Energy Twister: Raging Storm Nerf Incoming

Soon, you'll never have to do this again.

Soon, you’ll never have to do this again.

On the newest installment of the Diablo Podcast we discussed all of the top (and bottom) Wizard skills, and the recent/ongoing Wizard bug fixes on the PTR. During the chat, N3rdwards brought up the fact that the bug to Energy Twister had apparently only been fixed in the tooltip, since it was still just as OP as ever on the PTR.

Other people have noticed the same issue, including (thankfully) Blizzard.

PLEASE nerf twisted sword / Raging storm

Please… I dont want another season of twister wiz being the meta DPS…
Nevalistis: Posted by Nevalistis – 3 days ago (June 17, 2016, 9:13 pm)
We actually do have a pending Energy Twister/Twisted Sword change coming. We have identified an issue that was preventing the cap of 8 Twisters on Twisted Sword from taking effect. TLDR; The change to Twisted Sword in 2.4.1 to a cap of 8 never really stuck.

We’re going to give this bug fix a run for the next PTR patch. If we find Energy Twister is still over-performing, we may continue to tweak and adjust numbers as needed. We know how important this topic is to the community, and we’re keeping our ears to the ground throughout the 2.4.2 PTR process for your feedback!

The key aspect to our ongoing series of Top 10 Skill podcasts is that we are ranking the skills by their fun, potential, clever design etc. We are definitely NOT ranking them by current power in the game. That would be a very boring conversation, and would be totally subject to change in every new patch.

That said, Energy Twister didn’t appear in N3rdward’s top ten, or Cpt. Goldfish’s top five, and I don’t think it even made it into our honorable or dishonorable mentions. It’s a powerful skill currently, thanks mostly to a bug, and tons of players main in it, but no one actually likes or enjoys it. Wizards are just forced to use it since it’s powerful and everyone else uses it. Like Facebook, or Donald Trump news.

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  1. Early on RoS fire Energy Twister was my go to skill for Flame Blades. But since it no longer spawns at hero, but at cursor, it’s not as useful on melee, or at least not as comfortable. I like it.

  2. Or Shrillary news. Or Shrillary FBI investigations. Or Shrillary racism. Or Shrillary acceptance of payments from ISIS backing nations. But whatever. Politics belongs on a fucking Diablo site, right?

    • nobody mentioned anything about politics

      he just used a well known personality from real estate, professional wrestling, a tv reality show, and the current US presidential election

      everyone knows who Trump is just like everyone knows what Facebook is

      he gave no indication that he either likes or dislikes Trump

      quite the opposite — he’s saying whether or not you like him he is powerful and newsworthy — just like Energy Twister

      he also mentioned Facebook — do you believe he meant to indicate that no one actually likes Facebook ?

      he’s just saying Energy Twister, Trump and Facebook are all very powerful whether you like any of them or not

      wow, talk about over reacting

    • The political endeavours of Blizzards corporate side would indeed “belong on a fucking Diablo site” and are still widely underepresented here. Don’t you agree?

      (Thanks to jamesL for the rest that had to be said.)

  3. Ransour’s Folly (sic), the pull bracers, make Twister pretty fun. It’s more fun than using Explosive Blast just for the stupid Infinite Orb buffs. They should tweak Tal Rasha. Increase the cooldown for the meteor strikes, but the meteors spawn a Hydra, and you can have each element Hydra out at a time.

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