to help.

    Guess they just don’t care about their employees like they use to.

  11. Hey guys,

    I know that this forum is the site of a lot of valid Blizzard debate and complaint, but if you could, please set that aside for this one topic. The fact is that, whatever Kev’s situation with Activision Blizzard, he needs help. Saying ‘X should do Y’ won’t make a difference, a donation can.

    Kevin is a force for good on the Diablo 3 dev team. His skill as an artist is outstanding, his commitment to the project unwavering, and his enthusiasm is such that he inevitably leads by example. I tell you, he is who YOU want working on Diablo 3.

    I want to thank Elly for posting this to the front page. It is a very generous gesture, and it definitely makes a difference to my friend, his family, and everyone in his life.

    Thanks for your time, and whatever modest donation you can spare.

  12. I had modeling classes with Kevin. In the picture is not him! Are you talking about Kevin Griffith or guy from a picture?

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