End of Season One: Transitional Phase

End of Season One: Transitional Phase

Season One ended last night and by now most players have logged on to see how much their Paragon Points increased by. The answer, of course, is not nearly enough. P320 + P230 Y R U not P550? (Calculator here.)

Choose (your button) wisely.
Choose (your button) wisely.
After getting over that disappointment, most players dug into the item transfer interface, AKA the “OMG what is all this crap in my stash?” simulator. Hopefully without deleting all the green items:

Be Mindful when Claiming Items from In-Game Mails

We wanted to quickly remind everyone to be mindful when claiming items from the in-game mail system. Items that are currently stored in your seasonal stash will be delivered through this system and you will be presented with the option to claim or delete each individual item. Please make sure to select the correct option, especially for those valuable legendaries you fully intend to keep for your future demon-slaying endeavours.

"Inferior" is a little harsh.
“Inferior” is a little harsh.
Personally, I took the item importing time as an opportunity to do some extensive stash sorting and reorganizing. I hadn’t played non-Seasonal on US in like 6 months, and looking over that old stuff to clear out space in the stash, I was appalled. I’m still not sure if I should be impressed at how much better was the gear I found in Season One, or depressed at what utter crap I was using before then.

Gems and materials and Rift Keys were about all I had of use from pre-season, and I wound up churning most of the stuff from my pre-season stash, then reoganizing everything into a much more logical “weapons in this tab, armor in that tab, twinks in this tab, gems/mats in this tab” type system.

Secret 1000 Shards achievement unlocked!
Secret 1000 Shards achievement unlocked!
Like most of you guys, I could happily spread out into at least 5 (or 10) additional stash tabs, but until that happens the end of season was a good time for a spring cleaning and reoganization that actually opened up a fair amount of space.

How did you guys do? Did combining gear reveal redundancies and let you clean up? Or are you completely screwed for space, with your only hope that the devs will add another stash tab in the next 29 days? Anyone mis-click and delete all their orange items? Any happy stories, like you had zero rift keys in Season, but now you’ve got 437 since you had stacks of them from pre-season back when Normal A1 split farming was the only way to find a DiabloWikiRoRG? Or you rushed to finish a Grift right after the new Era leaderboard came up and (temporarily) scored the #5 spot?

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18 thoughts on “End of Season One: Transitional Phase

  1. I give you a near perfect ancient kridershot (useless for grifts) for 1000 arcane dust…

    Or how about 1 Rama Gift ? ….

    Blue shit
    not drop at all

    • Ahhh, yes… Imagine a Diablo game with trading, where players can exchange their excess items for objects other players have in excess, and thus achieve mutual satisfaction? Maybe some day…

      The 1000 shards pic isn't from my inventory (the other shots are), but I've got maybe 6000 blue mats, post-merging. Almost every normal chest drops 1-2 blue items, and they salvage into multiple mats each, so it just adds up over time. Just have to pause half a second in your Rift rushing to click chests, and then wait for the items to drop out, so you can grab the blue.

      Usually after about 3 Rifts I've got half a dozen legs and the rest of my inv full of blues with a few yellows grabbed incidentally from guardian fountains. Then it's ID/salvage time.

  2. I rushed to clear a GR 40 or so to get into top 100. Screenshots were taken 🙂 (almost)

    I actually salvaged almost all the seasonal garbage, so I could easily download everything into my inventory. Best part of it was, hands down, the 500 or so Arcane dusts. (I left seasons on the first week, took a break for a couple months and went for my NS DH; therefore, I had stuff I wasn't eager to look for, like 150 rift keystones).

  3. I think if you took a snapshot of anybody's stash six months ago, season or non, and then look at it now it should be vastly different. I would hope so!

  4. I too havent touched non-season gameplay since S1 started and will more than likely have 10 days off between now and the start of S2. With that in mind, before the s1 rollover i came to the conclusion that all my non-season assets are –

    1) all items are completely out of date and just clogging up the bank
    2) my character equipped gear from non-season were also completely out of date
    3) I’d never play non-season again.

    So I sold/salvaged everything from my nonseasonal toons, waited for the paragon combine. Then deleted all items and every character bar my main DH and the crafting mats/gems coz they look impressive 😛

    Very cathartic experience. Highly recommended 🙂

    • I hate to agree, but I agree. We all complained about D2's unforgiving delete policy w/ old characters, but now there's a system that reinforces that behavior. There really is little to no reason to keep playing non-season unless you found some weird, glitchy build that lets you climb up the Grift ladder exponentially (like the zero-dog article a few days back). Regular characters are dead.

  5. I do not like this item interface one bit. It’s way too easy to delete instead of claim, Bliz is asking for trouble. I was careful, but it’s easy to see how someone could mess it up.

    Better would be to let you access both your nonseasonal and seasonal stashes, with some method (an additional tab common to both stashes?) for moving between them. Nothing gets deleted in the stash interface; you delete just like in the normal game, by lugging stuff over the gear NPC or the salvage anvil.

    Or even if they would just remove the delete button from the mail interface. Its mere presence is asking for trouble.

  6. I actually didn't play my seasonal characters (an SC Crusader and an HC DH) all that much but still accumulated enough stuff in my stash that I've been dreading this transition period. I purposefully didn't max out my seasonal stash space to help minimize this…though I probably would have opted for more space if I was playing more characters.

    Ironically, though, this transition time comes just when I've been tinkering with an alt wizard recently and the Krelm item set (belt and bracers) help round out her gear until I can get some better equipment.

    I am sort of tempted to trash all of my pre-2.1.2 patch weapons (read = all non ancient legendary weapons) since an ancient weapon is practically mandatory now and with stash space as limited as it is, not really a point in saving something that's _never_ going to be used.

    • I wonder if people who weren't doing seasonal are excited for the S1 items now available? Krelm's belt and bracers are definitely under-rated. The bracers are great for melee chars; I love them on a Monk to stop all knockback/vortex distractions.

      I use the belt all the time when doing fast Rift clears or key/stash farming. The movement speed boost is awesome, and that plus a R25 Boon of the Hoarder probably shaves a minute off every Rift.

  7. why are rift keys and trial keys still stacking at 100?

    i really wish they implement the wallet system after all.

  8. I’m upset,

    Very upset indeed, the “claim” and “delete” buttons were too close together and in my excited rush I lost ~40 legendaries :'( and undo button wouldn’t have gone amiss!

    • Just adding a confirm upon delete dialog box would have helped you and (from what I hear) many others from this type of accident happening. Bummer.

  9. I am pissed that I didn't take the opportunity I had to "Delete" all the extra grift keys I had picked up, now I have waaaaay too many.

  10. with as long as this was in PTR, it amazes me that the delete icon doesn't have a confirm box. No one in PTR accidentally did this? No one reported it? (i'm guessing yes someone did report it, but can't see the PTR forums now)

    Myself, I didn't make that mistake but I wouldn't have cared. After being doubtful of seasons before season 1, it is now the only way I'll play. The fresh start does so much for the feeling of progression. I just started a softcore again where I have no resources. Building up a strong character really does take quite some time. I'm about 40-50 hours in, am T6 capable but die a bit still. I had very little paragon so even that aspect is fresh still. Still looking for certain items to drop.. It really is a good system in that aspect. Just wish they committed to a shorter season. 3 months is plenty. any more is too long and we see a major player drop rate.

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