Bold comments from Travis Day on two of the most debated issues/problems about Diablo 3; bigger/better dungeons and level layouts.

    I think the real reason for player fatigue is due to the maps not being random enough. The place looks similar after five times play through. The developers should also make the map outline random and not just linear – just like in D1 and D2. This way, the game would definitely look fresh every game. Also, the random event holes currently built in are not even remotely noticeable. Every time I get a side quest I go like “oh, this again” instead of “wow, what could be waiting for me” kind of reaction.
    Travis Day: Thanks for the feedback. Generally we agree with you on this. We are actively investigating ways to increase the replayability of the end game by introducing more random and varied play experiences. I just got out of one of those meetings in fact and we are continuing to iterate on and explore new ideas in this area. Running the same parts of Act 3 repeatedly, while still enjoyable, is certainly less random than what we would like the experience to be.

    Another fan voiced the popular suggestion that the game add new, bigger, deeper dungeons. Perhaps even bottomless dungeons. Travis was all over that one too, and once again he’s largely in agreement.

    Travis Day: Replayability and ideas like Endless Dungeons come up a lot around the office. We definitely have plans to expand the game in these areas. Adding more monster power levels is also something that we have discussed. I personally love the idea of an endless dungeon, don’t take that as a quote that I promised we are adding them though!

    At the heart of that idea is something really compelling, wave events, endless dungeons, hold out missions etc. Standing as the lone hero, or one of a party of heroes, against an onslaught of demons really sells the fantasy of Diablo, it’s just a matter of taking the seed of that idea and iterating on it to a point where it feels like it fits into the game as a piece and not just “the only thing to do”.

    I do hope that down the road we can find some way to make that idea a part of the content options players have at their disposal. I’ve said one numerous occasions, in a perfect world, when a player sits down at their computer for the evening to play the Diablo the question I want them to say to themselves is “What do I feel like doing tonight?” not “Ok time to run Act 3 again”.

    Add these to the ever-growing stack of “their promises are awesome, but man doth not sup ‘pon words alone.”

    I might need to learn that trick though, if they ever do add a bottomless dungeons. Currently, when I’m really in the mood to play, and my DiabloWikiMagic Find seems to be working as designed, it’s only the end of good farming areas in each act that gets me to stop when the zones are all cleared. If there were moar, even bottomless moar… um…

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